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4 Best Mexican Boxing Gloves {2024 Reviewed & Updated}

There’s a new-age way of looking at boxing gloves and that is via Mexican Boxing Gloves! Mexican gloves are typically considered a subclass of professional boxing gloves. The fundamental contrast that separates them is the padding which is ideally relatively smaller. Even in the old times, Mexican gloves were an exception! Not only do they look good, but they also feel good. The craftsmanship and design of the Mexican Boxing gloves have gotten people talking. They’re comfortable, and they look classic! 

Now, before going ahead and buying a pair of boxing gloves in order to protect your hand from injuries, you should go through some reviews and then make the call. Once you begin searching, you will find several different types of gloves, but the primary thing that you should focus on is the fit. The fit also depends on the purpose of you getting a pair of gloves. If you begin reading online, you will find that many people have excellent feedback about the fit of Mexican Boxing gloves, so you can be sure that you’re getting a good product. To make it easier for you, we’ve reviewed the best Mexican boxing gloves in this article. Let’s get started.

Best Mexican Boxing Gloves

1. Ringside Limited Edition Mexico IMF Tech Boxing

These Mexican boxing gloves have super cushioned knuckles that will keep your punches in place, and the last thing you want is for your hands to start hurting after a fight. Plus, these gloves are perfect for sparring – they last very well and are comfortable for people of all sizes.

What we like? 

  • Built in sleeve to cover the Velcro to avoid cuts
  • Knuckles are super cushioned
  • Keep joints in a stable position for hard strikes
  • Perfect for kickboxing
  • Last very well
  • Comfortable for sparring 
  • Good quality

What we don’t like?

  • Very tight to get on especially with my hand wraps on
  • Hard to put on

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2. Boxeo Mexican Boxing Gloves

boxeo mexican boxing gloves

Boxeo Boxing Gloves are the perfect equipment to improve your boxing skills. Made in Mexico 89 and 86 comfort, these gloves are square Mexican gloves with a knuckle area that is very flat and square. They also come with latex padding for a more comfortable fit, and have thumb attachment in leather for easy control. Plus, the grip bar allows good fist when hands are wrapped around the gloves. Best of all, they are much more comfortable than traditional boxing gloves

What we like? 

  • Made in mexico 89 and 86 comfort
  • These boxing gloves are square Mexican gloves
  • Knuckle area is very flat and square
  • Come with latex padding 
  • Have thumb attachment in leather
  • Large velcro strap at wrist 
  • Grip bar allows good fist when hands are wrapped 
  • Good punch surface 
  • Better for bag work
  • They are softer and much more comfortable 

What we don’t like?

  • Stitching is not great. 

3. Russian Boxer Mexican Style Boxing Gloves

russian boxer mexican boxing gloves

These gloves are made by Grant boxing gloves manufacturers in Mexico and are identical to the gloves that have been in use in Mexico. The only difference is that they are little bigger, hand-made with thicker Mexican leather, and have a thicker grip bar. They also have a narrower finger area so you can better control your punches and a better punch surface so you can do better

What we like? 

  • Made by grant boxing gloves manufacturers 
  • Identical to grant boxing gloves
  • Little bigger
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Thick Mexican leather 
  • Little flatter and smooth
  • Narrowed finger area
  • Medium sized grip bar 

4. Gil Boxing Gloves

gil boxing gloves

Gil Boxing Gloves is a pair of hand-crafted boxing glove made with natural latex padding and double stitching. The gloves are ventilated to keep you comfortable and the grip bar attached thumb makes it easy to control your punches. The gloves have a tripling padded wrist for added support.

What we like? 

  • Handmade boxing gloves
  • Skinier wrist compartment 
  • Natural latex padding 
  • Double stitching 
  • Ventilated holes on thumb
  • Grip bar attached thumb
  • Laces are double stitched 
  • Nylon liner inside gloves
  • Tripple padded wrist 

What we don’t like?

