best boxing gloves for small hands

7 Best Boxing Gloves For Small Hands in 2024

Every boxing glove has a professional sporting design for a smooth feel. All the branded gloves are available in multiple colors and sizes. From large to small, all sizes of boxing gloves are available on Amazon. So, don’t be worried if you have small hands. We have reviewed the best boxing gloves for small hands that include sizes from 4 Oz to 16 Oz.

Best Boxing Gloves For Small Hands in 2024

1. Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves with Exceptional Support

Twins Special Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 12 Oz
  • Colour: Multi Colour
  • Brand: Twins Special
  • Glove Type: Sparring
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop

When it comes to the overall quality, Twins Special Boxing gloves never fail to deliver. These gloves were manufactured entirely in Thailand and have been used in many Muay Thai fights and clashes inside the school. These gloves are a shining example of the fruit of a long and arduous development process under intense pressure. These gloves are fantastic for various reasons, including the fact that they provide exceptional support for both the hand and the wrist, which is unparalleled. They provide additional cushioning, which helps to protect both you and your partner while you are fighting. These were my first set of boxing gloves, and I liked them so much that I definitely suggested them. These gloves are some of the greatest boxing gloves for sparring and general usage.

What do we like:

  • Excellent Hand & Wrist Support.
  • Ideal for quick wear and take-off.
  • Made of 100% genuine leather.

What we don’t like:

  • Gloves cracking over a period of time.

2. Venum Contender Sports Boxing Gloves

Sports Boxing Gloves with outstanding shock absorption

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 8 to 16 Oz
  • Colour: Multi Colour
  • Brand: Venum
  • Glove Type: Boxing
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop

The high-density foam cushioning in these boxing gloves delivers outstanding shock absorption, allowing you to practice your punches without experiencing any visible pain. Boxing gloves with a slightly curved anatomical form may be used for striking training in a wide variety of ways, and it encourages the use of the right methods. Both new and seasoned players may benefit from these gloves. You may select from two color options, so you can choose the one that best fits your own preferences. In addition to wrist protection, the triple-density foam offers great protection for your hands, and the big Velcro clasp ensures a precise fit.

What do we like:

  • 100% high-quality synthetic leather for extended service life.
  • Multi-density foam for better Absorption of shocks.
  • Full attached thumb to reduce the risk of twisting.

What we don’t like:

  • Material is not breathable.

3. Meister Gel Armor 16oz Training Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves with multi-layered Gel enforced padding

Meister Gel Armor 16oz Training Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 16 Ounce
  • Color: Black/Red/White 
  • Brand: Meister
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Velcro 

The durable Meister boxing gloves can help you pound the bag with all your efforts. It has full grain leather that molds according to the contour. The gel lines padding of these gloves is made to provide resistance to the impact thrown at you. It has an oversized strap. However, it will fit well on your hands. Don’t be worried about the sweat, as the porous lining of these gloves gives you cooling effects. 

What do we like:

  • Full-grain leather material
  • Comfortable feel 
  • Gel lined padding 

What we don’t like:

4. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves with Ultra-Resilient Synthetic Leather Coating

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 10 Oz
  • Colour: Black Colour
  • Brand: Liberlupus
  • Glove Type: Bag
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop

Boxing gloves with many layers of padding offer unparalleled shock absorption, ensuring your hands are well-protected for the duration of practice or a real-life fight. A wet towel is all that’s needed to clean these boxing gloves, which have an ultra-resilient synthetic leather coating. The adjustable hook-and-loop attachment on the wrist strap ensures that the gloves are simple to put on, take off, and stay in place. However, the breathable mesh nylon lining inside the gloves that repels moisture and keeps your hands cool, dry, and comfortable is the most notable.

What do we like:

  • 3 layers of foam padding that sufficiently protects your hands and knuckles by providing maximum cushioning and shock absorption.
  • A full wraparound wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure assures a secure, no-slip, custom fit for every fighter.
  • The best value boxing gloves for both beginners and boxing enthusiasts.

