what are bluetooth gloves

What Are Bluetooth Gloves?

Bluetooth gloves are gloves that have a bluetooth device inside the glove, typically in the thumb area. They are typically used for operating your phone when they’re in your pocket or out of reach.

In simple words, bluetooth gloves are generally just “smart” winter gloves that have a technology that connects your fingers. If you text, look up an address, or if it gets chilly out they’re the perfect companion.

There are several styles of bluetooth gloves available now so choosing one could be difficult. Some models connect via bluetooth to your phone to send call acceptations and other texts through the device’s speakers or headphones while others go around either hand-to-fingertip or both hands together. The electrical conductivity in the glove allows for instantaneous feedback when touching touch screens with bare hands–although not necessary since their phone is still within reach.

Many believe that improved touchscreen recognition was made possible because dry skin doesn’t provide.

What are the Best Bluetooth Gloves?

One of the most important things you should consider in bluetooth gloves is their calling feature. The best ones are those that have a conductive thread into the thumb, index, and middle fingers. They allow people with touchscreen devices to use their phone without taking off their gloves! Here are the best buetooth gloves with additional features:

1. HANPURE Bluetooth Gloves

With the new HANPURE Bluetooth Gloves, you can control your phone without having to take off the gloves in any condition. It is made of durable polyester material that fits all shapes and sizes. The gloves include a touch screen design on 3 fingers on each hand, so you’ll be able to scroll, call or type with ease–even while driving or skiing! With 60 hours of standby time or 6-8 hours talk/music playback time so far, these are highly recommended for anyone who uses their phone hands-on often. For an added bonus, there are built in LED lights which will inform you about battery life – even if it’s out of sight. 

Product Features – 

  • 100% Polyester with high quality knit material to fit all sizes and shapes
  • Connect to all other Bluetooth enabled media player devices including smart phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy, laptops, PC
  • Contain a microphone on the panel and a loudspeaker on the thumb
  • Touch screen design on 3 finger tips on each hand
  • You can operate your phone without taking off Bluetooth gloves
  • Touch screen designed speaker 
  • Allows users to text, browse, call or type on touch screen
  • 60 hours standby time or 6 to 8 hours talk/music playback time, also easily recharged by Micro USB
  • Built in LED shows the status of Power On, Pairing Mode and Low Battery
  • Includes On/Off function, Receive calls, end calls
  • Suitable for men and women

2. Bluetooth Gloves with Built In Mic By Life Store

These Bluetooth gloves are perfect for winter. They keep your hands warm and allow you to use your phone without freezing fingers off! The gloves are lightweight and can be worn on either hand, allowing you to type with ease. A single charge lasts 6 – 10 hours, making them great for long days of texting or calling friends. You can use your thumb or index finger to control phone calls, music, and other functions while keeping your hands warm. The range is up to 20 – 33 ft so you don’t have to worry about being too

Product Features: 

  • Built in mic and speaker act like earbud & microphone 
  • Winter phone touchscreen gloves
  • Built-in speaker in the thumb and a mic on wrist
  • Simple one touch activation
  • Pairs very easily to your iphone, ipad, android phone or tablet device
  • 2 hours charging time
  • 6-8 hours hands free talktime
  • 60 hours standby time
  • Safe and clear communication 

How to find the best ones for your needs?

Here are the things that you should consider before buying a pair of bluetooth gloves:

  1. Determine your needs – do you need gloves for warmth, to use a touchscreen device, or both
  1. Consider what you’ll be using the gloves for- are they just for walking or will you also need them to handle cold objects like ice cubes
  1. What material do you want the gloves to be made out of – wool, cotton, acrylic, etc.?
  1. Are you looking for something with a wrist strap or thumb hole (to keep your hands warmer)?
  1. Do you want to buy one pair or two pairs of gloves so that if one gets wet, the other can still function properly and protect your hands from freezing temperatures.
  1. How much money are you willing to spend on these types of gloves (the more expensive ones may last longer)
  1. Is there any color preference when it comes to bluetooth winter gloves (some people prefer black while others might find orange more appealing)?
  1. Consider how often you will be using the gloves and what type of activity they are needed for
  1. Look at any return policies if there is no guarantee on the product to make sure it can be returned if you don’t like it or find out it doesn’t work well with your needs
  1. Compare price points and features that are important to you
  1. Read reviews from other customers who have bought similar products before making your purchase decision 

How to connect bluetooth gloves with Mobile phones?

1. Make sure you’ve turned on bluetooth and your fones’ bluetooth as well as fully charged the two devices.

2. Turn on your glove’s power switch to “ON” or Beeper Mode

3. Put the gloves close to phone so it can register them. 

4. You should see a notification that says “Put On Now”. 

Cue: If they don’t, tap and hold the smaller of the two buttons for 3 seconds then tap Connect now 

5. You’ll do this for each hand/glove then next time will be easier because they’re already paired 

If you want to change from one hand to another without repeating steps, all you have to do is make sure both hands

Benefits of Wearing Bluetooth Gloves

Potential list of benefits of bluetooth gloves include being able to talk on the phone while driving, having an earpiece instead of wires, and better organization through use of gestures to answer calls without looking at the screen – meaning you can keep your attention on where you’re going! The main disadvantages are cost and accuracy. 

If you don’t like the cold at all, you will want to get Bluetooth gloves. Here are some benefits of healthy bluetooth gloves:

  • A pair of bluetooth gloves save your hands from getting too dry and cracking that way
  • less energy since they keep your hands warmer
  • They allow for easy texting without freezing fingers off!
  • The gloves are lightweight and can be worn on either hand
  • They have a range of up to 20 – 33 ft
  • You can use your thumb or index finger to control phone calls, music, and other functions
  • A single charge lasts for 6 – 10 hours 
  • They’re made from 100% wool that’s been lined with cashmere for warmth 

Drawback – 

  • The only downside is they won’t work with touchscreen devices like an iPhone without the help of a stylus pen


Are bluetooth gloves warm?

Yes, bluetooth gloves are warm, but not significantly warmer or colder than regular woolen-style gloves. The average person will find the difference in warmth to be negligible.
One of the best things about Bluetooth technology is that it’s really versatile – you can use it for your cell phone.

Are bluetooth gloves touch screen? 

Bluetooth gloves are touch screen. However, not all touchscreen-capable gloves are bluetooth compatible. Non-bluetooth touchscreen capable gloves work with devices that have a capacitive touchscreen or can be made to via 3rd party device drivers.

Where can you hear sound in bluetooth gloves?

You can hear sound in the built speaker on the index & thumb finger on a call. 

Does the bluetooth gloves vibrate or anything when you get a call?

Bluetooth gloves don’t vibrate. But, text messages and emails can be received with a bluetooth-enabled device or through an earpiece.

Can you listen to music with bluetooth gloves?

No, you can’t listen to music with bluetooth gloves. The only way to listen to music with Bluetooth is to use wireless headphones, but technically then you’re not wearing gloves anymore! There are other ways that you can technically still listen to music while wearing gloves; it will just be noticeably different than having bare hands (i.e. it may sound quiet, duller).