best smart boxing gloves and equipments

Best Smart Boxing Gloves and Boxing Equipments in 2024

Smart boxing gloves are gloves with unique algorithms. They help you learn the style of your kickboxing or boxing. The sensors of these gloves will also help you know about your performance with unique light effects. Similarly, smart boxing equipments are for players who want to win boxing competitions. That’s because they tell you about how much stamina and strength you need to accomplish your goals.

You can call it your personal boxing trainer. Any type of punching style such as hooks and uppercuts can be performed with smart boxing equipment. You just need to wear these gloves and start punching. If you’ve bought boxing equipment, you will just need to set them and start your boxing training. 

Thanks to technological advancements such as bluetooth gloves and impact sensors due to which you can do workout at home more effectively. Have a look at the best smart boxing gloves and boxing equipment available in 2024. Let’s explore them one by one here. 

Best Smart Boxing Gloves and Boxing Equipment

1. Move It Swift Smart Boxing Glove

Best Smart Boxing Gloves with 6 Motion Sensor

Move It Swift Smart Boxing Glove


  • ‎16.54 x 7.91 x 6.22 inches
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Size: 12 Oz
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

The Move It Swift Smart Boxing Gloves have a 6-axis motion sensor and innovative algorithms. It detects all the actions and describes your performance with amazing lighting effects. These smart boxing gloves can be used to record your speed, strength, and number of punches. After recording your moves, you can train yourself in some areas to meet your fitness goals. These boxing gloves are used for Muay Thai boxing, kickboxing, boxing training, and so on. 

These are one of the best smart boxing gloves because of the data it provides to the boxers. While practicing with these boxing gloves, you get information about your punching techniques, punching speed, and punching power. In addition, these boxing gloves tell you the burnt calories in the app. They are made with fine wear-resistant material. Its ergonomic design would avoid fatigue and hand pain. Also, Move It Swift Smart Boxing Gloves utilizes patented algorithms to professionally program your muscles of the body. 

It includes a variety of programs such as single punches and combo punches. In addition, the gloves provide you access to multiple online programs and expert teaching. It helps you check the summaries of your workouts. So, you can learn a particular style of boxing from the data collected by a glove. 

 What do we like:

  • It includes a built-in 6-axis gyro sensor; the gloves can also monitor every punch you throw during shadow boxing exercises.
  • The tool provides detailed data and correctly identifies six basic kinds of punches and combinations.
  • The glove is made of high-quality, wear-resistant PU and TPU materials and has an ergonomic shape, making it ideal for continuous, heavy usage.

 What we don’t like:

  • It cannot be washed as the internal circuit can be damaged.

2. NET PLAYZ Combat Force Tracker

Best Smart Boxing Equipment with cloud service technology

NET PLAYZ Combat Force Tracker


  • ‎9.3 x 9 x 2.2 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: ‎9″X2″X9′
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

Net Playz boxing gloves are a force tracker designed for heavy bag work. Net Playz is a smartest force-tracking device that makes training easier. With a highly sensitive sensor, this boxing glove cab brilliantly tracks your strength and potential. This product has a powerful AI that calculates your scores after the completion of your punches.

Most boxers use it to measure their kicking or punching power. These are extremely beneficial for the players of MMA, Karate, Kickboxing, and Taekwondo. Try it on a punching bag and look for the highest intensity level you can achieve along with its force and speed. 

It is one the perfect choice for boxers because of the 360-degree evaluation and wireless design. In addition, its AI sensor will give instant feedback to the boxers. You can increase your performance after prolonged use. 

After you wear these smart gloves, a number of your statistics, such as the volume, pace of your punches, and established and achieved objectives can be clearly seen. It’s a digital device that will store your ten current results. 

If you want your boxing training to be as effective as possible, we recommend you try Net Playz boxing gloves.

 What do we like:

  • It calculates scores of your kicks.
  • It provides an accurate punch tracker.
  • It helps you decide on your personal interval training course.

What we don’t like:

  • Earlier it had certain issues with the app. Now, the app has been updated and working well. 


Best Smart Punching Bag 



  • 16″W x 16″H
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: N/A
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

This boxing equipment will provide a fun and effective full-body exercise. It helps you develop coordination and motor skills. The leather of this equipment is comforting to the skin. It is a perfect product for boxers who want to use it for an extended time. The padding of this boxing equipment absorbs the high impact. 

This boxing equipment is designed for outdoor and indoor boxing practice. They are made for solid aerobic workouts. Both kids and adults can use them for their fitness sessions. 

The heavy hit mode of the gloves can record the maximum pound of your hits. You can even adjust their height according to your need. Moreover, they have velcro that adheres tightly to the wall. Hence, it won’t fall every time you hit them with full force. 

