Best Cold Weather Tennis Gloves

Best Tennis Gloves for Winter

If you play tennis during the winter, then you need to make sure that you have the best tennis gloves for winter. Tennis gloves can provide extra warmth and grip in cold weather conditions. However, if you don’t have the right gloves, it can be difficult to stay comfortable while playing and show your best performance. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best tennis gloves for winter. We will also provide some tips on how to keep your hands warm while playing in cold weather. Let’s get started!

Best Tennis Gloves For Cold Weather

Here are the best tennis gloves you can play tennis with in winter season:

1. Bionic Men’s Tennis Glove

bionic gloves best tennis winter gloves

The Bionic Men’s Tennis Glove is the perfect accessory for any tennis player for cold weather. These gloves are lightweight and fit well, providing great gripping power even when wet. They also keep your hand warm in cold weather, help reduce elbow stress, and keep your fingers from splitting.

This glove is designed to protect your hand while providing you with superior gripping power. The gloves also keep your hands warm and dry during winter play.

The glove has reasonable durability and helps grip the racquet, even if your hand is taped. Most importantly, it keeps your fingers from splitting, making it a must-have for any avid tennis player.

What we like?

  • Protect the skin of hand
  • Gloves are lightweight
  • Fit well
  • Great gripping power even when wet
  • Hand stays warm
  • Has reasonable durability
  • Helps grip racquet even if your hand is taped
  • Comfortable
  • Provide less elbow stress
  • Keeps hands dry in winter
  • Keeps fingers from splitting

What we don’t like?

  • Last about 50 matches

2. Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis

tourna best tennis gloves for cold weather

The Tourna Hot Glove Mitt is perfect for playing tennis in cold weather. It keeps your fingers warm while still allowing you to grip the tennis handle comfortably and twist the paddle. Plus, it’s cheaper than most other gloves available on the market.

This ingeniously designed mitt allows you to play through the cold without ever having to take it off. You’ll be able to practice without having to take your gloves off, and you’ll play tennis comfortable even on the coldest days.

What we like?

  • Keeps fingers warm while allowing to grip the tennis handle
  • Comfortably allows motion to twist the paddle
  • Cheaper than other tennis gloves for winter
  • Let you play on bitterly cold days
  • During practice you will not need to take it off

What we don’t like?

  • Limited range of motion within mitt
  • Handle collar would be very tight around a 4-3/8 grip
  • If you have small wrist cuff. The wrist cuff will feel too loose and keeps sliding down
  • If you need to blow your nose or do anything else when switching sides of the court, you cant take your hand out of the mit because it takes to long to get it situated back into it to start playing again

3. FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves

footjoy best tennis gloves for cold weather

When it comes to golf gloves, you want something that’s going to keep your hands warm and comfortable while you play. These gloves are made of a thick, warm material that is still thin enough to be playable. They are also extremely durable and fit in your hand perfectly. Plus, they never get slippery when you’re sweating and the cuff helps keep out the cold.

These gloves never get slippery. So whether you’re playing a quick game of tennis after your round or just running some errands, these golf glove will keep your hand warm and comfortable.

You’ll love how well they fit in your hand and how non-bulky they feel. 

What we like?

  • Thick enough to be warm
  • Thin enough to be playable
  • Extremely durable
  • Fit in hand perfectly
  • Never gets slippery when you’re sweating
  • Cuff helps keep out the cold
  • Do not feel bulky 
  • You can play tennis very comfortably

What we don’t like?

  • Stitching is poor

4. Tourna Sports Glove for Tennis

tourna best tennis winter gloves

This glove is thin enough to maintain feel and substantial enough to keep your hand warm. This glove is thin enough to maintain feel, substantial enough to keep your hand warm, and breathable so that you don’t overheat. The smooth, soft, and comfortable fabric helps keep your hands safe, no matter how long you play. The breathable fabric also prevents skin from splitting in cold weather.

What we like?

  • Thin enough to maintain feel
  • Substantial enough to keep hand warm
  • Keep skin from splitting while still giving you good feel for the racquet
  • Breathable Glove
  • Smooth, soft, and comfortable
  • Helps keep your hands warm in cold weather

What we don’t like?

