Can You Use Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai?

Can You Use Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a great workout that involves boxing, kicking, and kneeing. It is also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it uses punches, kicks, knees and elbows to knock an opponent out. One significant difference between Muay Thai and boxing is that there are no rules in Muay Thai for how you can strike your opponent. This means that if you want to use your feet or elbow then you can! Even though there aren’t any rules about using certain body parts in Muay Thai, I would recommend wearing gloves when practicing this sport just like they do at professional MMA fights.  Even though the gloves may be bulky and uncomfortable (though not impossible), they protect you from possible cuts and bruises.

It is a sport that requires different types of equipment to ensure safety. Gloves, shin guards, groin protection for men, mouth pieces and helmets are all necessary to wear while practicing this art. One reason why gloves are required in Muay Thai is because you have to protect your hands so that you can keep fighting. In boxing, the goal is to knock your opponent out as quickly as possible by striking them in the head with your fists. Since Muay Thai doesn’t have rules about which body parts you can use, it makes sense to protect your hands and fingers because there is a high chance that you will also be using your feet, knees or elbows to strike your opponent.

Boxing gloves are great for boxing, but what about other sports? These gloves can be used in Muay Thai training. Not only do they protect your hands and wrists from any impact, the padding also protects you against damaging blows to the body. If you are looking to take up this sport or have been practicing it for years, these gloves will help you get through each practice session!

You can use boxing gloves in Muay Thai if you are training for a fight, but it is not necessary because there are no rules about which body parts can be used.

What is the difference between Muay Thai Gloves and Boxing Gloves?

Boxing Gloves:

Boxing gloves are gloves that boxers use in training and competition. They vary in weight, form, and construction. There is typically lacing at the back of the hand to help secure them on the boxer’s hands. Boxing gloves may be worn alone or heavier sparring or bag gloves may also be used when not practicing formal boxing techniques such as punching combinations and footwork.

These are protective gloves that boxers use to protect their hands from injury while punching. Typically, each hand is covered by a glove with protections on top and sometimes a little padding underneath. It’s important to keep in mind that the different weight classes of boxing glove have varying degrees of protection for boxing purposes so it can vary depending upon your desired sport or fight tactic. Boxing gloves also vary in their weight distribution so they will feel more or less dense depending on what you’re looking for in your intended use.

Muay Thai Gloves:

Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is an art that uses eight points of contact, including fists, elbows, knees and shins. Fighters are protected by muay thai gloves- thick padding over the hands and wrists with additional padding on the forearms.

The muay bi round glove design originated in ancient Thailand. Historians believe it was first used for training village fighters for hand to hand combat during warfare or law enforcement duties. A few centuries ago this type of glove was eventually standardized into a construction that had more protective value than just protection from injury sustained during training sessions. The muay bi design also provides some protection to the face area since the material near the jaw line extends down towards the chin where there is extra protection.

Muay Thai Gloves are the modern version of the old school muay bi round glove design. There are slight differences in today’s muay thai gloves when compared to the traditional ones. Modern boxing gloves have more padding on top for your fingers, little extra padding around the thumb section, and slightly larger wrist support with an adjustable velcro strap for maximum wrist support. With all these changes you are still left with a glove that provides the same function, but has much improved protection and convenience over the traditional design.

Most muay thai gloves nowadays are made of leather, but coconut shells seem to be common in some parts of the world. The palms are heavily reinforced with layers of foam and cloth. Their main purpose is to protect your hands while striking your opponent.

Muay Thai gloves are similar to boxing gloves in that they offer protection for the knuckles when punching an opponent, however, they differ in so far as Muay Thai gloves have additional padding on both sides of the glove in order to protect the fighter’s wrists from kicks or knees aimed at them when fighting against another person wearing Muay Thai gloves. Some types also cover more than just fingers and palms, such as K-1 styled fight shirts and other full body sparring gear.

Muay Thai gloves are smaller than boxing gloves, but have more padding. This can be an advantage for fighters who want to protect their hands from getting cut open by an opponent. Wearing thinner glove does mean you might get hit more often, though, so there are advantages both ways. It’s mostly a matter of personal preference– which do you think feels better in your hands when trying them on? 

Boxing Gloves tend to be lighter due to less padding, meaning that they’re easier for movement and quicker speed in throwing punches; whereas Muay Thai style of glove is designed with heavy padded wrapping around the hand for its focus on blocking kicks , elbows and knee strikes.

Boxing gloves are typically used for sparring, while muay thai style gloves are meant to be worn while fighting in the ring. There is really no difference between boxing gloves and muay thai gloves besides their weight distribution and padding sizes.

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Are muay thai gloves the same as boxing gloves?

Muay thai gloves are more like fight gloves that boxers use. Muay Thai gloves generally have open fingers and minimal padding over the thumb, making them better for grabbing onto clothing, but also allowing the opponent to grab the glove without risking injury.

Boxing gloves on the other hand contain an additional padded section around and underneath their ring and pinkie index fingers, while muay thai does not. Boxing is a more formalized sport with strictly regulated rules about what can be worn during competition while muay thai is a less formalized sport without such specific regulation.

