Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves

Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves Review

The latest Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves are one of the most stylish and popular gloves in the boxing world. After the hybrid 100 and 200, this is the most advanced model of the Adidas boxing gloves series. Those who are in the intense training process will certainly need something special like this hybrid 300 design, for it is a classic. You hit the pad or bag or try sparring, it does not matter; the glove follows through effortlessly. 

The fit is intact, so you don’t get the flex instantly. As you start to use it regularly, it will be comfortable to use the glove, for there is a bit of tolerance in the lining. The material is so well chosen to add to the comfort as the glove core flexes a bit. For more, here is a detailed Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves review for you.

About Brand

Most of us already know about the prominence of the internationally reliable Adidas branded products of multiple kinds. Adidas is the number one sportswear manufacturer in Europe. We can see multiple sports stars in diversified sports like soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, and much more regularly wearing these branded items, right from tees and shorts to socks and shoes. You name it, and they have it.

We can call it a premium sports brand for a long time now. The veritable catalog of products pleases any consumer from any part of the world in the first place. Then comes the most important factors of durability, design, and making too. So, let us see about this latest glove line of theirs ahead. 

About Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves

The special attribute of the Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves is the wrist support that the boxer gains while wearing them. The pros love to always rule over their rivals with authority. Another key factor that allows you to dominate right from the word go is comfy design and material choice. Premium grade material used makes you feel lighter while wearing these Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves. Now that means sparring in the air is effortless. 

About Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves

Performance makes this top-tier boxing and practice gloves one of the most preferred options for competitions and tournaments. Moreover, the price, unlike many other premium brands, is not higher if you look at the products’ worth relatively. 

Here are some major features of Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves. Reading about these features, you can understand quickly that Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves are worth every penny. 

1. Gloves quality

Shock absorbing capacity is one of the key factors of any boxing gloves that may facilitate you to turn down the heat quickly after a blow. 

As these Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves have multi-layered foam, the shock-absorbing capacity is far better comparatively. Intensive training ahead of competitions is when you should not tire your hands as well. This multi-layered foam in these gloves ensures this purpose is served well. The elastic band ensures that wrist protection is far better. 

2. Strap 

Elastic straps in the Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves ensure a secure fit and hence safety as well. The length and size are apt enough to secure tightly as and how you please to do so. The fixture design helps you to get the best wrist protection as a pro boxer. 

3. Gloves padding

Padding in the wrist enclosure and on the top portion of the gloves is quite adequate. Because of the adequate padding, the wrist lock enclosure helps the boxer prevent injuries after a strong blow or block. When the boxer is confident of this, then he can parry better with confidence. This superior move of parrying allows you to defend well while consuming or dissipating the opponent’s energy. So, Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves have appreciable padding.

4. Design of the gloves

The finishing, pattern, structure, style, and colors are quite extraordinary and seem to be selected after meticulous attention to suit this advanced version from Adidas. That is why we see the gloves to win laurels as one of the best designs for boxing gloves in recent times. With the vast Adidas logo, it looks really attractive too. The shine in the gloves and the vibrant color choices make it an impressive design altogether. 

5. The durability of the gloves

Users bet about the wrinkles of the gloves even after doing intense training for months together, and that is the specialty of these top branded gloves ever. Even in the case of the hybrid 300, you are assured about this durability because of the sturdy outer layer. Genuine cowhide leather ensures a supple and smooth external layer. 

6. Performance of gloves 

The ergonomic shape, the dampening effect of the multi-layered foam, and the genuine cowhide leather boost the performance of the gloves, as expected by Adidas fans already. Yes, there was a lot of expectation after the hybrid 100 and hybrid 200 that are noteworthy for their performance standards. Even though the performance bar was raised, as a result, the hybrid 300 had everything incorporated in it to stay upbeat. 

What do we like?

The best part we like about these hybrid 300 gloves is that they stand between the puncher’s design and the pillow design. You can alter the impact of the hit because of this advantage. The highly durable design is exclusively meant for top-tier boxers to cause some serious damage to opponents with one hard blow. The padding is supportive. There is more comfort while parrying. Secured wrist enclosure with the band is a plus. Smooth, shiny, and supple-looking lightweight gloves of this kind may make you invincible in the ring if you are adroit in your skills. 

What didn’t we like?

The padding in the knuckle region is deliberately designed to be sparse to ensure you can’t soften your hits on the rival. It means the blow will be nastier even if you don’t want to. However, the worst part is the knuckle blocks that are occasionally inevitable on the ring. When that happens, the pressure exerted on the knuckles is more. 

If you are a newbie and getting trained in the basics, then this is an advanced design that is meant for hard blows that may injure your opponents badly to worse sometimes. So, take time to move from hybrid 100 to 200 and then 300 based on the speed with which you shall get trained. 

Reviewed by Expert 

Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves Size Chart 

Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves Size Chart 

Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves – FAQs

Are Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves good?

Yes, it is great. The superior quality standards, the performance potential, the padding support, the wrist protection, and the color range make it one of the most acceptable gloves. This is an advanced design and hence a completely improvised model from the hybrid 100 and hybrid 200. You will feel the comfort and support as soon as you use it for a couple of days in the training session. Get used to it before you dive into the ring, though. 

Are Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves good for Muay Thai?

It is one of the cumbersome sports that originated in Thailand, which is almost identical to that of conventional boxing, though. However, the stringent rules and regulations, as well as the powerful attacks in different modes without some major regulations, make it a tough sport for even some of the top-tier boxers. So, choosing hybrid 300 will surely help you with its best wrist protection and support to combat at Muay Thai events too. 

What size of Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves should you buy?

Look at the size chart, and based on your proportionate weight, you can choose the ideal type of boxing gloves size that allows you to over-punch or under-punch as you please. Size adjustments allow you to use most of the glove but still, make sure you can check out the varied sizes available. Just like how the tastes differ from one to the other, so are the sizes too.


Adidas hybrid 300 boxing gloves can easily be one of the best gloves for the boxer. It is just because of the impeccable design, super safety assurance, long-lasting durability, and comparatively low costs. It is the best bet for the best boxing pros. 

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