  • Leather gets hardened
  • Can’t absorb sweat completely
  • Get slippery in the hand when wet from sweat

5. Bionic Gloves –Men’s StableGrip 

bionic best tennis winter gloves

Made with grips to help keep your hands warm during colder weather, and well-padded fingers and palms to tolerate sweat better on hot days, these gloves are perfect for the tight shots. And because they are much thicker than other gloves, they resist twisting – keeping your hand stable when you need it most.

They’re also perfect for those tight shots when you don’t want to lose your grip on the racket. The fingers and palm are well padded, and the leather is substantial for improved durability.

The unique ribs on these gloves help improve your grip and keep your hands warm during colder weather.

What we like?

  • Ribs on the glove that help with the grip
  • Keep hands warm during cold weather
  • Grip the racket too tightly which tightens up wrists
  • For tight shots its perfect
  • Fingers and palm are well padded
  • Tolerate sweat well on hot days
  • Much thicker
  • Well constructed 
  • Leather is substantial
  • Little ridges on the fingers
  • Pads on joints are very nicely added
  • Resist twisting 

What we don’t like?

  • Lasts around 25 to 30 rounds
  • A little pricey 

6. VIKING PolarTack Platform Tennis Glove

vikings best tennis winter gloves

Made from durable materials and with a reasonable grip, these gloves perfect for gripping a racket in colder months. It’s also well insulated so you can play comfortably outdoors even when it’s cold. These gloves are also comfortable and warm, not to bulky, allowing players to move around the court with ease.

The VIKING PolarTack Platform Tennis Gloves are perfect for paddle tennis in colder weather. With its grippy suede palm and snug-fitting design, it provides superior grip and dexterity when playing outdoors.

What we like?

  • Great Platform tennis glove for cold weather
  • Perfect for paddle tennis
  • Reasonably good grip
  • Perfect for gripping a racket
  • Well insulated Paddle/Platform tennis glove
  • Can use outside in the colder months
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Not to bulky

What we don’t like?

  • Sizes aren’t consistent

7. Wilson Ultra Platform Tennis Glove

wilson tennis winter gloves

Wilson’s Ultra Platform Tennis Glove is perfect for those who want to keep their hand relatively warm while playing. The extreme stick-um on the palm side helps to hold on to the paddle easily, and you don’t have to worry about losing control. The grip is great, and the gloves fit well. With its extreme stick-um, you’ll be able to hold on to your paddle like a pro.

What we like?

  • Extreme stick-um on the palm side helps to hold on the tube paddle easily
  • Keep your hand relatively warm
  • Don’t feel like loss of control
  • Great grip to paddle
  • Fit well

What we don’t like?

  • Not been usable below 20 degrees F
  • Not meant for frigid cold

How to keep your hands warm in winter while playing tennis?

Here are a few tips to keep your hands warm while playing tennis in the winter:

1. Wear gloves: Wearing gloves while playing tennis is a proven method to keep your hands warm. This is the most effective way to beat winter cold and enjoy tennis at its fullest.

2. Use arm warmers: Using arm warmer is another effective way to beat winter cold and keep your hands warm while playing tennis in cold weather. Arm warmer can provide insulation and prevent your hands from becoming stiff during gameplay.

3. Use t-shirt for low temperatures: Tennis players can try wearing a t-shirt under winter jacket to get effective results. It’s an easy way to keep hands warm while playing tennis in low temperatures. It will also help you to keep your body warm.

4. Wear cold weather pants: Wearing pants that have been designed for cold weather and having pockets is a smart way to keep your hands warm while playing tennis. You can use pockets in breaks to keep hands warm.

5. Use heat pouches: Heat pouches stay warm up to 5-6 hours. You can keep them in your pants pockets and grip them whenever you feel cold on your hands.

What are the best tennis gloves for cold weather?

Some good options for cold weather tennis gloves include the Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis, the FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves, and the Tourna p Grip Tennis Gloves. All of these gloves provide good insulation, grip, and durability. So whichever one you choose, you can be sure that your hands will stay warm and your skills will be protected.


Tennis gloves are a must-have equipment for winter play. They keep your hands warm and protect them from the cold weather. We’ve shared our thoughts on what we like and don’t like about different tennis gloves, as well as how you can keep your hands warm while playing. The best tennis gloves for cold weather are those that will protect your hands from the elements and allow you to play comfortably. 

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