hayabusa s4 boxing gloves review

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves Review

The special Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves are revolutionary and can completely change the image that forms in our minds when we talk about boxing gloves. Hayabusa keeps on delivering its best, and the S4 boxing gloves are enough to confirm this statement. The gloves are available in four colors and come with a gleaming finish, making them a great option. 

Here we are going to discuss the Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves review in detail, which might help you to know the product and its best.

About the brand

Hayabusa is a big unit, and they have been in the business of manufacturing sports equipment and related items for years. The brand is one of the best in the business and they provide top quality sports equipments that will help to get better at sports. 

hayabusa s4 boxing gloves review

About Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves

The Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves come from the Ikusa range. These boxing gloves are made up of supreme fabric, including great padding. The boxing gloves are specially made to observe huge blue and tackle heavy forces. The company has also kept the design of the gloves very different from what they usually produce, making it a unique product in itself. 

Here we have listed some of the best features of the Hayabusa boxing gloves that can help you to understand every other feature of the product in detail. 

1. Gloves design

The gloves are designed in a way that one can quickly get a perfect fit without any external pressure on the fingers. They protect the thumb and help to keep them in its natural position. The company has developed the S4 boxing gloves after numerous testing and feedback. Different trainers and fighters have tested the gloves too, and hence the design of the product is awe-inspiring.

2. Gloves Material

The material of the gloves is selected very precisely to provide maximum comfort to the user. The outer covering of the gloves is made up of unique material that resists scratches and easy tear. On the other hand, the inner material has numerous padding, which provides a different cushioning effect. To be honest, the gloves are not made up of genuine leather and hands. If you are looking for authenticity, this product might not meet your expectations. 

The company has provided a very special (CRUSH ZONE™) Foam Composition. It provides a cushioning effect to the knuckles. The knuckles won’t be able to feel a lot of pressure with a heavy blow which might eventually protect them. One must understand the fact that when gloves are not washed for an extended period of time, they start smelling bad, and; hands in this product, the company has included natural silver to combat these foul smells. 

hayabusa s4 boxing gloves

3. Amazing look

The fantastic look of this glove makes it worth buying. Whether we talk about the gloves’ design or the color of the product, all of them are very attractive, and they stand out for themselves in the market. The hand area of the gloves and even the stitching area are coated with unique colors which do not irritate the hand and don’t come out quickly. The color combination of the gloves is also exciting to look out for.

4. Awards and appreciation

The S4 boxing gloves by Hayabusa have been awarded numerous prizes and awards. It was also mentioned in the category of best boxing gloves for men. The Internet has always been kind to Hayabusa, and once again, the product is appreciated by most users.

5. The durability of the gloves

The stitch of the gloves makes it very special and different from all the others. These gloves are assembled in an exact manual and are coated with a special coating that makes them look shiny and also resists forces which ultimately increases the durability of the gloves. According to experts, one can easily use gloves for more than two years without any significant issues.

6. Performance of the gloves

These gloves are made to tackle hard blows; hence, if you are looking for protective gloves that make you sound and defend, this might be an excellent option. 

What do we like?

There are numerous things that we like about the Hayabusa S4 for boxing gloves. Starting from the design and look of the gloves, one can appreciate the beautiful luster and the color combination that Hayabusa has given to these gloves. On the other hand, coming to durability and comfort, these gloves are among the most comfortable ones available for boxing in the market. The main padding is good enough to provide a tremendous cushioning effect to tackle brutal forces.

What we do not like?

In most cases, the gloves are a complete fit, but in some instances, the gloves can become very tight, especially between the fingers or the web area of the fingers. The outer covering is not as resistant to scratches as one expects it to be. 

Reviewed by Expert 

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves – Size Chart 

hayabusa boxing glove size chart

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves – FAQs

Are Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves good?

The Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves are specially made to protect the hands of the boxer from heavy punches and forces. On the contrary, one can use them to fight and land some good moves, which makes them a good option for slugger boxers. 

Are Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves good for Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a very special form of boxing and one can easily appreciate the hard strokes used by the boxers in the style of play. While practicing the Muay Thai form one can never trust boxing gloves that are not designed to handle such force. The Hayabusa S4 Boxing gloves have extra layers of padding which makes them perfect to absorb such blows making it the best fit for the sport. 

What size of Hayabusa S4 boxing gloves should you buy?

As we know the Hayabusa S4 Boxing comes in different sizes, and one must select the gloves according to the size of their palm size. But on an average the 14 oz size is the best choice. 

Does the design of gloves allow good fit?

The gloves have been designed in a way that they become a good fit for boxers, especially with substantial thumb sizes. The space provided with gloves is good enough, but one needs to select according to the given chart to get the fit. 

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