ozero winter gloves reviews

Best Ozero Winter Gloves Reviews

Winter is quickly approaching. If you are like most people, your thoughts will soon turn to snow and ice. But what about winter gloves? You know the ones that keep your fingers warm while still allowing for easy use of your hands? A good pair of winter gloves can make all the difference in keeping yourself comfortable in cold environments. Ozero has a line of winter gloves available online that not only offers great insulation but also provides an adjustable wrist strap which keeps them securely on your hands even when they get wet or oily from working with tools or machinery. The company’s design philosophy is focused on reducing weight without compromising performance so you can wear these comfortably all day long!

The gloves have been designed to keep your hands warm and dry during the cold winter months. They come in many colors and offer an alternative for those who want to avoid wearing bulky coats while still staying warm.

Ozeros also provide different sizes, small/medium or large/extra-large which is good because not everyone’s hands are the same size. This way you can find a pair of gloves that fits perfectly!

I am a gloves addict and have tried almost all Ozera winter gloves so far. In this review, I’ll share the benefits and cons of my all-time favorite ozero winter gloves. They are great for keeping your hands warm in cold weather, so you can go out to play with your dog or shovel snow without feeling like you’re going to lose all feeling in your fingers. Here we have reviewed the best Ozero winter gloves with benefits and cons:

15 Best Ozero Winter Gloves in 2023

1. OZERO Mens Winter Thermal Gloves

OZERO Screen Texting Non slip Silicone

Ozero Men’s Winter Thermal Touchscreen Gloves are a perfect solution for keeping your hands warm and dry in cold winter weather. The gloves have been designed to be touchscreen sensitive, so you can use your phone while wearing them. Wear these fashionable waterproof gloves when handling boxes, stocking shelves and even doing outside chores in the snow without risking damage to your hands. They keep out small amounts of frost and moisture and the inside seems lined with fleece for extra warmth. With their elastic pull tab at the back they make it easy to slip on the gloves quickly, stretchy flex zones around fingers add grip power when handling cool metal shovels or other outdoor equipment such as a utility knife outdoors only! Perfect accessory for all manly outdoorsmen who want winter working gloves.

These gloves are perfect for any task. They will keep your hands dry and warm whether the task is driving the car, climbing a dry roof, or moving boxes around on a wet day. If you’re out of town during wintertime winds, these gloves are also good for handling utlity knives! The gloves are flexible enough to secure whatever you might need to do with them – even chop vegetables! With their attractive design, they seem like an all-purpose kind of accessory that people of any size could wear comfortably.

The interior of each glove is lined with fleece that not only keeps your hands wonderfully soft but also ensures the moisture is kept inside of these tightly woven gloves. They work even in wet snow when it’s too cold for touch screens! 


  • Gloves will keep your hands warm and dry 
  • They are machine washable 
  • You’ll be able to handle any task with ease 
  • Your hands will stay warmer for longer periods of time.
  • Protects your hands from the wind 
  • Flexible design that’s aesthetically pleasing to wear.


  • Not good for 10 – 20 degrees temperature

2. OZERO Winter Gloves For Men And Women

OZERO Winter Gloves For Men And Women

These Ozero winter Gloves is a set of men and women’s gloves that can keep hands and fingers warm in very cold weather. They come with unique windproof knitted cuff that can efficiently keep cold air out of glove, water resistant TPU back on the hand to resist accidentally spilt water, and good dexterity. The wind proof characteristic offers protection against the freezing temperatures outside. These gloves are designed to offer full comfort for any season, even when doing an intense workout at the gym or just talking with friends on a brisk day during fall or winter months. It also features nice elastic cuff which guards against draft keeping anything from getting in.

When you’re outside on the coldest day of the year, warmth and protection against harsh weather is vital. Durable and long-lasting, these gloves will keep your hands toasty warm and dry on those blustery days.

These gloves are the perfect answer to all of your cold weather needs. They have a knitted cuff that keeps out any unwanted air, plus they are nice and warm. Use them in anything from snowy settings to chilly work environments – no matter where you go these gloves will be the right choice!