It is not uncommon for people to confuse boxing gloves and muay thai gloves because of their similarities. In this case, a distinction should be made between the two.

Muay Thai gloves are much heavier than boxing gloves, as they are primarily used in a striking art whereas boxing primarily consists of punching. They use the same weight classes as boxing, but there is no one set rule on how to wear Muay Thai gloves — some pugilists prefer to hold it by the wrist strap(s) while others prefer holding it without any support from straps at all. In either case, unlike in Western-style boxing which requires an alternating style that flashes both hands out then retracts one hand back into a starting position before flashing the other hand out, Muay Thai Fighters prefer to keep both fists extended at all times. In addition, Muay Thai boxers tend to throw a lot of kicks, strikes from elbows and knees as well as throws from grappling positions.

1. Boxing gloves are a great way to help protect your hands

2. They help to prevent cuts, scrapes, and bruises on the face

3. Boxing gloves can provide a better grip for punching

4. The padding in boxing gloves can reduce pain in your knuckles and joints after training 

5. Boxing gloves are a great way to improve your hand speed and coordination

6. Using boxing gloves can help with wrist instability by providing support when throwing punches 

7. Boxing gloves provide protection from injury to both hands and wrists during contact sports like muay thai 

8. Wearing boxing gloves prevents cuts from occurring due to accidental nails or broken glass on the ground 

9. They absorb some of the impact when you strike an opponent, reducing risk of hand injuries

You can use boxing gloves in all types of martial arts, not just muay Thai.

Best boxing gloves for Muay Thai

Here are the best boxing gloves you can buy for Muay Thai:

1. Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

These Muay Thai sparring gloves are a great fit. They allow you to move your hands free so that you can punch with more control. The compact build gives them a sturdy feel, and they offer strong wrist protection from impacts. If you’re looking for the best sparring glove on the market that is comfortable and won’t hold back your punches then these may be just what you need!

These boxing gloves are the ideal accompaniment for sparring and training. The high quality thumb section along with a firm, solid wrist protection means you can spar hard with your partner without having to worry about damage to the joints in your hands. They’re also a lot more compact than other kinds of gloves which will make swinging away easier on you! With these Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves by Fairtex, all wrists are guaranteed. Get ready to punch some air instead of flesh!


  • Firm and solid wrist protection
  • Hand made and great quality
  • Fit comfortably
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Good for sparring
  • Not too padded like other gloves
  • Freedom in the finger section makes it easier for me to control the intensity of my punches

2. RDX Boxing Gloves Sparring Muay Thai

Boxers looking for high-quality gloves that will last should look no further than RDX. These durable, long lasting boxing gloves are great for both training and sparring. Durable to protect your hands from injury, quality material so they won’t wear out after just one use, stay in place throughout workouts so you never need to worry about them coming off or sliding down, and premium look with a matte coating giving them an unbeatable appearance. And the padding inside is very comfortable so you can go through hours of grueling workouts without having sore hands by the end. The one piece palm with a mesh-like design covers the entire hand to reduce wear and tear, letting you spend more time training instead of having to deal with new gloves. It also reduces grip fatigue so that your hands stay fresh throughout all of your training sessions.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Good quality material
  • Cover hands very well
  • Great stitching
  • Matte coating gives it a very premium look
  • Very comfortable padding inside 
  • Stay in place throughout workouts

What to look for in buying Boxing Gloves For Muay Thai?

  1. It is better to have an increased circumference with not enough protection, if anything they will learn form doing more punching 
  2. Punch pads on the inside of the gloves protect the knuckles and also help you remember which side is dominant when punching 
  3. The weight of a glove can make a difference in preference because their are lighter Muay Thai gloves than Boxing Gloves, but it still depends on what works best for your hand size. You want something between 1oz and 14oz depending on what past experience an individual has had with gloves before so they can better identify which one may suit them best.
  4. Muay Thai Boxing Gloves should be much larger than conventional Boxing Gloves. This is because the hands and wrists are not as well protected in Muay Thai so there’s a need for more support to fill this gap. This means that you’ll want gloves with around 4 inches of padding and 16 or even 18 inch straps. 
  5. It’s important that the Y strap on the wrist is tight enough that it can’t reach past your elbows

“Muay Thai gloves are not the same as boxing gloves.” Muay Thai can be a combat sport, but it also has a strong cultural history. The main difference between Muay Thai and Boxing is that in Muay Thai you use your shins to block punches while boxing uses hands for blocking punches. In order to effectively protect yourself from being hit with fists or other weapons, you need different protection on your arms than what would be needed if they were only going to fight barehanded. This means that muay thai gloves have padding on both sides of the hand whereas boxing gloves just have one side. Additionally, there is more leather at the top of muay thai glove where it wraps around the wrist which helps to make the wrist area more sturdy and less vulnerable. In short, muay thai boxing gloves are different from boxing because muay thai punches include elbows, knees, legs and shins.

If you are looking into buying Boxing Gloves For Muay Thai, there are some key things about them that set them apart from other types of gloves like boxing gloves. We hope this article helped answer any questions you had about muay thai gloves vs boxing gloves! Read more blogs by clicking here!

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