Dribble Up Boxing Gloves Review

Dribble Up Boxing Gloves Review

Nowadays, there is a “smart” version of everything you want to purchase.

When it comes to the Dribble Up boxing gloves, the “smart” part refers to how the companion app tracks every punch you throw. This information is then transferred to the app’s stats, which allows you to check your progression, take guided classes, and record the output of each workout.

According to our Dribble Up boxing gloves review, these gloves are suggested to someone who wants to study the sport of boxing seriously and get trained with perfection . They are an excellent choice for someone who wants to fight for fun. Please ignore it and concentrate entirely on a powerful cardiovascular exercise session.

About Brand

Dribble Up is an American athletic firm specializing in producing and selling “smart” exercise gear and equipment for sports training. This company’s innovative approach to playing sports and working out at home allows you to link your gear to the company’s very own training software. This company’s assortment of boxing gloves, soccer balls, basketballs, and even strength balls delivers the professionalism of a personal trainer or gym into your own house when used in conjunction with their unique Dribble Up app.

About Dribble Up Boxing Gloves

You can easily spice up your boxing training with Smart Boxing Gloves like Dribble Up! With that, you can also sync your punching stats if you have the Dribble Up app.

The Dribble Up Boxing Gloves comes with motion sensors that provide data to a companion app, which then provides feedback on your training progress. These gloves may be used alone, or they can be used with a punching bag to provide a more authentic experience.

When you download the Dribble Up app, you’ll have access to training sessions led by coaches from various athletic disciplines. According to several analyses of Dribble Up, you can put these gloves to good use in high-intensity interval training sessions like “Full-Body Shred,” “Cardio Craze,” and “Lower-Body Burn.”

Here we have listed down some of the best features of the Dribble Up Boxing Gloves. These features make the gloves worth buying.

1. Train like a pro without leaving the house

With DribbleUp’s Smart Boxing Gloves, you can get a boxing workout from the comfort of your own home, and it will feel just as good as going to an actual boxing facility. Through artificial intelligence (AI) and a mobile fitness app, DribbleUp has developed an intelligent boxing system called linked boxing sessions. These boxing gloves have a sensor that counts and rates your blows, giving feedback on your technique. They also have a point system so you can track your development and keep records of your achievements.

2. Clever boxing in a natural setting with trained instructors

In DribbleUp, you may choose various courses according to your skill, knowledge, and experience. Like in a traditional gym, you’ll experience a feeling of community and accountability when you take courses with other individuals and trained professionals.

3. Real-Time Competition

Dribbleup’s real-time leaderboard is perfect for the competitive kind. Real-time virtual feedback from professionals will help you improve, and as you do so, you’ll watch your name climb the scoreboard.

4. Rep Counting Made Easy

Dribbleup’s cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for you to waste time and effort counting your repetitions. Because Dribbleup does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, you can concentrate on your technique and game.

5. Assorted Athletics, Not Just Boxing

Dribbleup’s world-class app has a selection of engaging exercises to keep you motivated to stick with your fitness routine. And more features are being added, so you can utilize your single, inexpensive subscription to create a full-blown exercise experience without ever leaving your house.

What do we like?

Boxing sessions with DribbleUp boxing gloves, combined with the use of Smart Gloves, are an excellent way to get intensive cardiovascular exercise and a taste of what boxing is all about. You could probably shadowbox your bare hands in front of a YouTube video. Still, there’s something extraordinary about wearing the gloves and seeing your progress in real time that you can’t replicate by simply throwing punches in front of a mirror. This is because wearing gloves allows you to see your improvement more tangibly.

What didn’t we like?

Even while you won’t get regular exercise, you’ll undoubtedly work up a sweat (and maybe some of your favorite extras if you don’t leave yourself enough area to punch), and you’ll feel successful without ever having to fly to a gym. Overall, better and more complete program versions can be found since it uses more modern monitoring technology; however, DribbleUp is cheaper, so if you don’t feel like spending a lot, DribbleUp is a more than viable option.

Reviewed by Expert 

Dribble Up Boxing Gloves- FAQ

Is the quality of the Dribble Up gloves suitable?

These gloves are built to last and are of the highest quality. Like any good pair of boxing gloves, they start stiff and must be broken in. However, your hands will sweat excessively and smell badly with these gloves because they heat up rapidly.

What the Dribble Up app is like, and what kind of lessons are available?

The software is fantastic, with a simple design that makes it simple to join a live session, see your progress over time, or switch between courses whenever you choose. Remarkably, there are so many different types of courses to choose from. There are a plethora of on-demand options, and the app also has regularly scheduled live seminars that are just as entertaining and informative. The program has an extensive library, including classes on punching fundamentals, rapid combinations, core training, and more.

The Dribble Up Gloves are a must-have, but what else should you get to complement them?

A few reviewers have suggested that you purchase an Elite Stand (opens in a new tab). A tiny tripod like this one is essential for those who regularly participate in online lectures but don’t already own one.


Those interested in getting fun and engaging exercise from anywhere will find that Dribble Up’s Smart Boxing Gloves are an excellent investment. Boxing, although one of the oldest sports, has recently significantly influenced the fitness world. The same old workout routine may get tedious, so why not switch things up with Dribble Up Boxing Gloves? These boxing gloves could be the best option for you if you are searching for a pair of gloves that can provide a performance that is on par with the industry standard while remaining very inexpensive.

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