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Most Expensive Football Gloves in 2024

Football gloves that are acceptable and fashionable will help you feel more confident and keep you focused on your exercises while also making you comfier. The reputed football brands in the sportswear apparel industry prove to be worthier again for this year’s trendy and functional designs in the soccer gloves line-up. There are some new inclusions also that are found to be worthier for so many reasons, as stated below in the list of the most expensive football gloves in 2024.

Construction, safety, and performance are taken into key consideration while analyzing and gauging the value of these gloves, while also considering the diversified user opinions to present this review. This list here helps you identify the best among the most expensive football gloves.

10 Most Expensive Football Gloves in 2024

1. PUMA Mens One Protect 18.1

PUMA Mens One Protect


  • Sport: Soccer
  • Material Type: Rubber
  • Color: Red Blast-Puma Black-Silver
  • Manufacturer: PUMA
  • Brand: Puma
  • Item Weight: 437 g
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 30 x 15 x 10 Millimeters

Puma, the world’s third largest sportswear maker, has had a premium range of football gloves varieties in their product line up since 1948.

PUMA Mens One Protect 18.1 gloves were launched on 9th march 2020. Also, famous Brazilian Goalie Ederson Santana de Moraes wears these gloves. 

This is one pair of gloves you can rely on to wear during intense competitions because these are the best option for preventing injuries. It is because of the spine protection feature around the thumb area of the glove and the Flextec in the finger area. These gloves have well designed Mesh inserts to provide enough airflow to keep your hands cool and comfortable. Regardless of the weather conditions, you get the best grip while wearing this comfortable and breathable glove due to the latex palm.


  • The best protection for the fingers from the hyperextension
  • Mesh inserts are there throughout the glove for airflow.
  • A full-length latex wrist strap is provided to ensure total security and support.


  • Most often, these expensive football gloves are not found in the inventory lists of even the top suppliers.

2. Adidas Pred20

Best fitting glove for a Goalie in the market 

Adidas Pred20


  • Brand: ‎Adidas
  • Color: ‎Black/Active Red
  • Net Quantity: 1.00 count
  • Item Weight: 369 grams
  • Size: ‎8
  • Sport: ‎Football
  • Generic Name: Gloves

Adidas Pred20 Gloves were launched by the world’s leading sportswear manufacturer Adidas, on 24 February 2020 at a price of ‎$49 in US. Some famous players like David De Gea, Manuel Neuer, Emi Martinez and some others also use it.

One of the big names in the sportswear industry is Adidas. This Adidas version is exemplary in terms of manufacturing standards. Climacool technology is deployed in this model to completely get rid of moisture from the hands of the gloves’ users. In the end, the one version from Adidas has a nonpareil and impressive design. Wearing this type of well-knit glove will help the players enjoy the game by playing with their fullest focus on the game without any discomfort in the handwear they use. GripTack palm material is so good that it offers the players exceptional tackiness.


  • A palm design with a super grip is the best option for catching the passing bullet in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Because it is made of synthetic fiber, it is the most comfortable for the user.
  • Good backhand compression because of the novel silhouette 


  • Not easy to maintain due to the synthetic fiber used in these most expensive football gloves. 

3. Renegade GK Fury 

Control, performance, and super grip guaranteed with Renegade Fury

Renegade GK Fury


  • Material Type: Neoprene
  • Item Weight: 340 g
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Color: Avalanche
  • Manufacturer: Renegade GK
  • Brand: Renegade GK
  • Usage Soccer
  • Season Year-round

Renegade GK was formed in 2017 by keepers for keepers. After decades of playing goalie on the field, teaching from the sidelines, and over a period of goalkeeper training, Tyler and Ryan started this brand· 

These gloves are designed to build last. The construction provides you with the best comfort and support to perform well. These are official Goalie gloves for both the WPSL and the NPSL, hence the prominence is worldwide. Not too many expensive branded gloves are in the Women’s Premier Soccer League and National Premier Soccer League lists. This pre-arched palm design could be your best bet if you want the best grip and ball control. Comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • The thumb Wrap provided in the gloves is aimed at securing the fingers
  • Nylon strap pullers are reliable and long lasts
  • Poly urethane thumb has a unique V-notch design
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • 6D super mesh provides an excellent cooling effect making it suitable to wear for summer
  • The palm grip is Extraordinary with the German design


  • Roll cut area is prone to wear and tear quickly
  • Protection against injury is not sufficient in these football gloves. 

4. Select 77 slim Goalie

Select 77


  • Style: ‎Protection
  • Sport: ‎Golf
  • Size: ‎7
  • Item Weight: 227 grams
  • Color: ‎White/Blue/Red

On March 15, 2020, these gloves were introduced in the market by SELECT. SELECT was founded in 1947 by Eigil Nielsen, a well known goalkeeper of Danish national football team. This glove is worn by football friends of mine in the German Bundesliga. 

