Do Gloves Make Boxing More Dangerous

Do Gloves Make Boxing More Dangerous?

The use of gloves has been in practice since the inception of the sport of boxing. Earlier, boxers used leather strapping to cover their hands, later replaced by the new padded boxing gloves. However, several debates have raged around whether gloves make boxing a more dangerous sport.

Gloves provide padding, which evenly distributes the force of a hit across the body. This helps protect both the opponent and boxer from major injuries, ultimately making boxing a much safer sport. 

Why did boxing start using gloves?

Boxing was a bare-knuckle sport until Jack Broughton introduced boxing gloves around the 18th century. It was primarily to protect the participants against hard hits leading to serious health damages. 

When you hit anyone with bare fists, your hands experience a powerful shock that affects the main impact point, i.e., the knuckles. Boxing gloves were used to withstand such heavy shocks during a fight or punching bag training.

More so, they provided wrist support and extra stability to dissipate and reduce the intensity of the hits. Boxing gloves soften the shock of your punches which also protects the opponents to a certain level so that the game doesn’t convert to a blood bath. This was one of the main features that gradually led to the popularity of boxing gloves. 

Do boxing gloves cause more damage?

Boxing gloves help to minimize the damage inflicted during a boxing fight. Padded boxing gloves distribute the force and soften the impact of a punch or a blow. Hence, they are a safe training tool for boxing.

Do punches hurt less with gloves?

Boxing with gloves disperses the impact force over a larger area. This ultimately reduces the impact of the punches and causes less damage compared to a naked fist. This way, they also minimize the pain arising from punches, thus, keeping you safe to a great extent.  

Do boxing gloves do more damage than UFC gloves?

Boxing gloves and UFC gloves are designed for different fighting styles. Boxing gloves are designed with heavy padding and are usually larger than UFC gloves. They fully cover your fingers and palm, providing better protection against damage. 

UFC gloves are designed for Mixed martial arts, which require grappling flexibility and some hand protection. Hence, it all comes down to your fighting style that determines which of the one glove types will be the best pick for you. 

Do boxing gloves do more damage than MMA gloves?

This depends on what type of fight you’re getting involved in. MMA gloves are open-fingered gloves that are specifically designed to safeguard the fighter’s hand while allowing him to perform the grappling techniques. 

On the other hand, boxing gloves are solely designed for punching and do not allow you to grab the opponent. However, boxing gloves offer more protection to your hands and wrists than MMA gloves.

Do smaller or bigger gloves hurt more?

Smaller boxing gloves can help you experience close to real stimulation during your training period. This may make you feel more powerful but can also make you hurt your hands and wrists sooner than you think. 

Hence, the best is to opt for bigger, thicker padded gloves, especially when you are sparring. This will help you keep safe and practice better. 

Are boxing gloves safer than knuckles?

Boxing gloves are designed with extra padding, which helps in providing better hand protection than hand wraps or knuckles. Unlike knuckles, gloves are easy to use and don’t require learning the correct wrapping techniques to protect your hands. 

Moreover, boxing gloves turn out to be an affordable option, especially if you’re on a tight budget. And this is probably what makes them an ideal and safer choice for sparring and ring fights. 

Boxing gloves or fists: What hurts more?

Bare fists not only hurt more than boxing gloves but also make the participants prone to serious injuries. How? When you punch someone with bare fists, there’s just one thin layer of skin creating a barrier between the knuckle bone and the point of contact, which is certainly not enough to protect you against the damage. 

Bare fists allow you to deliver punches with the maximum force, which can lead to severe injuries. Hence, it is best advised to use boxing gloves as they help in equally distributing the force over a large area and minimize the impact of hits and blows during a fight.  

Are lighter boxing gloves more dangerous?

Boxing gloves are primarily designed for overall hand protection. Lighter boxing gloves are not more dangerous, but yes, they hurt you more than the heavier ones. This is mainly because heavier boxing gloves are infused with multiple layers of foam padding that help cut down on injuries. 

You can use lighter boxing gloves for training or practice sessions and wear the heavier ones while fighting against an opponent.  

Is it easier to knock someone out with boxing gloves?

Using padded boxing gloves often encourages the fighter to throw harder hits as they are not quite wary of the injuries and feel well protected and safe. The strong, forceful throws make it easy for the boxer to hit and hurt their opponent and knock them out. This may seem like an easy go to win a fight but is actually a dangerous pact.  

Best quality boxing gloves

Looking for boxing gloves that can help you withstand those 12 rounds of power and impact of boxing? Here are some of the best boxing gloves you can choose from that are perfect for both amateurs and boxing enthusiasts:

1. Sanabul Gel Boxing Gloves 

Sanabul gel boxing gloves are all you need to perform at your best. Designed with gel-infused foam, they provide excellent protection and softness to help prevent any hand injuries. The performance-engineered leather material on the exterior supports higher durability plus is super easy to clean. 

The essential gel gloves are designed with perforated mesh, which increases their breathability and helps keep your hands cooler. They are available in different sizes ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz, including amazing color variations to choose from. 


  • Gel foam padding
  • Comfortable for long training sessions
  • Perfect fit with proper fist closure
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Built with durable engineered leather


  • Built for hard use
  • Highly durable
  • Designed with a powerful hook and loop closure system


  • May not support the handles completely
  • May not cushion the punches well

2. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

The Liberlupus boxing gloves contain 3 layers of foam padding to provide extra cushioning and better shock absorption. They perfectly contour to the shape of your hands and provide exceptional wrists support and stability. 

Liberlupus all-purpose boxing gloves are perfect for a variety of strength training exercises, be it kickboxing, sparring training, heavy bag, or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). They are designed with breathable mesh and skin-friendly nylon liner, which repels moisture absorption inside the gloves and makes them super comfortable to wear. All in all, they’re the best-value boxing gloves for both beginners and professionals. 


  • Power transmission technology
  • Breathable mesh for ventilation
  • Built with 100% premium synthetic leather and multi-density foam
  • Long, easy to wear wrists straps
  • Snug fit for optimum shock absorption


  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Superior comfort
  • Thick padding for maximum hand protection


  • Might be too stiff for some people
  • May not be extremely comfortable

Final thoughts: 

To conclude, boxing gloves reduce the number and extent of injuries borne by the wearer landing the punch. At the same time, they also impart a sense of confidence in the boxer, considering they don’t have to risk the bones in their hands and face getting fractured. This allows for more frequent fights and thus, more fun for viewers. 

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