  • Keep hands warm in cold weather 
  • Protects your hands from water and wind 
  • You’ll be able to enjoy the snow without being cold!
  • The cuff of the glove will keep any drafts from getting in 
  • Stay dry and comfortable during the winter months.
  • Have a good grip


  • Tend to stay damp if they get wet

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3. OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves

OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves For Men & Women 

Every ounce of protection has been thoughtfully applied to these waterproof and insulated gloves with superior dexterity, wordless comfort and breathability that’s virtually unmatched 

OZERO waterproof winter gloves are a clever idea to stay warm in the cold. The insert with insulation sponge of thickness 2mm provides excellent warmth for your hands, while also being breathable and keeping you dry. They sport a versatile design that is lined with soft and comfortable material which can keep your hands both warm and dry to get you through every day (no matter how hard it snows). Just give them a try; they’re dexterous enough for gloves! Completely dual layered, these gloves provide the best warmth and comfort out there: what more could you ask for? With dexterity like this, we know OZERO will be on top of any gift list come December.

These durable black winter gloves are made out of waterproof material that will keep your hands nice and dry, no matter what happens. With added insulation, you’ll be able to feel comfortable all day long. The flexible fabric offers natural movement while the quilted palm, thumb detail, elastic cuff for snug fitment make these an excellent choice when weather changes in a snap!


  • Keep your hands warm and dry.
  • Look stylish while staying warm
  • Protects you from the cold 
  • Soft on skin, easy to wear.
  • Stay comfortable in any weather conditions 
  • Good for dexterity and warmth 

4. Winter Gloves Ski Mittens

Winter Gloves Ski Mittens

Fall in love with these beautiful winter gloves. They’ll feel like second skin while still warding off the harsh winds and elements of the cold winter weather!

These winter gloves are made of sheepskin leather with insulation that creates warmth and blocks wind and cold weather from making it inside where they’re not welcome anyway. The reinforced palm area ensures durability even through wear and tear, while still providing comfortable gripping for all tasks whether it be buttoning up or fastening a seatbelt. Bonus: They dry quickly if moisture gets on them (so no wet cold hands). It’s important to stay very warm in the cold during the wintertime!

Outsmart and outlast cold and wet conditions with the Winter Gloves Ski Mittens. Designed for extreme cold weather, these gloves are great for winter sports or any activity that gets you outside in freezing-cold weather. Windproof up to 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit rating, Water resistant rating of 100% to withstand snowstorms, Snow proof rating because sometimes I really miss playing in it! If you’re looking for stylish hot cool mitts then look no further!


  • Keep your hands warm and toasty in extreme cold weather 
  • Stay dry and comfortable in any type of weather with GOOD GRIP gloves 
  • The leather palm provides wind resistance and snow proofing 
  • You’ll never have to worry about frostbite again!


  • A little bulky

5. Womens Winter Warm Gloves

Womens Winter Warm Gloves

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, being cold hands is never a good feeling. And who wants to use their phone with cold fingers? Luckily, these womens winter gloves are here to keep you warm and dry so your fingers can do what they need to do! They have a high-quality water resistant shell that keeps them from getting wet when it rains.

Your hands are always on the move during those cold winter months, from taking your morning jog to zipping up a fleece jacket. Protect them with these Womens Winter Warm Gloves. Made of a high-quality water resistant shell keeps hands dry, and have great grip so you never drop your phone again!

These winter warm gloves are perfect for keeping your fingers dry so you can use your phone in the rain! Elastic cuffs keep these light weight gloves hands-tight and our water resistant shell keeps hands feeling dry so even if they get a little sweaty, it’s okay. Plus at a mere 30 grams, these windproof and waterproof gloves have great grip with an adjustable wrist strap to let you adjust them to make sure they fit perfectly around your wrists. Every girl needs some of these womens winter warm gloves this season!


  • Keep your hands dry while using your phone 
  • Protects from wind and rain 
  • Never feel sweaty or cold again 
  • Elastic cuffs keep the gloves tight on your hands so they never slip off 
  • They are very light weight, so you can use them for running or other outdoor activities without getting too hot.
  • Windproof and waterproof, they have great grip.


  • Wouldn’t keep your hands warm at 20 degrees

6. Women Touchscreen Anti-slip Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves for Women Touchscreen Anti-slip

Finally, a pair of warm yet functional winter gloves for the modern woman. These finely-crafted gloves let you navigate your phone with ease while staying warm all day long. With double elastic cuffs and fingertip tips that allow use of touchscreen devices, our gloves are highly designed to keep both hands protected from the cold without sacrificing functionality or looks!