Elite pro goalkeepers love to select 77 slim Gloves because of its traditional cut and also the flat-cut palm design. To give you a secure fit there is a thumb wrap too. It is made out of soft latex to ensure resilience. Advanced trainers like the slight curve in the design and the rolled thumb. Anatomically the slim fit favors the goalie’s comfort in wearing these types of gloves. As there are no finger spines, you have liberty to adjust the grip on the ball. These gloves are snug enough for the goalie’s hands and fingers. So, the ball doesn’t slide down easily and you can be consistent in your catches.


  • Better touch and grip are provided by a cushion that is tightly wrapped around the fingertips.
  • Excellent traction in every climate.
  • Wristband with a strap that hooks and loops
  • Goalkeepers with small hands and fingers should use a slim-fit design.
  • A precise fit is provided by the new and revised cut around the knuckles.


  • Less durable compared to the other options listed above.

5. Vizari Sports Saturn Soccer

Padded palm and Grip boost with the Soccer Saturn Vizari Goalie Gloves 

Vizari Sports Saturn Soccer


  • Width: 4.33 Inches
  • Weight: ‎0.55 Pounds
  • Sport: ‎Soccer
  • Size: ‎4
  • Manufacturer: ‎VIZARI SPORTS
  • Length: ‎7.28 Inches
  • Item Weight:249 grams
  • Date First Available: 6 August 2022
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA
  • Color: ‎Pink
  • Brand: ‎VIZARI

Soccer Village began in 1984 as a shared dream amongst a young family who had recently found their love for soccer. On July 25, 2022, they unveiled Vizari Sports Saturn Soccer gloves. The back-end material is made of superior-quality foam to give the best cushioning effect for the user. This glove has a solid grip for the goalie to handle the ball effortlessly. Double stitches throughout the contour of the gloves ensure the best durability. The fabric used in making the gloves is permeable to ensure better breathability. With the unique design of the finger spines, users have the ultimate in finger protection. These gloves protect the goalie from hand injury when catching the fastball from different angles.


  • There is no sacrifice in terms of flexibility or comfort.
  • The secured fastener is adjustable to your wrist size and, hence, custom fits the user.
  • The high-quality foam cushion provides exceptional comfort while handling the ball.
  • The gloves are designed to train harder for the goalie to prepare for big events.
  • There are numerous color options available with these football gloves. 


  • Size chart measurements don’t coincide with the actual size of the glove in some pieces.

6. Adidas Classic Training Goalkeeper Gloves

Latex Grip and Cushion Glove with positive cut

adidas Classic Training Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Style: Classic
  • Size: ‎11
  • Material Type: ‎Rubber
  • Manufacturer: ‎Adidas
  • Manufacturer: Adidas
  • Item Weight: 113 g
  • Date First Available: 12-Sep-21
  • Color: ‎White-Yellow-Black
  • Brand: ‎Adidas

This pair of gloves was launched on 12 September 2021; by the world’s largest sports manufacturer Adidas. These football gloves are dedicated to the legend Iker Casillas, who plays for Real Madrid. This is to celebrate the players’ 20 years of loyalty to wearing these branded gloves since 1999. The gloves have the best grip, support, and straps around the wrist for total cover, a positive cut, and a comfortable fit. This glove’s cushioning is so good that it provides first-rate shock absorption. Latex material adds to the grip, and hence the ball control is better for the goalie.


  • The positive cut makes the design extremely comfortable and gives the goalie a better grip on the ball.
  • Latex material that gives the goalie the best grip to perform better and more consistently.
  • These football gloves offer a full wrist cover for a secure fit.


  • Stitches wear off soon for a rough goalie.

7. Select Sport America 3

Flexible finger spines, stability, and secure fit 

Select Sport America 3


  • Brand: ‎SELECT
  • Style: ‎Protection
  • Sport: ‎Soccer
  • Material Type: ‎Rubber
  • Manufacturer: ‎Select Sport America
  • Item Weight: 227 grams
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA
  • Color: ‎Green|White
  • Size: 7

This glove’s launch date is December 8, 2016. The price of the Select Sport America 32 All Round Goalkeeper Gloves is $39. It was created in 1947 by Eigil Nielsen, a former Danish national football goalie.

If you want finger spines that do not hamper your ability to control the ball, then here is the novel design for you. The flexibility will not be affected for the goalie while using these Select gloves as the finger spines are reliable. There is sufficient padding, and the breathable nature of the glove construction keeps your hands cooler. 


  • You can be assured the best stability with these gloves as the finger spines protect and keep you relaxed while handling the ball of any huge force. 
  • Flexion latex with good tolerance gives you the flexibility 
  • Easy to open up the wrist 
  • Latex straps are easy to adjust and provide the best support. 


