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10 Most Expensive Baseball Gloves in 2024

Baseball is one of the most loved sports in the world and the equipment that goes with it ranges from affordable to extremely expensive. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment in baseball is the glove. A good baseball glove makes all the difference for a player on the field. In this article, we will look at the most expensive baseball gloves and what makes them so special

Most Expensive Baseball Gloves

1. Wilson A2K

Pro stock leather baseball gloves long last for years together 


  • Age Range: ‎Adult
  • Dimensions: 26.69 x 14.59 x 18.39 Centimeters
  • Manufacturer: Wilson
  • Item Weight: 635 grams
  • Glove Type-‎First Base
  • Hand Orientation: ‎Left Hand Throw

Wilson’s gaming gloves started their journey in 1922, their style of making professional catcher’s gloves became the market standard for style, convenience, and cushioning. In modern times, Wilson’s A2K gloves are being manufactured in Japan as well as in Vietnamese facilities and factories. The branded sporty A2K gloves by Wilson are preferred by award-winning players namely Lorenzo Cain, and Matt Chapman as well as budding stars like Randy Arozarena and Jonathan.

The specialty of these gloves is the super leather material of invincible standards. The consistency and flawlessness of the triple-sorted leather hides make it superior in quality. Only the best hides are used to craft the gloves. Because of the microfiber material that is also called super snakeskin, the gloves are highly durable. The design is distinct from the conventional baseball gloves with unique mesh. 

The gloves are resistant to moisture building in any climatic conditions. Pocket stability is at its best for the glove because of the double palm construction. Between the outer shell and the palm liner, there is a thin lining of well-designed leather material for better pocket stability. That is why you don’t feel any wrinkles around the palm region while using this expensive glove. Zero rebounds are guaranteed for the player, as he has the right technique.  

What do we like?

  • Very easy to clean compared to the traditional leather
  • Feels really soft on the hand
  • More wrist comfort and better balance 
  • Soft and rich feel around the hand

What do we not like?

  • Color choices are minimal for this baseball Glove.

2. Mizuno GPSF2

For the best pocket stability, Mitzuno GPSF2 is the ideal baseball gloves


  • Hand orientation: Right-hand throws
  • Suggested users: Adults
  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Material used: Leather
  • Weight: 540 grams

Mizuno Corp is a Japanese company established by Rihachi Mizuno in the year 1906. The company started manufacturing quality-grade baseball mitts by 1913. Although the company may not be as popular as Rawlings or Wilson, still their sporting gloves are top-notch without any doubt, Mizuno’s baseball mitts are used and preferred by many baseball stars such as Nick Ahmed, Atlanta, and Austin Riley. 

For those who don’t like to use anything less than the best, try the Mizuno GPSF 2 baseball gloves designed by Mizuno. Infielders can use it comfortably in third base, second base, and the outfield. This is stiff when it is new but once broken in then gives you the best comfort and snug fit that you want from the baseball glove. Steer hide from the USA is used as the leather shell for this glove, and that means the best firmness and long-lasting durability. The comfort feel is because of the palm liner. The best part is the centralized pocket design. This helps quick transfer from the glove to the hand. 

What do we like?

  • Palm liner is super-soft as compared to other gloves.
  • Leather material is unique, with a perfect blend between softness and oiled surface. Serious players could choose this for firm control.
  • If you don’t want the ball to slip away easily from your hands, then this is the best option for you. This model has an enhanced grip, so the swing is far more stable. 
  • Breathability is best
  • Flexible to use after a couple of weeks onwards

What do we not like? 

  • Little league players cannot use it because the size would be a bit larger. 

3. Rawlings Pro I Web

Infield players glove with sheepskin palm lining 


  • Gloves weight: 621 grams
  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Hand orientation: Right-hand Throw
  • Suggested Users: Youth
  • Material: Leather

Founded in 1887, Rawlings is a well-known sports equipment manufacturing company with its headquarters in Missouri. With numerous styles, facilities for customization, and unique product lines, Rawlings launched some amazing baseball mittens – Pro I Web is one such expensive quality grade glove that you will get in the market. 

To quickly transfer the ball from your hand, this is the most suitable design. This is suitable for the outfield high catches. Gloves retain shape for a long time because of pocket formation. The leather material used in these gloves is of superior quality standards to ensure the best durability. Full-grain finger back liners give you a soft feel, complete protection, and the best shock absorption qualities. 

What do we like?

