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10 Best Lace Up Boxing Gloves in 2024

When wearing lace up boxing gloves, the fighter’s wrist gets streamlined and less unwieldy than other varieties. Lace up boxing gloves are chosen by certain professional boxers due to their padded and fastened wrists and extended cuff to fit the arm. Because you’re wearing lace-up gloves, you don’t have to worry about your Velcro scratching. 

So, understand which contour, stitches, material, and sizes would be the best fit for your needs. To make it easier, we have analyzed the pros and cons of multiple brands lace up boxing gloves available in the market and presented you reviews with useful facts. Based on our reviews, you can make informed decisions to choose your best lace up boxing gloves. 

10 Best Lace Up Boxing Gloves in 2024

1. Cleto Reyes

Highly rated form-fitting gloves that are ideal for power-packed punches 

cleto reyes


  • Size- 12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions- ‏ 17.79 x 16.49 x 35.61cm; 769 Grams
  • Material- Leather
  • Manufacturer‏- Ringside Inc.
  • Weight- 771 g
  • Model- RETR BLACK12OZ
  • Glove Type- Training
  • Date First Available – ‏ 26 October 2016

The sleek lace-up model from Ringside, in the famous name Cleto Reyes, is an exemplary gloves option for pro fighters. Curved knuckles, form-fitting, and durable head leather improve the gloves’ functionality and sleek design. The pre-worked leather material used in making the gloves gives the toughness and strength for the glove to resist wear and tear for a long time. Perfectly breathable construction allows sweat to wick away faster and largely prevents odor or microbial infestation in the gloves. Lining in the gloves gives you the cooling effect to add comfort even while you wear them for longer sessions. If you are looking at top-notch standards, these are the best lace-up boxing gloves for you

What we do like: 

  • Best bang for your buck with exceptional durability
  • Anyone in the beginning stage or at the pro level shall use the glove comfortably
  • Very well made with top-notch standards, it can be broken quicker
  • Amazing fit

What we do not like:

  • A bit expensive for a beginner to buy these

2. Ringside IMF Tech

The only gloves that exude performance while cutting costs for you – IMF

Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves


  • Manufacturer- Ringside Inc.
  • Sport- Boxing 
  • Item Weight- 816 grams
  • Dimensions- 40.66 x 17.78 x 12.67 Centimeters
  • Manufacturer- Ringside Inc.
  • Material Type- Faux Leather

These are ideal gloves for high-calorie burning sessions during winter. Whether you are doing intense training or fighting fiercely, these Ringside IMF gloves are something extraordinary with their best performance guarantee. Yes, the injection molded foam is the best part of these lace up boxing gloves. 

As it secures seamlessly across your knuckles, it would be the perfect option for bag work and sparring. Martial arts training sessions and Muay Thai workouts are easy to perform with these gloves. Leather striking surface enhances the durability of the glove at the same easier to clean and maintain for years. 

What we do like:

  • You can use the ideal sizes, like the 16 ounces and the 14 ounces, with total confidence for speed bags, punching mitts, and sparring 
  • There are varieties in different styles, colors, and models from the same brand
  • Knuckles pads are excellent
  • The gloves construction doesn’t fall apart so easily
  • Shell protection is great
  • 2.5 inches thickness in the padding disburses shock effectively 

What we do not like: 

  • Superficial tears are possible with time if not cleaned properly 
  • Some users find it to be a bit loser while wearing without wrist or hand wraps

3. Everlast Boxing Gloves – Lace

The choice of the champions would ever be Everlast Lace-up

Everlast Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves (Laced)


  • Closure Type- Lace Up
  • Item Weight- 680 g
  • Brand- ‎Everlast
  • Color- ‎Red
  • Sport- Boxing

If you want gloves for speed, comfort and protection, then you get it all from Everlast lace up. These gloves from Everlast are also called  hard hitters. They are  one of the most impressive hybrid training models in the lace up boxing gloves type. Ergonomically constructed design is the major advantage to protect your wrists and hands effectively. Power lock technology makes it a superior choice for the pro fighters who use these for fierce battles.

