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Can You Wash Winter Gloves?

Winter gloves are great for keeping your hands warm in the winter, but they can get dirty and smelly. Most winter gloves can be hand washed, even the ones with leather palms. It is important that you know how and why you may need to wash your winter gear so as not to affect performance and quality. 

Also, winter gloves are machine-safe, but it’s never a bad idea to air dry them after washing. There are a few ways to clean them. You can wash them at home or take them to a dry cleaner. If you’re taking your gloves to a dry cleaner, make sure that they know what kind of material it is made from so they don’t ruin it! It’s important not only for hygiene reasons but also because winter gear like these will last longer if cared for properly!

Why you should wash winter gloves?

Winter gloves should be washed often to keep them clean and prevent bacterial growth. When you wash winter gloves, it’s important to take care not to damage the nails or seams of the glove with hot water, bleach or abrasive chemicals, as this will ruin the glove.

Another way for bacteria and other microbes to enter a glove is by coming into contact with hands that have been in contact with an animal’s mouth or anus – both common homes for disease-causing organisms. It’s also important not to wear your gloves and then touch other items without first placing the gloves off until last touching those other items.” 

We’re washing them, right? I just believe we should take good care of our possessions 🙂

Why you should wash winter gloves?

How to properly wash your winter gloves?

Step 1 – Before you wash your gloves, make sure to remove any dirt or oil that may be on the outside of the glove. You can use a toothbrush if necessary.

Step 2 – Machine-wash them in cold water with a mild detergent (liquid soap) and tumble dry on low heat

Step 3 – If there are stains, mix 1/4 cup bleach with 2 cups cool water and soak for 30 minutes before washing 

Step 4 – After you’ve washed your gloves, let them air dry to avoid shrinking or damaging the material

Step 5 – If they’re still dirty after cleaning, put them in an old pillowcase and scrub vigorously with a stiff brush to remove any stubborn stains

Step 6 –  Rinse the gloves in cold running water until they are clean 

Step 7 – Dry the gloves by hanging them up on a hanger

Step 8 – Store winter gloves in an airtight container when not in use so they stay fresh longer!

What materials are best for washing your winter gloves?

If your glove is wet or dirty, you can use mild soap and warm water to clean it off before drying it thoroughly.

For leather gloves, use saddle soap instead of regular dish soap because it is gentler than other chemical cleaners. Leather gloves can be machine-washed in warm water on the gentle cycle, but they should never be put in the dryer or instead, you can clean gloves with a damp cloth, then dry them with a towel.

Wool gloves should be hand washed with mild soap and cold water.

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What materials are best for washing your winter gloves?

Why it’s important to dry your winter gloves before storing them away for the year

When drying your gloves, make sure they’re completely dry before storing them for next season. Drying winter gloves is important because those gloves are made of tightly woven materials that prevent heat from escaping and keeping your hands warm. The more time you spend outside in the winter weather, the more likely your gloves will get wet. If they’re not dried, the water creates an environment for bacteria to thrive which can irritate sensitive skin and potential lead to rashes or yeast infections.

If there’s snow on top of your gloves when you go outside, brush it off before putting them back on because snow can make the fabric damp and heavy which will cause discomfort over time. 

When you take off your gloves, it is important to dry them so they don’t get wet and moldy. If you’re not able to wash your gloves right away, put them on a drying rack or towel. Once they’ve dried completely, store them in a plastic bag or airtight container until next time. 

What materials are best for washing your winter gloves?

Common mistakes when washing and drying your winter gloves 

Here are a few of my most common mistakes with winter gloves – 

1. Washing your gloves in hot water

2. Putting them in the dryer with a load of clothes

3. Drying them on high heat

4. Leaving them to air dry for too long

5. Using fabric softener or bleach on your gloves when washing 

6. Wearing the same pair of gloves every day without giving it time to dry out between uses

7. Washing gloves with a load of clothes – this will ruin the fabric and make them weaker

8. Leaving them in the water. This is because glove materials are designed to protect your hands from external elements, especially freezing temperatures. As you remove the gloves from the water, tiny fibers will release which can lead to pilling or even holes in the material over time.

9. Not removing stains with soap and detergent. 

Tips on how to protect your hands from cold weather while wearing a pair of wet, dirty, or damp gloves

1. Wash your hands before wearing gloves. Washing removes oils and dirt, widening the pores of the skin, which helps it to release heat. It also makes small cuts on the surface of the hands disappear quicker than usual, so they do not trap cold air as easily. 

2. Keep your hands warm by wearing a pair of gloves that have special insulation

3. You can also use hand warmers in between the layers to keep your fingers from going numb

4. Wear a thin layer of lotion on the tips and palms of your hands to help prevent dry, cracked skin

5. Avoid touching metal objects with your bare hands because they’ll conduct cold energy into them faster than anything else 

6. Carry a small towel with you in case you need to wipe away snow or water off your hands while wearing gloves

Remember that if you’re traveling in an area where it’s really chilly outside, dress appropriately – don’t just wear a sweater over what you’re already wearing! If possible, avoid using public transportation during winter months when temperatures are below freezing and instead walk or drive yourself where needed


It’s not always easy to remember to wash your gloves, but it is important. Cleaning them will keep you healthy and protect your winter wardrobe from getting stained by dirt or oil. Make sure they are dry before storing away! 

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