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Jocob Smith is a founder of Gloves Addict. He started this website to give an honest opinion about gloves and equipment on the market. He wants to help you find your perfect glove for your perfect hands.

About Me

Well I started boxing when I was in high-school. My dad used to box a little bit and he wanted me to try it out. I ended up really liking it because of the physical activity and sporty aspect of it, but also because it wasn't too much pressure when you go to a gym by your lonesome. Nobody tries to get you into their circle of friends or anything like that; it's just a place to work on your fitness and focus on boxing. I've been doing it for quite some time now.

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I usually like to buy the gloves with the most protection and comfort because I don't want my hands to get hurt. This resulted in me buying Grant, Ringside, Winning, Rival, and sometimes Everlast boxing gloves. After trying out a few other brands I realized that the bigger brands are over-hyped and overpriced for what you're actually getting. They only have their brand name to sell you because it's well known or has been around for a long time. The products are usually of average quality so you're essentially paying all that money just to advertise it on your hands. I'm not saying the gloves are really bad, but they're not worth their cost because there better alternatives out there.
A while later I moved to Russia with dad due to their work. There I tried many types of winter gloves. Winter gloves usually have a more protective design with extra padding and layers of leather for warmth. I ended up meeting many people from different parts of Russia and we became good friends. One day one guy took me to the market where he introduced me to his friend who was selling gloves. He had about 10 types of gloves and some other equipment like hand wraps and ankle braces. I saw a couple of brands that I haven't seen before like Boon, Bokai, Talon, and others. It was nice to see and compare all these gloves and equipment. It was the first time I actually got to try them on which made it real!

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I found life in gloves. Gloves have different types and people use them for different purposes. With this, there are searches on the web people are looking to get answers related to gloves. As an online geek, I've started Gloves Addict to provide solutions related to gloves and help people to find perfect pairs depending on their needs.
I worked for more than 3 years in well know gloves industry in Russia. Here I got to know many things about this unique equipment that people use. You can read my all blogs on Gloves Addict.