  • Thumb sleeve is padded, and hence it is comfy to wear the gloves for long hours.
  • Pro laces will add on to your strength for this.
  • Unmatched appeal with the KIP leather used to make these baseball gloves.

What do we not like?

  • Size may not be bigger enough for the macho men out there.

4. Shoeless –  Joe Golden Era

High-end gloves, individually hand-cut and stitched 


  • Suggested users: Adults
  • Material: leather
  • Weight of the gloves: 660 grams
  • Brand: Shoeless Joe Gloves 
  • Hand orientation: Right-hand throws 

Shoeless –  Joe Golden Era is an old type of glove; however, it is not a collector’s item because of its higher utility and performance requirements. The tobacco leather is a feature that adds to the old soft leather appeal. This is the finest alternative if you want gloves that will not bend in shape or structure while being made of high-quality leather. Because of their intrinsic specific structure and design, the leather gloves do not wrinkle even after years of usage.

What do we like?

  • Durability is at its peak,
  • Pleasant and comfortable to wear for all age groups,
  • Great support; thus, don’t feel like you’re wearing gloves when fielding from third base.

What do we not like? 

  • There aren’t many colors available in thi 

5. Mizuno GMVP1275P4

Prime outfield, left-hand throw baseball glove 


  • Glove Type: ‎Outfield
  • Brand: ‎Mizuno
  • Hand Orientation: ‎Left Hand Throw
  • Material: ‎Leather
  • Size: ‎12.75 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 25×25 x25 mm
  • Item Weight:  611 grams

A renowned sportswear equipment manufacturer, Mizuno Corp has a premium product line of baseball, golf, and skiing gear. Mizuno GMVP1275P4 is one of its brand successes as famous baseball players namely Amed Rosario, Didi Gregorius, and Andrelton Simmons have sported this prime outlined, left-hand-throw amazing baseball glove. 

Visual appeal is an extravaganza and a matter of pride to show off the premium embroidered logo on the external side of the glove. The grip is important when you are going to use a baseball glove as an outfielder or a pitcher. This design is an excellent option with a center pocket for the best support, comfort, and easy transfer of the ball. Extremely soft leather material is used which is also durable at the same time. It is a rare combination that is not found in many other premium gloves, though.

What do we like?

  • The provision of a padded thumb slot adds to the player’s comfort 
  • The pocket is centered because of the well throughout the design. 
  • The versatile break-in is an added advantage when using this glove.
  • Pitchers and outfielders found this product line from this brand to be a superior choice alike. 

What do we not like?

  • Stitches get ripped off sooner, in some pieces. 
  • This model doesn’t have a deeper pocket, either. So, it would not be suitable for a player in the first base.

6. Akadema ACM39

Deep pocket, open back multicolor baseball glove


  • Manufacturer: Akadema
  • Item Weight: 653 grams
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand Throw
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Akadema
  • Width: 6 Inches
  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Length: 12 Inches

A privately owned company located in Hawthorne, Akadema specializes in designing and manufacturing superior baseball gloves. Akadema has revolutionized the art of making baseball mitts for every position of baseball players from midfielders to infielders, and catchers to pitchers. Top baseball stars like Vicenta Padilla, Ross Ohlendorf, Brandon McCarthy, Wille Eyre, and Cameron Maybin use Akadema’s amazing baseball mitts. The Akadema ACM39 baseball glove is a great product by Akadema with a deep pocket, and open back outlook. 

The best part about this model of gloves is that the catchers don’t feel the sting. That eliminates the risk of injury even while taking the toughest of throws or catches. There are two extra finger hammocks provided in the design of the superior quality gloves, which is underrated so far because of the age-old players in the same business. This hammock allows your fingers to stay firmly in position and hence easy to catch the ball safely. The size of the pocket is bigger and hence you can retain the ball quickly. For this purpose, the padding of this glove is designed to be too slim in this

What do we like?

  • The high-quality leather looks incredibly attractive and supremely durable too.
  • It is extremely easy to transfer the ball to the throwing hand. So, no one would dare to steal a second base from your caught ball. 
  • The mitt snaps down quickly as soon as it comes in contact with the ball because of the dual flex hinge feature. 

What do we not like?

