society 9 boxing gloves review

Society 9 Boxing Gloves Review

The modern-day femme boxing brand launched with insightful ideas empowering women to actively participate in boxing and martial arts is Society 9. Their mission is to make superior quality products, including boxing gloves, to lift the spirits of women more than making big profits. That is why the gloves are so popular because it is something specially designed considering women. 

This helped them to participate even in the fiercest fights in the ring. Especially when the larger brands excluded the femme design to pink grade, Society 9 gloves came as an alternative 8 years before with the noble initiative of Lynn le. Her brand came up with more powerful gloves to unlock the fullest potential in modern women. 

The traditional hand wraps in the design were aimed at giving better wrist protection, unlike the quick wraps of the modern kind. This is not a gel wrap, and hence some critics underrate the design as well.  Go through our detailed Society 9 boxing gloves review and buy a perfect pair for you.  

About Brand

Launched in 2016, Lynn le’s team, Society 9, strongly believed that women always deserved a home brand in the martial arts and fitness industry. When larger brands did not do enough at that time for women to feel that they mattered in the boxing world, society 9 came up with high-quality products that gave women supreme confidence to fight with comfort, safety, and spirit. 

Google earlier awarded this Society 9 brand to be one of the heroes of small businesses. 9 products in their lineup, and nothing could be underrated by anyone who tried these products. It is purely because of the quality consciousness of the small business brand.

Yes, you can see the overwhelmingly positive reviews from the users of the society 9 boxing gloves across the web. It is just because they appreciate the wonderful comfort and secure feel while wearing these branded products. If not, it is not easy to stand tall among the other supreme players who are established in the boxing world for making classy gloves. 

About Society 9 Boxing Gloves

Women like Society 9 above many other alternatives because of how well it fits them. The 14-ounce Society 9 gloves suit women with small wrists perfectly. Excellent customer service is provided, and emails with questions are promptly answered. Ask them what size would be appropriate for your wrists so you may get the snug fit you’ve always desired. It is much preferable to use these gloves while wiggling your wrists with micro tolerance than to use gloves with more clearance.

The main additional factors for this excellent fit are the piping and the cushion. Superior leather is used. This would be perfect if you practice more intensely during the weekdays and perform a lot of mitt and bag work. However, the Society 9 gloves do not deteriorate quickly.

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1. Gloves Quality

These gloves are made up of high-quality leather that is not heavier. Hence you feel lighter when you are sparring. The foam construction in these society 9 gloves gives you the best structural support from within. There is no compromise on the performance as the design facilitates you to do only better with the best structural support. 

Velcro stays put without affecting your moves in any way during even intensive training. The brand logo is embossed on the gloves, and the colors are attractive. The mesh palm side of the gloves gives you adequate ventilation, and as a result, the gloves are maintained drier. Overall, the fit is not deeper but narrow and hence different from the traditional women’s gloves. Your hands don’t float because of this closer fit when you strike. 

2. Strap

The Velcro cushion is compressive and secure. It means if the compression of the bones and tissues is optimal, then your punches get more force when you strike. Similarly, at the same time, you are protecting the tendons and muscles that are fragile around the hand wrists while securing with the thicker wrist Velcro.

3. Gloves Padding

The padding is thicker enough to protect your knuckles, but at the same time, there is this solid flat knuckle punch area that permits you to dominate with aggression. As the cushion is denser, you can punch it harder to make the impact nastier. Compared to some of the Mexican super soft padding for women, this is a wiser option for the well-trained pros while they participate in action-filled sports. 

4. Design of the Gloves

This fantastic design from Society 9 with uniformly distributed padding inside makes sure that your wrist won’t flex when you’re throwing hooks. This design must be a trade secret of their glove series as the owner of Society 9, Lynn, is a top boxer who is familiar with the tricks and secrets of a supported fly. However, this will only feel better for medium punchers; if you are a very powerful puncher, you will experience some discomfort. However, while you are moving quickly, there is less room for the wrist to wriggle, which results in better support at the same time.

5. Durability of the Gloves

These gloves are made up of high-quality leather, ensuring durability. If you clean well after use and maintain it properly, you don’t have to worry about permeable microorganisms. These gloves don’t deteriorate with time. 

6. Performance  

The awesome performance with the secured wrist protection, structural support, and compressed Velcro is incomparable. That is the reason why these gloves are most preferred for those aggressive women fighters.  

What do we like?

There is a whole lot of innovation in the design. Aim – The confidence in the women is boosted while they have been given the due attention that they ever deserve. The design is exclusively done to fit the bill for women compared to many other larger brands. 

What didn’t we like?

If you don’t wrap around, then this is not your ideal style. The recent fits from the company are designed to suit those who wrap. 

If the pressure exerted is more by a heavy-weight aggressive puncher, then comparatively softer padding might be a limitation to cause mild discomfort. However, there are only a very few women who rarely go that aggressively to be heavy punchers equaling men in the ring. 

Reviewed by Expert 

Society 9 Boxing Gloves – Size Chart    

society 9 boxing gloves size chart

Society 9 Boxing Gloves – FAQs 

Are Society 9 Boxing Gloves Good?

This is one of the best gloves in the market from 3 important considerations. Firstly, the powerful impacts are possible because of the compression created around the wrists by the strap. Secondly, the structural support is superb. Thirdly the leather quality is premium, ensuring durability.  

Are Society 9 Boxing Gloves Good for Muay Thai?

With more women fighters coming in muay Thai today, you can also tone your arms and legs to get leaner practicing this style. There are the best gloves for you in that way. Some feel that it is not good for muay Thai because that is an aggressive fight with slightly different terms and conditions. It is unsafe to attend those big tournaments while wearing softer gear. 

What Size of Society 9 Boxing Gloves Should You Buy?

Women with tiny wrists can find the 12oz or the 14oz ones to be the best fit. Still, the additional 21 oz is not going to wear you out soon as the weight is lighter. The size is something that you need to choose carefully based on the size chart or by chatting with the support staff. 


Society 9 boxing gloves are the best boxing gloves for women. The effort itself needs laurels and encouragement. Even better is the uncompromising quality standards. Superior quality, well-thought-out design, and sincere making help you perform to your fullest potential for a powerful impact. 

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