  • Medium padding 
  • Wrist compartment is little bit more narrow 
  • Heavier than other Mexican gloves

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Things To Consider While Buying Mexican Boxing Gloves

1. Material

While buying Mexican boxing gloves, it is best to consider the material and the aim of choosing a particular type of glove. Gloves should be made from leather or a material similar to high-quality leather. They should also have high-quality stitches and other basic features. For beginners, vinyl gloves are a good option. These gloves are affordable and much more inexpensive than leather. Once you become a professional, you may switch to the leather ones. However, you will need to have some primary techniques and skills to make the most out of leather gloves. 

2. Weight and Size

It is important to check the weight and size of boxing gloves before you buy them. The reason being is that adult boxing gloves are available in different weights and sizes. The next step after that is to check the weight and size of small, medium, and large subjects and compare it with your hand. Adult glove sizes range from 8oz to 20oz in weight and come in small, medium, and large sizes. For women, medium-sized gloves are perfect. If you are looking for sparring gloves, you should look into 12oz to 20oz ones. 

3. Closure options

Boxing gloves are used for a lot of purposes like training, sparring and heavy bag practice. They should be easy to put on and pull off without any external assistance. There are two main options that you can get for closure- Lace-up and Velcro. Velcro gloves are a little tough and may bruise your arm or even your opponent’s face! On the other hand, lace-up gloves are used in professional matches because they fit perfectly and they do not slip. However, there is a drawback. Lace-up Gloves require assistance to put on. 

What are Mexican Style Boxing Gloves?

Mexican Style Boxing Gloves are an ideal option for those fighters who wish to have a sleeker, more comfortable alternative to the traditional boxing gloves. They are more fitted, have a longer cuff, and have compact padding. Mexican Style Boxing Gloves are usually made from lightweight and comfortable materials. If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will help you fight in the way that you always wanted to, without feeling the weight and the heat, we recommend you look out for Mexican Style Boxing Gloves.

Why are Mexican Style Boxing Gloves different?

Generally, Mexican Style Boxing gloves are made in a sleeker fashion. They are made to fit your hands more accurately. Besides, these kinds of boxing gloves are a little bit more comfortable and feel less heavy. When it comes to the padding, Mexican gloves are less padded to give them a compact shape.

Quality and craftsmanship

When it comes to quality, these gloves are pretty durable. Even with a compact size, they have excellent power transfer and the speed of a mantis. They can also be customized in exotic leather. Such are called exotic leather boxing gloves. 

Protection and padding

The foam that is used should be able to absorb more energy when your hand hits things. It should make it possible for you to hit harder because the gloves are lighter. Many Mexican style boxing gloves are also padded using horsehair. The padding is not concentrated around a certain part but evenly throughout the forearm, palms, and wrist. 

Are Mexican Style Boxing Gloves Good?

Previously, Mexican style boxing gloves used to stand out because of their firmer grip and tighter padding. However, these days, such features have become more or less standard and you can find a lot of gloves that offer the same. These gloves have been doing decently and that is why their features have been so normalised now. The balance in comfort, size, weight, and grip has enabled them to be loved and demanded. 

What Boxing Gloves Do Professionals Wear?

It’s no secret that professional boxing gloves have gained a following recently. Once you have learnt some moves and bettered yourself, you can switch to professional boxing gloves. 

Besides, professionals wear gloves that are easy to put on and pull off, offer great protection, and are sufficiently padded.

They’re some of the most luxurious gloves you can buy, and they’ve become one of the most popular gloves on the market. The gloves have been around for a while, and they are even being used by the world’s best fighters. 

What is special about professional boxing gloves? They’re made with high-quality materials that will make you feel confident and like you have tremendous power and control. The gloves also have a natural-looking texture that will make you feel like you’re fighting against something different. 

Most commonly pursued boxing gloves by professionals… 

Many boxing professionals have been known to wear boxing gloves by Grant, which are Mexican style gloves. Besides that, Rival’s Guerrera Boxing gloves are also professionals’ favourite!

You all must have heard about Cleto gloves being one of the OGs when it comes to boxing gloves. Mexican styled gloves by Cleto Reyes are also going around the rings and are loved.

Other than these, quite a few boxers also put Winning Gloves to use. These gloves help to improve counter attacking skills.

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