  • The flexible fly trap to not let the ball renounce can be improvised in its design to add to the comfort

7. Nokona- W-1300C

Stiff black leather baseball glove that is simple to break in

Nokona- W-1300C


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12.56 x 7.4 x 5.9 inches
  • Package Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Brand Name: NOKONA
  • Suggested Users: Unisex 
  • Model Name: Walnut Series
  • Sport Type: Baseball
  • Hand Orientation: ‎Right-Hand Throw

Like Akadema, Nokona is another high-end American sports garments and equipment manufacturing company that also specializes in baseball gloves. Players like Tim Mayza, Steven Brice, and Blay Hardy have played with one of the most expensive baseball gloves crafted by Nokona, namely W-1300C. 

This is easily one of the finest world-class hand-crafted gloves made in the USA by local craftsmen showing their class and ability to make superior quality leather gloves. The performance standards are invincible. This glove has an amazing softball mitt that is designed to suit the varied outfield positions, as it has a closed web pocket. Also, this baseball glove incorporates an open back closure too for secured support and comfort fit.

What do we like?

  • Ideal weight to handle for adult players with comfort
  • Offers the best stability for the user
  • Walnut crunch leather ensures the best durability
  • Comes with a year’s guarantee against material damages and defective workmanship

What do we not like?

  • This baseball glove is Limited in colors.

8. ASICS  Gold stage

Infielder’s hard gloves for baseball champs 


  • Suggested Users: Men’s
  • Style: ‎Infielder Vertical Type 
  • Outer Material: ‎Leather
  • Model Name: Asics
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Black x Dark Brown
  • Brand Name: ASICS

A manufacturing company started by the goodwill of Ihachiro Onitsuka, ASICS aimed to contribute to society by helping young sports aspirants. However, ASICS has now in store some of the expensive baseball gloves in their line, ASICS Gold Stage is one such excellent product brought to the market in 2022, specially crafted with a hard build for infielder baseball. 

Sports engineering research institute in Japan has come up with a superior design and unique material choices in this model of ASICS gloves to provide the best benefits for the infielders. There is no comparable option available in the market today for this gloves web. Yes, the design is similar to a twin H-web to mimic an outfielder’s glove. Because the super skin is lightweight, it is an exclusive best bet for the baseball champion. The gloves come with an attractive black and gold bag. 

What do we like? 

  • The vertical-type infielder style is unique and elegant, allowing players to pocket with little rebound.
  • Because of the twin H web form, the design is lightweight and simple to handle for the player.
  • To assure the gloves’ endurance, top-grade leather is used in this baseball glove.

What do we not like? 

  • Just one color is available.

9. All-Star Pro-Elite 34

Best baseball catcher’s mitt with stiff black leather pocket 

All-Star Pro-Elite 34


  • Package Weight: 0.75 Kilograms
  • Suggested Users:  Unisex-adult
  • Size: Right-Hand Thrower
  • Manufacturer: PROOK
  • Outer Material:  Leather
  • Style: Catcher
  • Sport Type: Baseball

All-Star’s Pro-Elite 34 is another top-of-the-line expensive baseball mitten introduced in the year 2020, designed and manufactured by All-Star Sporting Goods® – a sports gear manufacturing company known for its a-grade quality and precision.

Hand-crafted mitt is an added advantage for you will find it easier to handle the ball. Serious players would just prefer to use something sturdy like this, despite it being stiffer to break in easily. Don’t use the stream or any other shortcuts to break in. Experts recommend breaking in naturally through regular use. That is how you are going to ensure the durability of the gloves. Reviews and ratings show that this expensive baseball glove is only one of the top gaming gloves in demand in recent times.

What do we like?

  • Multiple sizes are offered by the original product manufacturer to fit your needs precisely.
  • Professional gloves like this are stiffer and hence more durable as well. Because the closure is off the hook and loop variety, a customized fit is possible.

What do we not like?

  • The only option is to throw right-handed.
  • You need to use it for a while to break it in naturally.

10. SSK – Hard pro edge 

Ready to break in game day Glove for Pros 

SSK Tensai Tatis 2020 Baseball Glove : Sports, Fitness & Outdoors


  • Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult 
  • Sport Type: ‎Baseball 
  • Size: Large
  • Model Name: Infielders Hard Pro Edge 
  • Material: ‎Synthetic leather
  • Item Weight: 700 grams 
  • Color: Bright Orange Tan

A company with a long history of manufacturing top-grade baseball equipment, SSK launched Hard Pro Edge one of the most expensive baseball gloves in the market since 2018. The gloves are designed specifically for hard use and have been authorized by the baseball officanodos. When utilizing these particularly designed gloves with open web design, the infielder achieves ideal hand balance. It is broader to allow outfield catchers to take advantage of the dimensions and not let any balls pass beyond. It is guaranteed to last because it is constructed of synthetic leather. The infielder gloves offer good arm control and can be utilized both deep and shallow. This baseball glove comes in an attractive dedicated bag. 