  • The grip is not too good on these football gloves
  • Sometimes, the palm and finger areas are slippery in using these gloves and, therefore difficult to control the ball. 

8. Haploon Adult and Youth Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

Secure Gloves comes with a finger protector 

Haploon Adult and Youth Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Sport: ‎Soccer
  • Hand Orientation: ‎Right
  • Style: ‎Protection, Professional
  • Color: ‎Orange
  • Brand: ‎Haploon
  • Manufacturer: Firelong
  • Material Type: ‎Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber
  • Size: ‎5#
  • Item Weight: 208 g

Having a high-density plastic, the finger protector design of these gloves is quite innovative. Such designs prevent the goalie from suffering any hand injuries. It is possible to only bend the fingers forward but not backward while you use these gloves; this prevents sprains and tangles. Moreover, the support for the fingers is also great because of the right construction that is compatible with the design. This model of gloves is made with composite materials to ensure maximum durability. They are hard enough to use for aggressive sports, whether in competition or training. Latex material increases the friction and resistance at the same time to make it easier for the goalie to handle the ball steadily and firmly.


  • The most durable materials are used in these expensive football gloves.
  • The best glove to handle the ball easily with complete control for the goalie
  • The best protection is guaranteed for your fingers while handling fastballs.


  • Some of the pieces have less professional stitching.
  • The size chart interpretations need to be more preset with precise measurements to suit your size.

9. Bracemaster Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves for Youth and Adult

Designed for the toughest saves 

Bracemaster Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Sport: ‎Soccer
  • Size: ‎10
  • Material Type: ‎Rubber
  • Manufacturer: ‎Brace Master
  • Manufacturer: Brace Master
  • Item Weight: 285 g
  • Date First Available: 17 April 2020
  • Color: ‎A-Black&White
  • Brand: ‎Brace Master

The launch date of these gloves is September 15, 2021 and it was created in the United States by the brand brace master. This sports protection firm, which manufactures goalie gloves, MMA, Boxing gloves, ski gloves, arthritic gloves, and other items, was founded in 1999.

It is one of the best defense gloves for relieving goalie pressure during penalty kicks. This is one design that will exceed expectations for both juniors and professionals. Stable grip, excellent protection, and durability are assured. Eye-catching gloves are ideal for the most challenging saves. Most goalies would prefer this type of innovative finger spine. Even the suture materials are selected wisely to be breathable, and the wrist strap is surprisingly durable too. 


  • Visual appeal is at its best.
  • The safest design with dual wrist straps. The inner layer is elastically knitted, and the outer layers are nothing but the baggage wound. So, you can relax the muscles freely, which is a sign of relief for a pro-goalie.
  • The tolerance is up to 3 millimeters, allowing for clearance and movement. At the same time, you get total control of the ball because of the anti-slip liner and the tacky foam.


  • When we measure our hands and compare them to the size chart to order the gloves, we end up with varying measurements in some pieces. This is reported by a few other buyers too. That would hurt your fingers due to the presence of metal finger-saving units.
  • The hand grip may come off in these football gloves if you use it rougher.

10. Sportout Youth & Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

Double wrist safe guard and palm protection at its best


  • Brand: ‎Sportout
  • Manufacturer: ‎Sportout
  • Sport: ‎Soccer
  • Style: ‎Protection
  • Color: ‎Black
  • Size: ‎7

This glove is worn by Tottenham Hotspur, a Premier League team that plays for England. This glove is highly resistant to wear and tear due to latex palms. At the same time, the latex palm gives you superior control and a good grip to not let the ball slip easily. Handling the ball is easier for the goalie. Positive cut design is winning laurels as it is an experimental innovation by the makers to ensure that the goalie gets the best ball contact always. That is how you can grab the fastest-moving balls, too, with literal ease. Hyper-extended finger injuries are avoided because of the improved backbone finger-saving design in the gloves.


  • Good for palm and fingers protection
  • Ideal for advanced training
  • Wrist guard protection is outstanding of these expensive football gloves.


  • Won’t last for many years as the close-fit Velcro strap is prone to wear and tear faster

What to look for in the most expensive football gloves?

Safety, performance, and comfort are the three essential criteria for selecting soccer goalkeeper gloves. The techniques, skill sets, and specializations of every single football player are going to be varied. So instead of collecting a flashy and stylish accessory, you are going to choose something highly functional that can boost your performance in the game of soccer. 

The hand efficiency of the goalkeeper is largely going to determine the success of the entire team. It is important to protect the hands of the goalkeeper from impacts. This is going to keep him tireless for the entire game. If the goalkeeper has to catch securely, it must add tackiness to the player’s grip. There should be adequate ventilation to provide coolness and comfort with better breathability.

