how to spot fake twins boxing gloves

How to Spot Fake Twins Boxing Gloves?

If you are looking for comfortable and durable boxing gloves, you must have considered buying the Twins Special boxing gloves. Twins boxing gloves are trendy amongst boxers. The Thai sports equipment company exports Twins boxing gloves to multiple countries. These boxing gloves are also licensed for competitions organized by organizations like World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, and World Boxing Organisation. Hence, you can trust them to be the gold standard amongst boxing gloves. 

 As being popular boxing gloves, the market is flooded with copies of fake Twins Special boxing gloves. Hence it’s always recommended to look for below mentioned points to avoid getting scammed by counterfeit sellers online and spot fake twin boxing gloves. Read further to distinguish between the authentic product and the fake copy. 

How do you know if your twins’ boxing gloves are real?

While physically examining the glove is the optimum procedure for avoiding fraud, it is not a feasible option while ordering your gloves online. Despite this, you can keep a few points in mind while choosing the deal. 

You can identify fake pairs by comparing the listed item’s photograph to a photograph from the official website. Shape, the position of the logo, stitch pattern, and placement of the wrist band can reveal a lot about the authenticity of the gloves. In addition, Twins have tweaked and changed their designs over the years, so look out for those too! 

Following are four points that can help you distinguish a pair of fake Twins Special boxing gloves from a genuine one:

1. Twins Special Patch Logo

Twins Special Patch Logo

The current Twins Special Patch Logo contains the company’s name (Twins) underlined in red. The capitalized, bold letters are filled in with white and bordered by a thin black line and red outline. Below this is the word “SPECIAL” in white. You can see a thin red line between the two words, and the logo also features three red stars with no outline on each side of SPECIAL. 

A lot of fake gloves may have slightly varying logos. Any variation in the original design means that the product is a pair of fake Twins Special boxing gloves. However, remember that if you are viewing a product manufactured before the current logo was in circulation, there might be slight changes as it will be the old logo. 

2. Genuine Leather Stamp 

Genuine Leather Stamp 

This stamp is a quality control measure seen in Twins Special products. The first line on the stamp features a star near the edge with the words “Hand Made” between them. After this, the second line says “First Quality” followed by a thin white line. 

Below this is the Twins logo and an outline of Thailand, followed by another white line. The final two lines say “Genuine Leather” and “Thailand” respectively. The last line also features a white star on either side of “Thailand”.

3. Size Stamp for Boxing Gloves 

Size Stamp for Boxing Gloves 

Genuine Twins Special boxing gloves feature the size stamp on the wrist strap. The number is printed in bold, large letters, while the “oz.” is written in a black circle. It is valid for their BGLV3 and Fancy Style Gloves. 

Note that the size is shown on an embossed surface for the BGLV6 design of boxing gloves by Twins Special. This embossing is found on the wrist of the glove.

4. Twins Special Products Tag 

Twins Special Products Tag 

The Twins Special use a black fabric tag on all of their equipment. One side of the tag features the Twins logo while the other says “Made in Thailand”. The “Made in Thailand” is immediately followed by the words “Composition Leather” on the fancy gloves and “Genuine Leather” on all the other boxing gloves. 

If you keep these points in mind when buying, you can avoid fraudulent and fake Twins Special boxing gloves. Also, note that if an online seller has listed the gloves at a highly discounted price, or there are not many pictures of the gloves, the deal is probably a fraud. Prefer buying your equipment from an authorized reseller only. 

Are Twins boxing gloves good?

Twins boxing gloves follow high standards and provide excellent quality. They are exceptionally comfortable and provide ideal protection for sparring and pad work. As mentioned, Twins is also the licensed company for gloves for competitions organized by four major boxing organizations. 

They have a great design and are great for both beginners and professional boxers. Especially if you want them for sparring and tournaments. However, it may be better to look into other options if you wish to practice majorly with heavy bags

Where are Twins boxing gloves made?

All of the Twins products are authentically made in Thailand. The boxing gloves are also produced in Thailand, the land of Muay Thai, and are available at all their outlets in Bangkok. The fighters of Thailand also test their gloves before being mass produced.

How long do Twins boxing gloves last?

In general, Muay Thai gloves, including Twins boxing gloves, do not have a fixed life span. On average, they may last for 1-2 years, but you should change your gloves as soon as you see signs of wear and tear. Fighters who train intensively or regularly may have to replace their gloves much quicker than people who casually train with the gloves. 

Which is better, Twins or Fairtex?

Twins boxing gloves have better padding and protection than Fairtex gloves. They are also slightly bulkier due to the extra cushioning. They are also quite spacious and feature a grip bar on the inside, unlike Fairtex. If you are a beginner, Twins boxing gloves may be the best choice for you. 

Which twins boxing gloves should you buy? 

Twins Special provides quite a few options for boxing gloves. Two of their best products you can easily procure are the Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVL-3 and Twins Air Flow Breathable Boxing Sparring Gloves. 

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVL-3

You can use these multi-purpose gloves for Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing. The optimum padding makes it appropriate for sparring and hitting heavy bags! It also features a firm three-quarter-inch grip bar for better grip and fist formation. It may take some time to break into these gloves, though the form is not compromised even when the glove is first used. 

Twins air flow breathable boxing sparring gloves

Twins Boxing Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves

These gloves are best used for sparring. As the name suggests, this glove has a mesh panel and perforated holes near the thumbs. This helps to maintain ventilation during training. It also has a thick, sturdy grip bar to form powerful punches. Well-distributed padding additionally helps absorb shits well. 

Final Thoughts 

Twins Special is a premium sports equipment brand that produces quality equipment for Muay Thai and boxing. These are the top choice gloves in world tournaments and are also highly beneficial for beginners looking to start their training. However, the market is also aflood with fake Twins Special boxing gloves, and one must be aware of the fraudulent copies. 

It is not difficult to distinguish a genuine pair from a fake one, provided you know the vital key points. The logo design, size stamp, and fabric tag are essential details that can help you identify a genuine product by Twins Special.

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