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7 Best MMA Gloves for Training in 2024

MMA fighters are the intended users of open-fingered MMA gloves made exclusively for MMA. In mixed martial arts (MMA), the hands are used for striking the opponent in the face and body; to perform well, you will need the best MMA gloves for training as well as professional fights. Every mixed martial arts practitioner must have a pair of MMA gloves. They cover the knuckles to prevent injury when a player knocks out his opponent with strikes. 

When it comes to choosing the best MMA gloves for training, your decision will depend on a variety of factors, such as how much money you want to spend, how often you plan to train and what size of glove you need. Keeping all these things in our checklist, we’ve compiled a list of best MMA training gloves. Do have a look and get the best pair for your training sessions. 

These hybrid martial arts gloves are of the highest quality since they: 

  • Are constructed from fabric that is both resilient and breathable.
  • Have wrist bands that may be adjusted to keep the gloves on your wrists.
  • Provide exceptional cushioning and absorption of impact.

Best MMA Training Gloves

1. RDX MMA Glove – Runner Up

Half Finger Adjustable Wrist Support MMA Training Gloves

RDX MMA Glove - Runner Up


  • ‎8.6 x 5.6 x 3.4 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: 8-16 Oz
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex


The RDX MMA glove is constructed with a synthetic version of the Maya hide of the highest possible quality, which assures its long-term endurance. You won’t need a replacement pair of gloves for a very long time if you invest in a couple of RDX gloves. It is the perfect MMA glove for sparring and training with heavy bags. The mixed martial arts (MMA) gloves are available in ten distinct colors and may be purchased in one of four different sizes to fit various hand sizes.

 What do we like:

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Dually Stitched for added durability
  • The shape of the open palm guarantees ventilation, which helps to keep the hands dry.

2. Zoobo MMA Glove

Training Glove with Multi-Purpose Hand Protection Design

Zoobo MMA Glove


  • ‎8 x 4.5 x 2 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: 8 Oz
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

If you are searching for boxing gloves that won’t break the bank but won’t sacrifice quality, consider giving Zoobo MMA gloves a try. They are comprised of a material that allows air to pass through and provides good protection for the hands. The wristband has a Velcro strap, which allows for a snug fit and gives excellent support to the wrist.

 What do we like:

  • It provides three layers of padding for maximum comfort
  • When grappling, the glove’s exposed thumb gives additional combatant control.
  • These punching bag gloves are made with an ergonomically-improved pre-curve design.

 What we don’t like:

  • Not Washable

3. Liberlupus MMA Glove

Efficient Shock Absorption Training Gloves

Liberlupus MMA Glove


  • ‎10.04 x 5.94 x 3.35 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather, Polyurethane
  • Size: 8 Oz
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

The Liberlupus is a featherweight mixed martial arts glove designed to suit everyone. Both male and female boxers can utilize the glove for heavy bag work and for sparring with their opponents. The MMA gloves are constructed out of synthetic leather to increase their longevity and make them simpler to clean. It features a cushioning of 10 millimeters, which provides great capabilities for absorbing shock. The crisscross pattern on the back provides enough ventilation to prevent sweat on the hands.

 What do we like:

  • It has a natural curvature that makes grappling technique practice easier.
  • When practicing martial arts, boxing, or engaging in other activities in a sparring ring, the thick 10 mm EVA fist cushioning is essential for effective shock absorption.
  • In addition to enhancing the grip and providing greater hold while grappling, the design’s cutting line entirely fits the palm of the hand. 

What we don’t like:

  • Not perfect to be used against heavy bags.

4. Brace Master MMA Glove

Training Gloves with Breathable Mesh and Thumb Protection

Brace Master MMA Glove


  • 12.01 x 5.75 x 3.62 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: 60 Oz
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

While the combatant is working on their technique, the Brace Master MMA glove has enough padding to protect the fighter’s knuckles from injury. Because of the usage of high-quality leather, it can withstand extended usage without becoming brittle or peeling. It is designed with open palms to improve ventilation and incorporates foam cushioning inside to provide good shock protection to the combatant.

 What do we like:

  • Proper fist closing and keeping concentration safeguard your fingers & knuckles. 
  • The extended quick-hook & locking wrist straps concentrate on giving the greatest amount of safety for you and your wrist.
  • Strong and long-lasting, simple to maintain.

 What we don’t like:

  • Continuous washing will affect the padding of glove

5. Everlast Pro Style MMA Glove

Training Gloves with EverDri Technology

Everlast Pro Style MMA Glove


  • 10.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: 60 Oz
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

Are you sick of your MMA gloves smelling unpleasant after a few rounds of sparring? The EverDri technology developed by Everlast Pro prevents the glove from absorbing any moisture that may be present. Following each game of MMA will avoid any unpleasant odors from lingering on your hands and keep them smelling clean. Synthetic leather, known for its great durability and superior feel, was used in constructing the MMA glove. In addition, it includes a lengthy wrist strap that provides additional support for your wrist against impact and a tight fastening. 

 What do we like:

  • Long-lasting durability and utility are provided by premium synthetic leather and outstanding glove construction. 
  • The complete wrist wrap strap offers improved wrist support and a more customizable fit.
  • EverDri Technology is a moisture-absorbing liner that keeps your hands dry and increases the longevity of your gear.