In these times of hard weather, more gear is a must. These gloves are made for wintertime adventures. They’re great for driving and doing yard work- they’re warm and comfortable while also being touch screen compatible with the fingertips. Easy to put on with double elastic cuffs, these gloves will keep you safe from the cold this winter!

These cozier, warmer gloves are perfect for driving to work at 6AM in the morning, shoveling snow all day long, or even knitting while watching Netflix. The lightweight material is good for operating touch screens on smartphones and other devices too!

What makes this product different than others? The two elastic cuffs stay snug around wrists to prevent cold air from seeping in. It has grippy fingertips so you can use your phone without taking off the glove (and risk dropping your device). The palm of thumbless models provides better grip when solving puzzles or housework.


  • Keeps hands warm and dry.
  • Protects against cold weather.
  • Easily put on gloves with touchscreen compatible fingertips.
  • Avoid getting frostbite in the winter
  • Easily use your phone while wearing gloves 
  • Lighter than most gloves, good for driving and doing yard work.
  • Double elastic cuffs with touch screen compatible fingertips.


  • Little bulkier 

7. 3M Thinsulate Fingerless Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves for Women Touchscreen Anti-slip

Good for outdoor activities and winter wear, these gloves can be worn in a variety of ways to meet your needs. Wearing them fingerless lets customers easily type on devices such as computers without having to take off their gloves. They also keep hands warm when paired with mittens in cold weather. This versatile pair is made out of 3M Thinsulate and is thin enough to not impair movement when used as fingerless gloves; it folds back to make an opposable thumb that enhances grip functionality even further. You will enjoy the comfort they bring plus durability since this product resists wind despite how light it is! These truly are a miraculous invention for comfortable warmth during cold winter months, so get your OZERO Winter Gloves today.

These Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm even in frigid wind. They can be fingerless or mittens and you can take the mitten part off while using the phone because sometimes we need to use our fingers to send a text or type on a computer. These gloves are very light as compared to other brands and they’re flexible for typing on computers.

Warmer hands in -15°F with these flexible, 3M Thinsulate winter gloves. They’re thin enough to take off the mitten part of these versatile gloves for using phones or other electronics outside.


  • Keeps your hands warm in the winter.
  • Protects you from frigid wind.
  • You can type with comfort, even when it’s freezing outside.
  • Protects against windchill 


  • Resist the water for a while.
  • Not waterproof.

8. Snow Cold Proof Leather Glove 

OZERO Work Gloves Winter Insulated Snow Cold Proof Leather Glove

OZERO Work Gloves with winter insulation, such as lambswool, is designed for your powerful hands.

It’s specially-made of water-resistant and cut-resistance material to keep you safe from cold – even at temperatures as low as -20°F! The best part: it has a good grip and feels super comfortable on your hands, too. You won’t regret buying OZERO gloves this winter.

For people working in cold winter, these work gloves are comfortable and keep hands warm. The insulated lambwool traps the air to keep hands dry and soft. The good grip lets you do heavy duty work without slippery. These gloves can stand low -20°F degree, 18 holes per inch for ventilation make sure your hands not sweat in cold weather. This glove is really an outdoor worker’s best buddy in winter time with the softness of the material on inside lining.

OZERO Work Gloves Winter Insulated Snow Cold Proof Leather Glove can be a man’s best friend during harsh winter months. They are insulated lambswool lined for added insulation and comfort. The gloves have water-resistant, puncture resistant qualities, as well as cut resistance from the stretchy nappa leather. These work gloves keep hands warm in extreme cold weather, so you never have to worry about frostbite again!


  • Keep your hands warm and flexible in winter 
  • Provide breathability to hands 
  • Have a stable and lasting working protection in cold outdoor environment.
  • Protect your hands from the harsh winter elements without compromising comfort or safety.

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9. Coldproof Thermal Fleece Work Glove

Winter Gloves -20°F Coldproof Thermal Fleece Warm Artificial Lambwool Lining Insulated Work Glove

Inserted with 0.2in thick and fuzzy imitation lamb wool that will protect your hands from the winter cold. With delicate goatskin leather on fingertips that can effectively prevent screen touch for mobile devices, these gloves not only keep your hands warm and dry in rain and snow day but also offer a few times of coyote puffs protection to ensure their tight grip on slippery objects such as poles or edges, ensuring you won’t let go at those key moments.

You don’t have to worry about frozen fingers with this pair of suffocatingly durable fleece insulated gloves – down-filled insulation keeps fingers warmer than ever! Stretchy elastic band secures ends so they won’t slip out during careless hand motions like using iPads or playing sports.

