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10 Best Leather Golf Gloves in 2024

Be it an amateur or a pro player, having the best golf gloves makes the game much more efficient and better for every player out there. 

Golfers will have a more stable grip on the club and less chance of developing blisters and calluses if they use leather golf gloves. A well-made golf glove protects the hand while allowing the golfer to feel the club naturally. 

Today, numerous golf gloves are available; some are made to emphasize the ultimate feel, while others are created for the best grip possible in wet situations. It’s crucial to remember that the ideal golf glove for you may change depending on the weather forecast or how frequently you play.

The top quality golf gloves will fit perfectly, offer a firm grip, and continue functioning after numerous swings.

So, if you are in search of the best leather golf gloves, we have accumulated a list of top options for you to consider. 

Best Leather Golf Gloves in 2024

1. Titleist Players Flexi Glove


On the PGA Tour, it is one of the most well-liked gloves. It’s also an excellent choice for casual players who want to experience what it’s like to play professionally.

The Players Flex doesn’t skimp on comfort or quality. This special golf glove’s most excellent feature is the luxurious Cabretta leather feel. The glove scores highly, particularly in the style department. Additionally, the stitches can survive numerous rounds of combat with no harm.


Dimension LxWxH in inches8 x 4 x 6
Suggested usersMen


  • Good  placement of seams for a strong connection to the club grip
  • Cuff and thumb reinforcing in satin for strength and durability
  • Breathable proprietary fabric for comfort and support

Why buy it?

  • Has an exceptional fit
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Offers a top-notch grip

Why Avoid?

  • Size issues might occur

2. FootJoy Hyperflex Glove


It is made of soft, engineered leather that will undoubtedly provide unparalleled durability and outstanding breathability.

The FootJoy Hyperflex glove has PowerNet mesh all the way to the knuckles to provide more flexibility and a constant fit while you play. Speaking of fit, it features a strategically placed angled closure for a precise fit and stress-free comfort. Additionally, the leather palm has tiny holes in it to let moisture and perspiration escape. For additional comfort, the back area of the glove is lined with a thin MicroVent FiberSof material.


Item weight0.04 Kg
Suggested usersMen


  • Soft, flexible elastics placed specifically with an angled closure
  • Palm is made of micro-perforated leather, with soft, durable feel 
  • Has good water and perspiration resistance
  • Gauge elastics precisely positioned over the knuckles to provide breathability, fit uniformity, and moisture control
  • Unique Cabretta Leather offers great water and sweat resistance and optimal grip

Why buy it?

  • Cozy, extremely velvety feeling
  • Remarkable grasp in all circumstances
  • Unmatched resistance to sweat and water
  • Lightweight

Why Avoid?

  • Finger lengths could be inconsistent 

3. Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves


For a better connection between the grip and the hand, these gloves offer the best leather for the money. Among the top gloves on this list, this one enjoys a high level of dominance. The deal-breaker is the superior fit and ultra-smooth 100% premium Cabretta leather, which has a soft, buttery feel. The gloves assist you in keeping a firm grip throughout your time on the course. They also prevent moisture from accumulating within the glove. 


MaterialCabretta Leather
SizeMedium – Large
Suggested usersMen


  • A premium fit to ensure a better performance
  • 100% AAA Cabretta leather used
  • Spot clean functionality available

Why buy it?

  • Offers softer, buttery feel
  • Cotton wristband with enhanced comfort
  • Tackiness that is humidity-enhanced

Why Avoid?

  • Color options are restricted

4. Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove


Without a doubt, the Callaway Dawn Patrol glove is worth the cost. It’s one of the most affordable pairs of gloves from the greatest companies in the world, and they feel more luxurious than one may anticipate. It has an elastic band across the cuff, just like the Tour-level models do. When worn during a round, the band promotes a light, snug, and thin fit.

The glove’s interior is perforated throughout to allow for sweating. Having said that, using this glove ought to increase players’ self-assurance when competing.


Dimension LxWxH in inches4 x 10 x 0.5
Suggested usersMen


  • Perforations on the hand’s top and fingers, improved full premium 
  • Reduced moisture and enhanced breathability with leather construction, and premium feel, fit, and comfort
  • Thin, light, and secure fit with the Opti fit adjustable closure
  • Secure feel & moisture absorption from stretch binding cuff

Why buy it?

  • A minimalist, comfortable and premium-looking  design
  • Includes an elastic band
  • Provides Tour-level performance 

Why Avoid?