 What we don’t like:

  • Sizes may run big

6. UFC MMA Glove

Open Finger Design Training Glove



  • ‎7.87 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: Small – Large
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

The UFC is an ultra-lightweight mixed martial arts (MMA) glove designed with durability. Its pre-curved fingers and breathable design make it easier for the fighter to grapple, and the soft foam padding over the knuckle region provides the necessary protection for your hands during a hard training session. The shape of the fingers, which are open, helps to promote airflow, which helps to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

 What do we like:

  • Knuckles are covered with pre-curved, anatomically accurate impact-dispersing soft foam to provide protection during rigorous training sessions.
  • Open-finger construction and flexible, supple synthetic leather let you maintain control and freedom of motion.
  • The wrist is supported with an adjustable, reliable wrap-around hook and loop clasp.

 What we don’t like:

  • Material not of the Highest Quality

7. Venum MMA Glove

Training Glove with Double Closure System

Venum MMA Glove


  • 8 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: Small
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

The Venum MMA glove is a high-quality glove designed to provide the wearer with possible comfort. The design has many layers, each working together to cushion the impact of usage on the knuckles. It has high-density foam cushioning and a structure of PU leather, making it an ideal glove for both practice sessions and competitive matches at the professional level. It boasts a two fold closure mechanism, providing improved wrist support and a secure fit.

 What do we like:

  • Each finger and thumb aperture is strengthened, absorbing every bit of stress for each hit you make. 
  • The double-closure mechanism ensures outstanding comfort and support.
  • These MMA gloves provide you with a broad spectrum of protection thanks to the high-density foam.

What we don’t like:

  • Inner padding can chafe knuckles

What Are the Best MMA Training Gloves?

The need of a glove that is suited to the particularities of mixed martial arts was the driving force behind the creation of MMA gloves. In mixed martial arts (MMA), the hands are used for more than just striking the opponent in the face and body; nevertheless, in order to become proficient in this ability, you will need the appropriate equipment. Every practitioner of mixed martial arts has to have a pair of RDX MMA gloves which are the best and most loved by MMA Fighters. They cover the knuckles to prevent injury when the boxer is knocking out his opponent with strikes.

Can You Train With MMA Gloves?

You can absolutely use MMA Gloves for training purposes. When you hit a heavy bag with MMA gloves on, you are forced to employ the correct technique, just as when you pound a heavy bag with bare knuckles. Be careful to maintain a decent form at all times. If you are preparing for mixed martial arts (MMA), you should absolutely wear MMA gloves on a heavy bag from time to time. This will teach you how to punch effectively with MMA gloves, which is something you won’t learn if you just punch without MMA gloves.

Difference Between Boxing and MMA Gloves

The gloves used in MMA and boxing are made for fighting. However, each combat sport has its own unique characteristics. Two categories—design and padding—will be used to demonstrate how the two gloves vary from one another.


Full gloves that completely enclose the palms and fingers are known as boxing gloves. However, since MMA incorporates grappling, MMA gloves do not completely enclose the fighter’s hands and fingers. To grapple opponents, an MMA fighter has to have their fingers exposed.


Compared to MMA gloves, boxing gloves have greater padding. Boxing gloves have more padding since just punching is used in boxing, as opposed to kicking, punching, and grappling in mixed martial arts.

How Much Does an MMA Training Glove Cost?

Prices for MMA gloves may vary anywhere from $15 to as much as $250 per pair. The product’s longevity and overall efficacy directly correlate to its cost. It is unrealistic to expect low-end gloves, which sell for $15, to have the same level of durability as high-end gloves, which sell for $200. MMA gloves range from $50 to $150, allowing buyers to strike a balance between affordability and long-term use.


Are loose MMA Gloves acceptable?

MMA gloves must fit snugly. It’s important to use a safeguard so that the gloves aren’t excessively tight. Wearing gloves that are excessively snug might restrict blood flow to the hands and wrists. They ought to be snug but not too loose to prevent slipping. As a result, finding a happy medium is highly recommended.

What gloves do MMA fighters wear while training?

MMA fighters use Everlast Pro Style MMA Glove to improve their grappling flexibility and provide some protection for their hands. When a mixed martial arts fighter throws forceful blows at their opponent, the combatant’s fists and wrists are protected by the gloves. In mixed martial arts battles, the usage of gloves helps to reduce the severity of any injuries that may be sustained by either combatant.

Is it better to practice MMA with boxing gloves?

You should get a quality pair of boxing gloves if your training routine includes throwing punches, particularly if you hit heavy bags. They will assist in preventing injuries to your wrists as well as the delicate bones in your hands.

Can you spar with MMA gloves?

You should only spar with someone you know well while training with MMA gloves. In addition to the fact that novices now wear hard, light gloves, this fact greatly increases the likelihood that they may inflict unnecessary harm upon you while throwing their first punches.

Why are MMA gloves fingerless?

MMA gloves typically include 4-6 oz of padding and are intended to protect the wearer while yet allowing the fingers to be used for grappling techniques like clinch combat and submissions. Hence, to protect your knuckles and fingers they are fingerless. 


When looking for a good pair of mixed martial arts (MMA) gloves for training, the first thing you should prioritize is comfort. The snugness of the gloves should be a priority when it comes to comfort. When MMA fighter wears gloves that are too large for their hands, it makes them clumsier, increases the likelihood that they will be injured, and lessens the impact of their punches.

Genuine leather or synthetic leather is often used in the construction of MMA gloves. Natural leather is, by far and away, the most desirable material, but it comes at a somewhat higher price. On the other hand, synthetic leather is not only much more affordable but also quite close in appearance to real leather.

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