When you hit the equipment with your boxing gloves, the sensors ensure to record your movement. There’s a screen that shows you every bit of information about your punches.

What do we like:

  • The arrangement may appear to be cutting-edge technology, but it’s quite sturdy.
  • It has a built-in 2000 Ma rechargeable lithium battery that remains charged for one whole year. 
  • It has a screen that gives you the motivation to train yourself.

 What we don’t like:

  • No Speakers attached.

4. Trauemy Wall Mount Boxing Machine

Best Smart Wall Mount Boxing Tracker

Trauemy Wall Mount Boxing Machine


  • 20″W x 21″H
  • Material: N/A
  • Size: N/A
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

The Traumey boxing machine is manufactured to release stress, practice boxing, and MMA. In addition, you can note your burned calories with this machine. It consists of various force-detecting LED light pads. You can choose your own punching speed level with its free mode.

‎It can be used by Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts players. The best part about the machine is that it also promotes the health of children and adults. It gives you information on your exercise duration, punch output, speed, power, and preferred combination of punches. You may also pick manual or interval training choices, making this an excellent tool for planning and customizing your exercise routines.

You can stick it to the brick, drywall, concrete, and cinder block. When you punch in the circles given on the machine, it aims to read your data of the punch. When you hit correctly, the green light will glow. At the same time, when you hit in an inappropriate manner, the red light glows. It’s the best smart boxing equipment to practice punches with perfection. 

 What do we like:

  • Included audio as well as various buttons.
  • The machine is both fun to use and practical.
  • They also come with a cable that connects your gloves to the machine.

 What we don’t like:

  • Cannot track all the parameters of your punches.

5. BlazePod LED Flash Reflex Training Pods 

Best Smart Boxing Training Pods

BlazePod LED Flash Reflex Training Pods 


  • ‎‎12.95 x 6.2 x 5.2 inches
  • Material: N/A
  • Size: N/A
  • Hand Orientation: Both
  • Suggested users: Unisex

BlacePod smart training pods unlock various features that help you enhance your stamina, improve punches and kicks. They are an excellent choice for anybody wishing to monitor their development as a boxer, whether they are just starting or are seasoned veterans. May it be Martial arts or kickboxing, this kit has a number of applications. 

These Pods are made for high-impact training. Also, it can withstand high-speed punches of any intensity. Their flashing visual cues can improve your quick reactions. In addition, you can also track your performance in real-time.

These trackers enable you to monitor your punch output in real-time and track your progress daily, weekly, and monthly. The application is also used on mobile devices running either iOS or Android. 

What do we like:

  • It is designed for improving fitness and cognitive decision-making
  • It is slightly cheaper than other trackers available on the market
  • It has visual cue lighting Pods powered by Bluetooth. 

What we don’t like:

  • A bit overpriced as compared to other smart boxing equipment.

What to Look for in Smart Boxing Equipment?

1. Budget 

Considering budget is the main factor while purchasing smart boxing equipment. Some smart boxing equipments are available at a high price in the market with the same technology that other smart equipment offer. The reasons can be the manufacturing company, product quality, and the extra features the device offers. In this case, you can consider buying equipment that offers specific features that you need to practice your boxing.

2. Space 

Some smart boxing equipments need a large space to set up. It is suggested to designate 8 feet by 2 feet space or little more for the whole set up. You can set it up in the garage, basement or in living room.

3. Training Style 

Smart gloves can be used for MMA, kickboxing, boxing, karate training, etc. They give a secure and tight fit when you punch or kick hard on the heavy bag. Considering your training style and going for the equipment that offers maximum benefits will add a boost to your training. 

4. Smart Features 

Boxing equipment can track calories, force, speed, competition sets, punching positions, etc. When you connect it to your phone, this information allows you to see your progress and make training plans accordingly. With these, they come with tracking features. Consider which feature is important for you while buying smart boxing equipment. 


1. What are smart boxing gloves? 

Smart boxing gloves are digital gloves that have sensors to track all your punching actions in real time. The data consist of force, strength, and speed. It helps you visualize your punches. 

2. How do smart boxing gloves work? 

The smart boxing gloves connect with your tablet or smartphone. The motion of your hand helps the gloves track your punches. Their patented algorithms are made to give you information about your training sessions. As a result, you get recommendations for live fitness box classes.


To practice boxing at home you will require very little room and smart boxing equipment. Using smart boxing equipment will provide you data on full-body movement since they target your shoulders, back, abdominals, and legs. Go for the best equipment from the list and have an awesome boxing journey!

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