What we do like:

  • Power lock technology boosts performance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy in design
  • Protect hands from injury
  • Customer services are exceptional from the brand as it is the world leader in fitness equipment and boxing gear 

What we do not like:

  • Needs more airflow around the palm

4. Hayabusa

Pillow padding with traditional design in the Hayabusa Pro Leather gloves

hayabusa lace up boxing gloves


  • Suggested Users – Unisex-adult
  • Style – Traditional
  • Sport Type – Boxing
  • Size – 16 oz
  • Outer Material – Leather
  • Material – Leather
  • Manufacturer – Hayabusa
  • Item Weight – 16 Ounces
  • Dimensions – L x W x H-16.79 x 9.26 x 5.9 inches
  • Hand Orientation – Both
  • Glove Type – Training
  • Color – Black
  • Closure Type – Lace Up
  • Brand Name – Hayabusa

Unlike most of the other glove models from the Hayabusa brand, these gloves are not made out of Vylar but are even better-grade leather material to suit the pro requirements. Traditional looks and standards brought back by the brand are an appealing move for conventional pro fighters. Gloves don’t soak up wet that easily because of the nylon material lining. The user doesn’t feel the dampness even wearing it for long hours. Competition-level design standards and quality assurance is the highlight of this new variant from the brand. Matte black leather is used around the majority of the knuckle area, and the palm. The thumb part is shiny though. The difference gives a distinct appeal.

What we do like:

  • Soft padding to not to bruise the opponent
  • Clean design
  • Pro leather material used for durability
  • Well rounded gloves
  • Added breathability

What we do not like:

  • Color options are not too many
  • Ridges are not there to provide a secure grip

5. Venum

Stabilized custom-fit Venum elite boxing gloves for sparring

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves with Laces


  • Weight – 397 Grams
  • Style- All-season
  • Size- 14-Ounce
  • Shape- Round
  • Manufacturer- Venum
  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Color- Neon Orange

Venum gloves have long laces for a custom fit. The user feels better stability using these fit and tight lace up gloves from Venum. Thermal regulation is made easier with the mesh provided underneath the fist. The purpose of the mesh panel is to allow enough air circulation and wick off sweat. Moisture is absorbed quickly to prevent slip and hit chances during training. The thumb part in the design remains fully attached to protect the user from injuries. Forget the price; look at the quality and buy these lace up boxing gloves. 

What we do like:

  • More comfort and stability while wearing it
  • Thermal regulation made easier with the mesh panel
  • Better protection from injuries as the thumb part is designed with novelty
  • Good for sparring and also bag work
  • Novices in the boxing field and the pros can both use this excellent product from Venum 

What we do not like:

  • Expensive compared to many other Asian glove designs of the lace up type. 

6. LG2 MTG

The real combat gloves with reliable and safe padding



  • Items weight- 10 ounces, 12 ounces, 14 ounces, and 16oz
  • Material- Thailand genuine leather
  • Brand- MTG Pro
  • Country – UK
  • Colors- Available in 3 colors, red, black and white
  • Size – Comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes
  • Logo – MTG Pro

International Muay Thai Federation-approved gloves of this kind are made to high-quality standards. The artistic craftsmanship of the Thailand technicians is evident in the making of these superior leather gloves that are known for their pro stitching and durability. This is one of the real fighter gloves that give you the confidence to knock down the opponent in one strike. Shock disburses evenly because of the triple-layer padding, providing you with the best comfort while combating aggression. Ordering earlier, you can get the right colors of your choice from brand

What we do like:

  • The material is handcrafted to precision standards in Thailand
  • The attached thumb helps you to get the best protection and support 
  • Simple and Traditional design
  • Durable as it is made out of high-grade leather

What we do not like:

