Everything You Need To Know About Grant Boxinng Gloves

Everything You Need To Know About Grant Boxing Gloves

Grant is a leading boxing gloves manufacturing company that provides some of the finest boxing gloves on the market. Their gloves are built from high-quality materials and are curated to give you the best boxing experience. The brand offers a wide range of boxing gloves, including both men’s and women’s gloves, as well as heavyweight and lightweight gloves. In addition to boxing gloves, it also manufactures boxing bags, sparring equipment, and more.

What are grant boxing gloves?

Luxury Boxing Gloves manufactured by Grant Worldwide has come to be known and recognized as “Grant Boxing Gloves”. These gloves are meant for professionals. These gloves are made of thin padding that is meant to pack a powerful punch. The gloves also have a long-sleeve design to offer more protection to the wrist, and they are not strapped down so the laces can be used as a tether. The gloves have been designed with professional boxing requirements in mind. 

Who makes grant boxing gloves?

Grant Professional Boxing Gloves are manufactured and sold by Grant Worldwide. The company was established in 1995 in the city of New York. The brand is considered to be the most exclusive luxury boxing gloves brand in the world.

History of Grant boxing gloves:

Grant Boxing Gloves was founded in 1995 in New York City, by co-founder of Elvis Grant. They started manufacturing gloves in Mexico. They were the first gloves made in Mexico made popular by Money Mayweather. Grant is one of the oldest and luxury boxing gloves manufacturers in Mexico. 

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mayweather wearing grant boxing gloves
LAS VEGAS – MAY 01: (L-R) Floyd Mayweather Jr. (wearing Grant boxing gloves) connects with a left to the body of Shane Mosley during the welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Does Grant still make boxing gloves?

Yes, you can still avail some of the finest boxing gloves made by Grant Worldwide.

Are Grant boxing gloves good?

Grant boxing gloves are probably the best ones you can avail of. Sportsmen like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Calzaghe, Bernard Hopkins, Gennadiy Golovkin, Roy Jones Jr, have been using Grant Boxing Gloves for quite some time now. The gloves are exquisite because: 

  • They are handmade gloves that are made using the highest quality materials.
  • They are a symbol of craftsmanship and excellence.
  • They are expertly tailored for your hand-eye coordination and boxing techniques
  • They offer guaranteed protection of your hands from cuts, bruises and others.

What are the benefits of using Grant boxing gloves?

There are many benefits if Grant boxing gloves:

  • Grant gloves are a great way to match your personal style to your hand. 
  • Grant gloves are made to fit the hand well and have good wrist support. 
  • They are made with good craftsmanship. 
  • The gloves are small enough to fit around the hand but offer good grip and protect the wearer from punches that are intense enough to injury. 
  • Grant gloves are made particularly well to conform to your hands in terms of fit, style, and craftsmanship. 

How to buy grant boxing gloves?

You can buy Grant Boxing Gloves from The Boxing Gloves website. Other than that the company has licensed selling rights to a few more online shopping portals. 

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Why is it difficult to find boxing gloves online?

It is difficult to buy these gloves online because of its limited production chain that is only native. It may take a good time of 6-8 weeks after you place an order for your customized boxing gloves to be delivered to you.

Should you buy a pair of Grant boxing gloves?

Grant Boxing Gloves are an excellent choice for those boxers/fighters who need their hands to be protected but not so much that they need to use extra padded pillow-type gloves, as the latter ones are called. The gloves are nattily constructed and conform well to your hand size. When it comes to craftsmanship, they are the best. You should definitely buy a pair!

mayweather wearing grant boxing gloves
LAS VEGAS – MAY 01: (L-R) Floyd Mayweather Jr. (wearing Grant boxing gloves) throws a left to the body of Shane Mosley during the welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Why are Grant boxing gloves so expensive?

Once you know what is offered to you when you buy a pair of Grant Boxing Gloves, you will understand the manufacturer’s reasons to charge such high prices. Have a look at some:

  1. Durability: Grant boxing gloves are known for their strong leather coating which ensures they will last longer than other alternatives. You can also expect high quality from Grant boxing gloves because their products have a history of long-term use.
  1. Protection: in a physical sport like boxing, hand and wrist injuries might occur frequently if your gloves aren’t adequately cushioned. Grant gloves are provided with extra cushioning but not that much to make it feel more like a pillow. Boxing gloves made by Grant have the perfect combination of cushioning and comfort without them feeling too spongy.
  1. Build quality: genuine leather is put to use to make these gloves. The interiors are lined using synthetic material. 

After taking a closer look at the gloves’ stitching, it can be seen that they were designed with a lot of care. This makes them look stunning and provides plenty of customization possibilities. However, it’s hard to go wrong with well-made and tailored boxing gloves that are also stylish!

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Are grant boxing gloves worth it?

Besides a hefty price tag, Grant gloves do offer a very good deal. The advantages significantly outweigh the heavy pricing because:

  1. Keeps your hands comfortable and protected with adequate cushioning and padding.
  2. Ventilated gloves that are both comfortable and enable some air circulation as well.
  3. Excellent fit for a good boxing experience, be it for a beginner or a professional, Grant has options for all.
  4. The gloves provide good protection against strikes as they are sized accordingly.

When it comes to Grant Boxing Gloves, the price tag may seem a little too high but that is because they are among the best-made gloves ever, In terms of quality. The padding on these gloves is thicker than on others while still using a lesser amount of it to not hamper the striking impact. Additionally, they are extremely comfortable and protective. So even if you have a tight budget, wait for some time and save up for a pair of Grant boxing gloves because they are an excellent option. It is well worth it!

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How to know if Grant boxing gloves are real?

Genuine Grant Boxing Gloves are made from Cowhide Leather. The fake ones are made using Buffalo Hide to confuse the customer. If you are into boxing and have been using gloves, you will be able to know the difference between both.

Other than that, the gloves smell different! As surprising as it may sound, people have been able to recognize the difference in the smell of gloves. The original ones can be smelled from a distance!

Moreover, as you know that Grant Gloves are expensive, any deal offers you a huge load off of the price is too good to be true! So, that should be your cue.

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It is easy to conclude that Grant Boxing Gloves are probably the finest in the industry. They have everything that a professional fighter might need. Genuine leather, synthetic lining, wrist fastener, adequate padding, but also a whopping price! If you are able enough to afford one, Grant Boxing gloves are the show stopper!

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