Keep warm under the gloves you’ve got to have for this winter. Protecting your wrists from cold and snow with elastic knitted wristbands, exterior windproof band over your wrist will make these gloves warmer still! Leather palm patches provide extra grip for handling things especially in rain-snowy days when it’s difficult to grasp onto anything due to wetness–keep wearing them dry all day long through machine washable material!

The Winter Gloves -20°F Coldproof Thermal Fleece Warm offers two major benefits 

1) they keep your hands warm and dry no matter what the weather is like. And 2) you can still use your smart phone, type on a keyboard, and do just about anything else with these gloves on that you could do barehanded. Either way, whether it’s carrying groceries or shoveling snow without freezing your fingers off in the process, our Winter Gloves-20°F are definitely designed to make life easier for busy people who need every edge they can get against winter weather.


  • Keep your hands warm and dry in the coldest of weathers.
  • Protect your wrists from the cold 
  • Stay connected with friends, family, and work without having to remove gloves.
  • Protect your wrists from getting sore and stiff 


  • Not very flexible
  •  Water resistant but not waterproof

10. Deerskin Suede Leather Palm Work Glove

Keep your hands warm while doing winter work with these soft and durable gloves made of deerskin suede leather. Warmer than ever before, these gloves will keep your hands warm even when the temperature drops to between -20°F and 14°F. Easy to clean, all you have to do is machine wash them! Made from a light weight material, this glove’s palm also remains dry because sweat cannot build up within. Keep a firm grip on what you are working on with these durable yet flexible gloves that come in different sizes for men or women.

These gloves allow for a sturdy grip to prevent slippery palms, keeping you safer during the winter months. They’re soft to the touch, machine washable, and designed with patterns for style!

These gloves are durable and machine washable that will last long.


  • Keeps hands warm in cold weather
  • Provides firm grip while working
  • The gloves are lightweight, making it easy to work with them.
  • Look professional and confident on the job.


  • Not water resistant

11. Waterproof Touchscreen Insulated Work Glove 

Winter Gloves Men Women - Waterproof Touchscreen Insulated Work Glove

Waterproof Touchscreen Insulated Work Glove is made using 100% nylon shell to prevent splash, water or snow from penetrating. Anti-splashing lining also protect palms when you use tools with metal pins on them. If you need extra grip, PU leather patch on palm effectively add security for gripping different objects with dry hands. In addition, there are two adjustments for diameters at wrists: one liner wrist warmer and other outer cover wrist warm for adjusting thickness not only degree of tightness but width as well!

Fixable buckle between two wrists for carrying to keep warm. It also has warm polyester fabric and soft TR lining for your better comfort, adjustable band wrist so it can be tighter or looser for your better wearing experience. Machine washable and dryer friendly.


  • You can use your phone while wearing gloves 
  • The buckle gives you a tighter or looser fit 
  • Machine washable
  • Keep your hands warm and dry in the winter 
  • Protects you from snow, splashing water, and more 
  • Can use touch screen devices with these gloves on

12. Deerskin Leather Glove with Cashmere Lining

Winter Gloves for Women, Touchscreen Deerskin Leather Glove with Cashmere Lining

Stay fashionable and comfortable this winter with these Women’s Winter Gloves that are made of touch screen deerskin leather with cashmere lining. These gloves feature both index fingers to operate your phone, as well as wool lining for maximum comfort. They’re tough enough to fight the cold but gentle enough to show you care at the same time so there is no need for two separate pairs of winter gloves anymore!

These gloves are the perfect balance between fashion and function. They have touch screen pads on index finger of both hands that let you operate a touchscreen phone easily in any weather, be it snowy or sunny. The lining is made from soft wool to project a luxurious feel and the windproof outer shell will keep your hands warm in all sorts of different outdoor conditions. These gloves surely do not disappoint!


