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Why does Kim Kardashian Always Wear Gloves?

We’ve all seen it: Kim Kardashian wearing fashion gloves in public appearances, including events, runway shows, and TV appearances. Why does she always wear them? Is it a fashion statement? A germ-prevention measure? Whatever the reason, gloves are a consistent part of her look—but why?

Let’s explore the reasons behind Kim Kardashian’s glove obsession. We’ll cover the types of gloves she wears and why she wears them. We’ll also take a look at how her glove choices have changed over time and what message she may be sending with her signature style. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why Kim Kardashian is always “glove-d up” and be inspired to try out this fashionable trend yourself!

Kim Kardashian’s Glove Obsession

By now, you’ve probably seen Kim Kardashian wearing gloves to everything: from red carpet events, to dinner dates, to grocery shopping—she’s forever accessorizing with a pair of gloves. So what’s the story behind her glove obsession?

Kim is a major style icon—from her hair and clothing to her makeup and jewelry. Wearing gloves is seen as the perfect accessory for any look and many celebrities like Rihanna have also been spotted wearing gloves for fashion reasons.

Kim likely wears gloves for health reasons. Kardashian West has skin allergies as well as psoriasis that she needs to take care of too. By wearing gloves, it help reduce skin irritation from things like bacteria and allergens that may irritate her skin further.

Glove-wearing is highly trendy. Over the past couple of years, there have been lots of “opera” style long gloves on the runway at fashion weeks around the world—from Christian Dior to Alexander McQueen—making them a must-have accessory for any fashionista! Additionally, latex gloves have become an increasingly popular trend recently too—so it’s no wonder Kim K was spotted wearing this trend!

Different Types of Gloves Worn by Kim

When it comes to Kim Kardashian’s signature look, few things say “Kardashian” more than her signature white gloves. Whether she’s out for a red carpet event or on an errand, you can expect to see Kim with a pair of white gloves. While it may look like a fashion statement, there are actually several reasons why the reality TV star always wears gloves.

When it comes to the different types of gloves worn by Kim, there are actually quite a few varieties that she often wears:

  • Latex Gloves: Typically seen when Kim is doing some sort of cleaning in her home. She also uses them while carrying out beauty treatments such as hair and nail services.
  • Cotton Gloves: Worn when Kim is taking care of her skin and applying skincare products. She also wears them during medical visits such as to the doctor or dentist.
  • Leather Gloves: For when Kim needs protection from the sun or other elements, she slips on leather gloves that provide full coverage and protection from danger or harm.
  • Faux Fur Gloves: Perfect for those cold winter months! Although faux fur does not provide any additional protection, it does add style to the outfit.

Kim Kardashian’s commitment to wearing gloves is indicative of her dedication to protecting herself from potential damage and infection in everyday situations. Her decision to dedicate herself to wearing gloves shows that safety comes first!

Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Wears Gloves

Kim Kardashian has been wearing gloves for years, and there are some very practical reasons for it. Most often, she wears thin surgical gloves, but she’s also been seen sporting satin opera gloves, fingerless leather gloves and long leather driving gloves.


The most obvious reason is hygiene. Most of us know that bacteria and germs can be passed on through direct contact with our hands. Kim shakes hands with loads of people all day long—from her own fans, to celebrity friends and even the paparazzi—so wearing gloves helps protect her hands from germs.

Comfort & Style

Gloves don’t just protect Kim’s skin; they also put a stylish fashion statement on an outfit. These days, there are many styles and colors to choose from when it comes to gloves—and if it’s wintertime, you can bet that Kim will be rocking a pair of chic fur-lined ones! Gloves are also a great way to keep warm in colder weather.


Let’s not forget that Kim is also an avid accessorizer! By donning a pair of stunningly chic gloves, she can bring extra attention to her outfit and add a touch of style without overdoing it. Adding some accessories like this to your wardrobe is a great way to elevate any look without breaking the bank.

Kim Kardashian and Her Gloves Look

Kim Kardashian is always seen wearing gloves, and there’s a reason why—her unique sense of style! She likes to combine the classic black glove look with more modern, eye-catching styles. Here are some of the looks she’s been seen rocking:

Black Leather Gloves

kim wearing leather gloves

Kim Kardashian often wears black leather gloves for formal events, like red carpets and award ceremonies. The sleek, timeless look really helps her stand out from the crowd, and brings a hint of sophistication to any outfit.

Colored Leather Gloves

kim wearing colored leather gloves

Kim Kardashian loves to mix things up with her glove looks. She’s been seen wearing everything from vibrant fuchsia leather gloves to royal blue long gloves. Wearing colored gloves really makes an outfit pop and gives it an unexpected twist—no wonder Kim loves it!

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