  • Expensive in the market 
  • Sweat doesn’t wick away quicker 

7. Yokkao 

For your peak performance while sparring, you will need Yokkao ever



  • Size- 16
  • Manufacturer-  Thailand
  • Color- White, Red
  • Brand- Yokkao
  • Item Weight- 975 g
  • Closure Type- Lace Up
  • Material- Leather
  • Glove Type- Sparring

The gloves are made out of cowhide leather of high-quality standards. There is multi-layered foam padding to protect your hands during impact. Lace up closure gives you a tight fit. Double stitches ensure the best reinforcement. The pop-art design in the gloves adds to the appeal. Lace up boxing gloves like these for a reasonable price must not be missed. 

What we do like:

  • 100% handmade item from Thailand and hence reliable
  • Padding gives super protection
  • Double stitches ensure durability from wear and tear
  • Embodies the Japanese samurai spirit
  • Shock resistance is at its best because of the triple-density foam material used

What we do not like:

  • Comparatively expensive product in the combat equipment market
  • Available as a limited edition most of the time

8. LEW 

Training boxing gloves for a secure fit

lew boxing gloves


  • Country- India
  • Weight- 1 kg
  • Closure type- Hook and Loop
  • Sport- Competition, Boxing and Fitness Training
  • Material- Leather
  • Brand- New pro style
  • Color- Red 

The best part about lew lace up gloves, is that they are ultra strong but still light in weight at the same time. It is just because of the way they are constructed out of high-quality leather. The inner padding is handcrafted to perfection, and that is the highlight of the gloves for its super performance guarantee. Wrist closures are well-contoured, and the wrists are secured too. These come in red color and are available in all sizes to suit your requirements precisely. 

What we do like:

  • Suitable protection for combat sports
  • Synthetic leather boosts appeal
  • Padding dampens the shock and reduces impact while fighting 
  • Fracture proof for repetitive punches 

What we do not like:

  • Takes time to break in
  • Sweat, and odor issues are experienced in some cases

9. USI

Synthetic leather gloves for punching training



  • Material- Leather
  • Closure Type- Lace Up
  • Glove Type- Competition
  • Size- 8 ounces
  • Weight- 400 g
  • Color- Black and Red

USI Universal is a renowned brand for making premium quality boxing gear, and this model of the lace-up style is something special for its extraordinary features. Top grains used to make the hide leather add to the gloves’ real value for enhancing the product’s durability as a whole. The high density of the padding is an advantage in reducing the impact of the blow, but at the same time, the appeal is excellent from the outside as it is a handcrafted design. The looks are great in all the colors as they use the Soft Satin Lining to look inspiring. 

What we do like:

  • Highly durable because of the hide leather used 
  • Punch power is more 
  • Handcrafted design
  • Lighter in weight for the user to have better freedom and full control while training

What we do not like:

  • It takes time to break in and enjoy that free moment

10. Prospero

An affordable, reliable, and safe-to-use fitness training and boxing gloves



  • Item Weight- 400 g
  • Sport- Boxing
  • Size- 10oz
  • Outer Material- Cotton
  • Material Type- Faux Leather
  • Dimensions- 29.12 x 11.12 x 8.12 Centimeters
  • Hand Orientation- Ambidextrous
  • Glove Type- Training
  • Generic Name- Boxing Gloves
  • Country of Origin- India
  • Color- Red, Blue, Black and Mixed Colors Are Available
  • Closure Type- Lace Up
  • Brand- PROSPERO

This is a conventional model of boxing gloves good for fitness training and boxing. The design is user-friendly and functional enough for you to use it for long practice sessions. The padding design is quite innovative and aimed at giving the user the best benefits of shock resistance. Even foaming all over is another advantage to giving you complete protection and the best wrist support at the same time. You can develop a proper punching technique while you get used to wearing this conventional design that permits free movements. Ergo grip technology makes it easily the best to wear for fighters. 