  • Keep your hands warm in cold weather 
  • Give you a firm grip on the steering wheel 
  • Stay fashionable and look good with these gloves 
  • Always be able to use your phone without taking off your gloves!
  • Protects your hands from blisters and calluses 
  • Keep your hands from being sweaty and clammy


  • Can get dirty easily

13. OZERO Skiing Snowboarding Gloves

OZERO -30℉ Cold Winter Skiing Snowboarding Gloves

Stay warm and cozy with the new OZERO -30℉ Cold Winter Gloves. Crafted to withstand extreme cold temperatures, these gloves work year-round as they resist rain and snow in winter. Plus, made with 150g 3M Thinsulate Insulation you can count on them to do their job no matter what the weather throws at you during your day on the slopes! You’ll be able to repel moisture while enjoying a strong grip thanks to this flexible glove that’s not too bulky. So don’t wait any longer-now is the perfect time for great ski gloves!

This pair of gloves is specially designed for winter temperatures with three times the insulation of similar products, so you’ll stay warm and dry in any extreme winter conditions without compromising on grip or dexterity. The palm features a double stitch made from cowhide leather that resists wear and offers excellent protection.


  • Keeps you warm and comfortable 
  • Blocks the cold wind 
  • You’ll be able to continue doing your favorite outdoor activities with these gloves on!
  • Stay dry and comfortable during rain or snow 
  • Windproof to keep you safe from extreme temperatures 
  • Durable for long lasting use 
  • Protect your hands from the elements, so you can still do what you love even when it’s cold outside!
  • The palm are double stitched with cowhide leather which allows you to have a strong grip on things while wearing it.
  • The windproof buckle at the cuffs is adjustable and blocks the cold wind.

14. Womens Winter Gloves

Womens Winter Gloves Touch Screen Deerskin Leather

With these winter gloves, you can take pictures of your family while they’re lined up outside the local grocery store on a cold day! Your hands will stay toasty warm while using your touch screen phones or tablets. Made with luxurious deer leather that’s soft and supple, this glove also has an attractive design that comes in 3 colors: beige, black, and white; each with classy embroidery by Signature Threads. With 2 touchscreen pads for index fingers and thumb for texting or emailing without removing the gloves because even carpal tunnel will seem like less pain than not having these deerskin gloves. You’ll love how these versatile winter gloves match any type of formal dress during winters.

These gloves are very thin, windproof, and perfect for any winter occasion! They have an extremely high-quality material that is warm enough to keep hands comfortable between 14F and 32F. The shiny exterior of these gloves looks elegant without being too flashy–they match with many different outfits so you can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. The design includes touchscreen fingertips in the index fingers and thumbs so you won’t have to take off your gloves when using a touch screen device.


  • Keep your hands warm in the cold weather.
  • Keep your hands from getting chilled when you’re out and about 
  • You’ll be able to wear these gloves with any outfit, formal or casual!
  • Thin and windproof 

15. Coldproof Thermal Water Resistant

Winter Gloves -30°F Coldproof Thermal Water Resistant

Don’t be left out in the cold when you’re hard at work with this pair of winter gloves. These gloves are designed to lock in warmth with even smaller micro-perforations and lined the inside to keep moisture and snow from escaping, while also ensuring that your hands can maintain a proper grip on any object. The addition of thermal insulation keeps your body warm to compensate for an additional layer while providing excellent flexibility so you can move just as freely as you would without them on. No more excuses for not staying outside longer than necessary–know your fingers will always be cozy and freezeproof!

When everything turns white and snow and ice seem to be coming from every direction, make sure you have the Winter Gloves on. These gloves are made of TPU waterproof material which is breathable, flexible and non-flammable to keep your hands warm. The cuff squeezes all the cold air out of these gloves so that they can protect your hand from heavy snow or light snowmelt. Best for those who work in a winter environment, these Windproof & Water Resistant Gloves will help you easily finish any task with little effect on how quickly you do it!

These gloves will protect your hand from fierce wind locks more body heat inside of the glove when the temperature drops between -30°F, to -10°F. With its leather palm that is helpful for grip, these gloves are both fashionable and competent in providing warmth during wintertime frolics.


  • Keep your hands warm in the winter 
  • Protect against snow and cold wind 
  • Never worry about gloves again!
  • Your fingers will stay toasty all day long


  • Not absolutely waterproof
  • Not touch screen design
  • Light washable

Final Words

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm and dry, then the Ozero Winter Gloves are perfect. They have good grip to help with driving or other tasks while also being breathable enough to wear in hot weather. They provide excellent insulation without feeling too bulky or stiff. These gloves are made from high-quality wool felt combined with silk fibers so there should be no question about durability either!

Ozero winter gloves offer a variety of styles and colors for those who want to stay warm during the coldest months. The company sells many types of gloves, each with their own benefits and features. 

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