5. Fightr Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves With Super Soft Lining

fightr premium boxing gloves


  • Size: 08 to 16 Oz
  • Colour: Available in 3 Colours
  • Brand: Fightr
  • Glove Type: Bag
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop

These boxing gloves were built with your safety in mind, with a design that increases stability. The combination of padding and design offers enough support for your hands with enough shock absorption and stabilizes your wrists to reduce the risk of damage. They are made of high-quality PU leather and stitched to resist years of high-impact punches without revealing obvious indications of wear and tear. To ensure a comfortable fit, the gloves have an ergonomic shape and a super-soft lining. Hands and wrists are well-protected, thanks to the gloves’ ample padding, and the material is very permeable, so perspiration and stink don’t accumulate within the gloves.

What do we like:

  • Durable PU leather, sturdy stitching, and smooth inner material do not only provide long durability but also stronger punches and more stability.
  • Ergonomic design, soft inner material, extra padding, and a sewn-on thumb ensure maximum comfort.
  • Keep dry hands and best grip with our breathable material and ventilation in the glove.

What we don’t like:

  • Weak Stitches around the gloves.

6. Sandee Authentic Boxing Gloves

High-Density Latex Foam Boxing Gloves

Sandee Authentic Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 04 to 08 Oz
  • Colour: Blue & Black Colour
  • Brand: Sandee
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop

Sandee, located in Thailand, has been manufacturing boxing equipment for more than 30 years, and its tradition is evident in the elegance of these hand-stitched gloves. Their design, mostly black and white, is a little more sophisticated than most of their competitors. Most of the features that you could ever want are included in these gloves, including tri-foam shock capacity, ventilated palms, and easy-open velcro wrist straps. However, the price of these gloves is arguably the most astonishing thing about them; for a pair of genuine leather gloves of such great quality, they are an incredible bargain.

What do we like:

  • Made from Synthetic Leather
  • Long Lasting Quality
  • Ventilation Holes in the Palm Area.

What we don’t like:

  • The construction of the design is quirky

7. KRACE Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves with ergonomic design for wrist protection

KRACE Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 6 Ounce
  • Colour: Blue
  • Brand: Krace
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Velcro 

These boxing gloves come in various colors and sizes. This makes them an excellent choice for boxing. Because of the KRACE gloves, you will achieve excellent results in the competitions. Full wraparound straps with hook-and-loop attachments are easy to put on your wrist. They help in preventing boxing gloves from hitting the competitor incorrectly. The brand has received positive customer feedback because of the breathable holes of these boxing gloves. 

What do we like:

  • Amazing knuckle protection
  • Breathable Holes to keep your hands cool
  • Suitable for all boxers

What we don’t like:

  • Have a small range of color options than other boxing gloves.

What to Look for in the Best Boxing Gloves for Small Hands?

1. Design and Quality

The protective padding and a ventilated mesh design provide comfort during training and competitions. Even the small size gloves will improve ventilation if they have foam construction.  

2. Better fit

Boxing gloves with tough cowhide leather help you get the tightest grip when fighting in competitions. 

3. Avoid unnecessary sprain

Look for boxing gloves with premium quality leather to avoid unnecessary sprain. It will give 100% satisfaction to the boxers. 

What are the Best Boxing Gloves for Small Hands?

We recommend you to buy Sandee and Krace boxing gloves because of their wide range of sizes. Other than that, these gloves are hand stitched and have foam construction. Their padding improves shock absorption and comfort. 


Does hand size matter for boxing gloves?

Yes, hand size and weight matter for boxing gloves. That’s because if the size is too small or too large, it will be tight or loose for your hands. 

How do you know what size your hands are for boxing gloves?

Find the best boxing gloves for small hands by measuring the weight and circumference of your hands. Refer the following boxing gloves size chart for finding perfect fit:

Can you hit hard with small boxing gloves?

The best part about boxing is that fist size doesn’t matter. It will not make any difference in force applied. Boxers with small hands can easily deal with a powerful blow. What matters here is training. 

Final thoughts     

To summarize, you don’t need to worry about your small hands. A large number of small-size gloves are available on Amazon. Make sure you find the correct size that’s not too tight to obstruct the blood flow. Your fingers should touch the tip of the boxing gloves. For any issues related to the size of boxing gloves, contact us. We will be happy to help you choose your perfect fit. Keep exploring! 

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