What we do like:

  • Leather construction is tough using the Tuff-Tex 
  • Ergonomically construction gives the boxer the best grip
  • Economical option for training
  • Best padding design providing the best protection 

What we do not like: 

  • Can be ideal for those who are beginning to learn but not for the fierce fighters 

What to Look for in Best Lace-up Boxing Gloves in 2024?

Lower arm fit, bolstered wrists, and custom hand fit are the major benefits for the boxer who wears lace up boxing gloves. However, you can be assured of all these benefits in all the glove models of these types from all the brands in the market. In fact, the lace-up models belong to the yesteryears, according to a few amateurs, but there are still so many loyal fans of the lace-up models. There are some pro fighters on the fans list for sure. Yes, they love these lace up models and use the latest Velcro models for their advantages too, but according to the situational needs, though. So, how do they select the lace up boxing gloves when there is a need to combat a fierce battle? Here are a few essentials to consider. 

1. Design and finish

The smooth feel of the lace up models is just because of the perfect design of the lace up gloves and the professional stitches that hold them together. If there is a flaw in this section of the gloves, then it will not fit your expectations. So, take a close look at the finish and then decide the right option. Only a few good options are in the market today when selecting the best lace up boxing gloves in 2024. 

2. Breathable mesh

If there is sufficient airflow around the palm region, it is just because of the breathable mesh incorporated in the design of the lace up gloves. See that you are finding this feature in your lace up gloves if you are using them to practice during summer in particular. You can easily avoid sticky hands when the sweat is wicked away when there is a sophisticated mesh design. 

3. Longer cuff

The longer the cuff is, the better it fits your arm. So, see to it that the material you have selected is ideal to avoid discomfort while covering a larger area. The inner side of the material should be smooth in texture when there is a longer cuff. Only a few top brands take this into account while selecting their materials. 

4. Size 

Measure the hand circumference and the circumference around your palm region to suit the right size of the gloves. Regardless of the small, medium, or large sizes you choose, this factor must be compatible with your requirement. Sometimes, your hand and wrist size may not precisely match most of the standard sizes of the top brands. So, measure your circumference and match it to know how well it fits in to ensure better comfort. 

5. Weight

The lighter the gloves’ weight, the freer feel you can enjoy while boxing. At the same time, we cannot compromise on the padding size, thickness, or durability just because it is lighter. A few designs strike a perfect balance to satisfy the buyers’ expectations. That is why we have presented you with the top ten options in the list above. Pick your best. 

Best Lace Up Boxing Gloves – FAQs

Why should I choose lace up gloves when I have to get help tying it?

Yes, you have to rely on others to tie the laces if you want them to be really tight and fit. However, you can still tie it on your own once you get used to it. If you want to adjust a boxing glove however you want to wear it at that moment as needed, then this lace up style is the only option to meet your demand on the spot. That is why pros don’t mind spending a bit more money to find these power punchers.

When velcros can scratch the opponent, why are Velcro models comparatively more?

Even the lace end can injure the opponent while fighting if the boxer doesn’t tie the laces properly. Since the 70s, the shift from the lace up models to the velcros gradually began. Lace up models represent traditional design, whereas Velcros are the most sought-after models in boxing gloves in the past few decades. It is predominantly the buyers’ will to reduce the time of lacing up. Sometimes, the fighters don’t mind that time for the advantage that they gain. 

Why are lace up boxing gloves expensive in the US?

There are so many lace up models that are relatively lower in price too. The high-quality Velcro design is costlier to make compared to the lace up models. However, the brands decide their price based on their demand and consumer base. So, it largely depends on what branded gloves of the lace up model you choose from these parts of the world. That determines the price factor as well as the quality standards too. 

Final thoughts

As we stated in the order above, the greatest option of all that our experts recommend you buy, regardless of your skill level in the sport, is the Cleto Reyes. Ring Side offers a long array of excellent items, but this one is clearly at the top of the list. The ratings and reviews would plainly show the same thing. Second, if you don’t have a big head start and want to save money on the best lace up boxing gloves, then the USI is an attractive option.

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