From that perspective, the experts are suggesting different types of football gloves. The first is known as the receiver gloves. The second one is called lineman gloves.

1. Receiver Gloves: 

The ability to maintain lightness and agility while slicing through the defense is a must for running backs, quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends. Since mobility and suppleness are improved by thin, moisture-wicking materials, sticky velcro palms that wrap around the thumbs and fingers for increased grip are often used to make receiver gloves. Gently padded backhands provide shock-absorbing protection regardless of the conditions.

Receiver gloves preferences:      

  • Flexibility for the goalie and easy movement is facilitated by the thin and breathable material used in the gloves’ construction. This suits the receiver gloves in particular. 
  • The palm area must be a little bit tacky enough to provide you with that additional grip. Based on this flex and grip, the goalie will have better control over the ball and will be able to twist, turn, or throw it as he pleases. As a result, the sticky palms in some of the gloves are purposefully created to an optimal level.
  • The backhand of the gloves must have sufficient padding to provide you with the best protection against the shocks of handling a racing ball. Yes, padding is sometimes necessary to absorb the impact when opposing players or teammates rub against you.

2. Lineman Gloves:

Most linemen have a natural propensity to get a little harsh during gameplay. Lineman gloves are often made of thick, solid material to protect the hands from injury. These gloves aid in increasing stability and limiting the range of motion. There are additional inside reinforcements to protect players’ hands from abrasion. The design incorporates substantial palm and backhand cushioning to provide additional support against hyperextension, as well as an additional wrist support.

Lineman gloves preferred characteristics:  

  • The material should be selected for firmness and thickness to add to the cushioning effect. 
  • Knuckles, fingers, and hands are best secured with the reinforced interior design of the gloves, especially during hard hits.
  • The padding should be more on the backhand side and the palm areas to provide additional support for the hands.
  • The straps must be of the proper size to increase stability and provide the best wrist support. 
  • The linked thumb guards against eye damage while practicing and protects the thumb from becoming twisted or cracked.

5. High-quality Latex: 

The goalie should have the optimal grip on the ball to not let it slip away easily and also to excel in the toughest saves effortlessly. This is possible with the latex material used to ensure the quality and grip of the goalie gloves. 

6. Options for lace-up: 

The lace-up gloves offer a snug fit all the way around the wrist. The longer cuff fits the arm better, and the cushioned wrists are comfortable.

Our top pick

PUMA Men’s One Protect goalie gloves, which have an advanced design, is the greatest one in the market right now. It deserves recognition for its use of 90% renewable resources and environmentally friendly design. Lightweight weighing gloves like these expensive football gloves are also quite robust. Greater protection is offered by cushioning and quality at their best. Without any discomfort or weariness, you can practice for a long time. Additionally, the most expensive football gloves are unique in shape, making them stand out from the others in providing superior comfort and support. 


  1. What is the most expensive football glove? 

PUMA Mens One Protect 18.1 Goalkeeper Gloves Finger save is the most expensive glove. The price in US  is $130

  1. Should I buy cheap soccer gloves or the most expensive football gloves?

The grip is the most important factor that determines the ease of controlling the ball and the goalie. Grip boosts the consistent performance of the goalie, even for the toughest saves. So, buying expensive ones that have the best grip makes complete sense.

  1. Why do pros use the most expensive football gloves?

The reason why the pros use only expensive gloves, and that too just one per match, is just the best control that they gain with the fresh pair of gloves to boost their playing abilities. A tough match where there is going to be a lot of aggression and activity demands extensive work of defense from the goalie. That means there is enough possible wear and tear for the gloves too. Pros don’t use the gloves even if there is mild discomfort, wear or tear. So, they often buy good gloves in dozens and use them for varied main competitions. They train in the same gloves, too, so that they don’t see a big difference or any surprises during the real match. That is another reason why it is good to get an ample number of gloves of the most suitable kind that fits you the best. 

4. Loose or tight fit – what is best out of the most expensive football gloves?

If you feel like you have a natural contact with the ball while wearing the gloves, then that is your right fit. That would neither be too tight nor too loose. 

Final thoughts

We hope that this article gives you clear-cut insights about the top options for the most expensive football gloves this year. Now, out of all the 10  football gloves mentioned above in the list, our experts’ recommendation would be the PUMA Men’s One Protect 18.1, for it is worth every penny, and it is a glove for real champs. At the same time, if you like to get something that is pocket-friendly, then choose the Adidas Pred20, in which case you don’t compromise much from a standard performance perspective. If you do not have a lot of money to spend, don’t worry because you can get this versatile pair of Haploon Adult and Youth Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves, which are ideal for pros and beginners in the gaming field. Furthermore, if you have any specific questions related to any other particular model or brand, then we are here to help you anytime. Please feel free to write to us and shop smarter, as you are well informed.

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