What do we like? 

  • The gloves are well knit and resilient in design and construction
  • Laces are good with top-grain leather 
  • Made out of steer hide leather material to last long
  • Have dual color options 

What do we not like? 

  • The absence of a cushion pad is a concern for the fielders. They would feel like they are catching the ball with bare hands. 

What makes a baseball glove so expensive?

As you have to take some of the toughest catches to be competitive on the field, considering the velocity of the ball and the weight, the shock absorption capacity of the baseball gloves, must be reliable. Moreover, the additional padding provided for this purpose must not make you experience discomfort due to heaviness. Here is where an ideal selection of composite materials gives you the desired effect and top performance standards at the same time. 

Innovative design and constant improvisations through research and studies have resulted in some of the best baseball gloves from varied top brands. Some of these are well-reputed and recognized, but some of them are yet to capture their deserved attention. So, to choose gloves based purely on merit considerations, here is the tip. A good glove that is rated as a most expensive baseball glove offer:

1. Sufficient padding: 

Whether it is a dual layer or triple layer, or stripped, the padding should serve the purpose of absorbing shocks while providing comfort to the player. Especially for those who are positioned in the 2nd base and 3rd base, this is going to be a crucial requirement.

2. Hook and loop closure:

When practicing with teammates during training or for fierce competitions, the hoop and loop closure ensures a quick and secure glove fit and provides the finest protection and comfort.

3. Durable shock absorption foam: 

Shock mitigation Foam minimizes hand fatigue, aids in efficient shock absorption, and lessens the effect of strong vibration.

4. High-grade expensive leather: 

Since they are mostly resilient, flexible and aid in managing moisture and smells during training sessions, intensively developed leathers can be relaxing.

5. Availability with laces: 

The laces offer a precise fit that is tight and secure around the wrist to suit your demands and preferences. The longer cuff suits the hand better, and the cushioned wrists are comfortable.

6. Size:

Regardless of the brand specs sheet, verify your glove size dimensions carefully, taking your time to guarantee a perfect fit based on the user’s age and hand size. The size must be well within 12 inches and the tolerance for novices must be quite low.

Our Top Pick

The Wilson’s A2K baseball gloves are the best most expensive baseball gloves on the market right now. The player is adequately protected by the thick cushioning and superior workmanship. The ideal glove for playing for extended periods of time without becoming weary or uncomfortable ranks number one. Additionally, the ergonomically designed glove is made to the highest quality standards and with the fewest allowable tolerances in every single component. We have tried a large variety of pieces, but none of them seem to vary significantly from the tolerance extremities. Therefore, this can be perfect for professionals who need to quickly switch the ball between the throwing arm and the gloved hand.


1. What is the most expensive baseball glove sold ever? 

The most expensive baseball glove in history is Lou Gehrig’s baseball glove from his final baseball game played on April 30, 1939.  At Sotheby’s in New York on September 29, 1999, Lou Gehrig’s glove, was sold off for $287,500. The glove was given by Lou Gehrig to Howard Brost Henderson in the mid 1930s after a visit by Gehrig at the Henderson family home in Bronxville, NY 

2. Why buy the most Expensive Baseball Glove?

To play comfortably and efficiently, you have best features in expensive gloves like superior material, design and construction with the right meshing. So, to overcome competition and to supersede competent rivals in the sport, boosting your performance standards is a must with the right expensive gloves that you own.  

3. Can I play better with the most Expensive Baseball Glove?     

Yes, expensive gloves as listed above have the additional features that help you play better without less or no distractions. So, your performance improves. 

Final thoughts

We really hope the above information was useful enough for you to decide which gloves are the finest. The best gloves in the market right now, out of the ten expensive baseball glove selections listed earlier, are the Wilson A2k gloves, thus we strongly advise you to save up and get a pair. Nevertheless, if you desire a product that is different but still of high quality, you might choose SSK hard pro edge gloves. This is the finest choice for both experts and novices. All-star pro elite gloves might be a fantastic option for seasoned pros who like frequent training. We are at your disposal in case you need any more advice about baseball gloves. You can get in touch with us, and we’ll be glad to help. 

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