Can Boxing Gloves Give You A Rash

Can Boxing Gloves Give You A Rash?

Being a professional boxer, you have no other way than to protect yourself from every possible injury. In such a scenario, wearing the right boxing gloves plays a vital role. However, despite the safety net that they provide, a lot of people have experienced rashes, itchiness, and other skin issues with boxing gloves. 

Do you think there is even a possibility for boxing gloves to give you rashes? Let’s find out in this post. 

Can boxing gloves give you a rash?

Yes, boxing gloves can give anyone a rash. In fact, after continual use, they can even cause skin irritation.  But you can prevent it by changing your habits and following some effortless tricks.

Can gloves irritate skin?

Gloves can irritate your skin. This can happen for various reasons, the major being the material not suiting the skin. You must take proper care of both – your skin and gloves to prevent this problem.

But the intensity of this problem can vary from person to person. Some people might get a minor rash that heals on its own. But some people might experience an intense problem of rashes and irritation. In the second case, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

Can you be allergic to boxing gloves?

You can be allergic to boxing gloves. This is one of the most common problems many people face during their boxing journey. If you face skin rashes or irritation after using gloves, you might be allergic to the material the gloves are made from. You can change your gloves or consult a dermatologist to treat the allergy.

Why do you get a rash after wearing boxing gloves?

Rashes or skin irritation after wearing boxing gloves can be caused for many reasons. Some of these are as follows:

  • If your gloves are dirty, or you do not clean them too often, it can cause the growth of harmful bacteria inside the gloves, ultimately leading to skin irritation.
  • If you do not dry your gloves properly after using them, there might be traces of sweat in the gloves. This can lead to the birth of bacteria, which can hurt your skin.  
  • Gloves are made up of different kinds of leather. If a particular type does not suit you, it can cause severe skin irritation.
  • Not wrapping your hands properly before wearing gloves can also cause irritation or rashes. 

How to keep boxing gloves clean?

Keeping gloves clean is too important to save yourself from this irritating problem of skin rashes. But it is not a very difficult task; you need to be regular in maintaining the cleanliness of your gloves, just like keeping your clothes clean; here are the best yet simplest ways to keep boxing gloves clean:

1. Let Them Dry On Their Own

Keeping your gloves under the sun to dry them or using any other way is incorrect. Let your gloves dry on their own. Keep them at a place where they get proper air.

2. Wipe Them After Use

Whether you use gloves frequently or not, ensuring proper cleaning is of utmost importance. Thus, once you have used the gloves, wipe them with a cloth. 

3. Wrap Your Hands

When you wear gloves, there is no ventilation, but sweating. The sweat persists in the gloves, and it might lead to the growth of some bacteria inside the gloves. So it is better to wrap your hands before wearing gloves so that it absorbs the sweat.

4. Keep Them In Open Air

It is good to keep all your things in their proper place, but keeping your gloves inside a bag or a closed area is not good. Even after your gloves dry up, you should keep them in the open air and just let them breathe.

5. Use Dedicated Cleansers 

Cleaning your gloves means cleaning them properly with cleansers specifically made for glove cleaning. So, make a little more effort and get a qualitative cleanser for your gloves.

6. Use Natural Ingredients

Another way to keep gloves clean and odor-free is using natural ingredients, like apple cider vinegar and baking soda. They turn out to be the best substitutes if you don’t wish to buy chemically-infused cleaners from the market. 

How to get rid of boxing gloves rash?

Nobody likes when they get a glove rash. It is irritating and even painful at times. But how to get rid of this problem? Here are a few practical tips to solve this problem:

1. Use Ointments And Moisturizers

When you get a skin rash, the skin gets damaged. This can cause irritation and pain. To relieve this, use ointments or soothing moisturizers. Some ointments are prescribed for use to treat general skin allergies. In case of minor rashes on the skin, you can treat them this way. 

2. Cool The Affected Area

Take an ice pack or a wet towel and place it over the affected area. This will help in cooling the rashes, thus reducing irritation, itching, and pain, if any.

3. Do Not Scratch 

The affected area will cure fast if left as it is. Even if it itches, do not scratch it with your nails or even with a soft surface. This can aggravate the problem.

4. Consult A Dermatologist

If you have a significant impact on the skin, or the problem does not go away for a long time, then it is best to consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist might prescribe an ointment or even pills in some severe cases.

If you get a skin rash due to any special gloves, try to avoid the same gloves thereafter. If not, use preventive measures so that it does not affect your skin. If possible, do not wear any gloves for the time being until your rashes get cured. This means not playing the game, but you will have to compromise to help your skin heal faster.

5. Contact Dermatitis

This is a very common skin condition found these days. Contact Dermatitis is skin irritation due to contact of the skin with a particular substance or material. This can be a cause of rashes due to boxing gloves. The solution is simple; you can consult a dermatologist. This can be cured with creams, moisturizers, or other medication.

What boxing gloves are best for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for the best boxing gloves, jotted down below are some recommendations that you can try:  

1. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves For Men & Women

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves for men and women are built for boxing training, kickboxing, sparring punching, heavy bag workout, Muay Thai, and MMA. 

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves are highly cushioned, thus providing better shock-absorption. These gloves are durable and heavy and thus give good strength to the hands while boxing.

These gloves are sweat absorbing and are comfortable on the skin. Thus, they are good for sensitive skin. 


  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Wrist-strap with hook and loop closure
  • Nylon-liner inside the glove 


  • Mesh makes them breathable, cool, and dry
  • Closure gives a better grip and stability
  • Multiple layers make them shack absorbing
  • Can be easily cleaned with a wet towel


  • The fit might be too big for some people
  • Wearing hand wrap is necessary with these gloves

2. FIGHTR® Premium Boxing Gloves

FIGHTR is a new-age German company, and thus this product is also designed to solve new-age problems like skin rashes and irritation. FIGHTR gloves are best for Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Training & Sparring.

They are made of PU leather, which provides durability, strength and stability while punching. The velcro closure gives a better grip on the gloves. These gloves are made up of comfortable material on the inside.


  • Made from durable leather
  • Sew-on thumb
  • Velcro loop closure


  • Highly breathable and offers  proper ventilation
  • Keeps hands dry and sweat-free
  • Soft and multi-layer padding prevents injuries


  • The stitching on the thumb might get loose after long use
  • Might leave color stains


Anybody can face this problem, be it beginners, masters, or expert and pro players. But preventing or dealing with skin rashes caused due to boxing gloves is not an arduous task. You need to know the right approach and choose the right gloves for yourself, and you are good to go. The crux of the whole thing lies in choosing the right gloves that suit your skin plus your needs. Don’t let this problem stop you from playing your game.

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