  • May not be durable enough 

5. Srixon All Weather Glove

Srixon Golf MRH All Weather Glove

This glove’s performance is among the greatest because of its strength, softness, comfort, and flexibility. The Srixon All Weather glove performs extremely well in all weather conditions and provides great feedback and feel from the club, hence the name. The leather is likely the Srixon golf’s most remarkable feature. 


ColorWhite / Black
Weight0.2 pounds
Suggested usersMen


  • A three-dimensional design that securely fits the shape of your hand
  • Increased breathability achieved by combining knit inserts on the fingers and knuckles
  • Cabretta leather and synthetic leather that are dual-layered on the palm for increased durability
  • For a secure grip, use Cabretta leather and smooth synthetic suede-like material

Why buy it?

  • Lycra inlays and faux leather on the upper body
  • Cabretta leather used on the palm and thumb 
  • Both dynamic and tested durability
  • High level of comfort

Why Avoid?

  • May not fit everybody 

6. Sledwise Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves Women Left Handed

Available with a superior and improved velcro closure strip, this golf glove is meant to enhance your grip while simultaneously providing a secure feel and fit for utmost productivity. The glove has been manufactured with made-to-fit technology that has outstanding double-row stitching. This ultimately helps conjoin the gloves for a reliable fit. Its breathable perforations allow more flexibility for knuckles while retaining softness in the hands. 


MaterialCabretta Leather
Suggested usersMen & Women


  • Breathable perforations to improve the flexibility
  • Attractively stitched seams that don’t interfere with the grip
  • Amazing engineered design
  • Adequate permeability characteristics

Why buy it?

  • Comfortable feel 
  • Unmatched grip
  • Made-to-fit technology
  • Breathable and ultra soft

Why Avoid?

  • May not be durable enough

7. TaylorMade Stratus Soft Glove


If you play on humid courses and are dealing with sweaty hands, the TaylorMade Stratus Soft Glove would be a right choice. A synthetic material with adequate airflow and suitable flexibility is used to create the topmost portion of the hand.

The glove’s palm is made entirely of leather and is incredibly soft. The micro-perforations on the fingertips made it feel cool to use. Additionally, the velcro and cuff closing are cozy and reliable.


Dimension LxWxH in inches8 x 4 x 6
Weight0.04 pounds
Suggested usersMen


  • Combination of leather and Hypertec that resists wear
  • In hot and humid weather, Hypertec material helps maintain a consistent grip.
  • Tiny holes positioned carefully to maximize ventilation in every climate
  • Stratus Sport provides comfort, fit, and feel for your game with its 4-way stretch material, leather construction, and HyperTec technology.

Why buy it?

  • Excellent for muggy playing environments
  • Maximum comfort and breathability
  • Minuscule piercings
  • Nice and cozy material

Why Avoid?

  • Only a few color options available

8. PING Sensor Tour Glove

PING Sensor Tour Glove

The Tour glove boasts the most high-end features. It is made of supple, lightweight Cabretta leather and features PING’s cutting-edge Sensor Cool technology. There are roughly ten different sizes of this glove, so you can be sure to purchase the perfect one for your hand.

The lighter and more flexible spandex fabrics towards the back of the hand and across the knuckles add to its flexibility.


Closure typeHook and loop
MaterialLeather, Spandex
Dimension LxWxH in inches4 x 10 x 0.2


  • Wicking moisture SensorCool technology
  • Perforations and finger vents improve breathability
  • Knuckles have a large amount of Lycra for comfort and breathability
  • Maximizes ventilation with perforated textured-grip Velcro fastening

Why buy it?

  • Velvety and smoother
  • Offers a stable grip 
  • Long-lasting

Why Avoid?

  • Prolonged use can cause palm discoloration

9. Under Armor Iso-Chill


The back panel of the glove has additional mesh stitched into it for added comfort, and the Under Armour logo adds a touch of style. When compared to the fine craftsmanship of the luxury brands, the stitching quality is astounding. This one is made with 100% Polyester and comes with no closure. One of the best things about this glove is that you can easily wash it in a machine. 


ColorWhite and Black
MaterialCabretta Leather
Weight50 g
Ideal seasons to wearSummer and spring


  • Fabric designed to pull away heat from skin and provide a comfortable and cooler experience
  • Leather structure offers a premium grip and higher control
  • Micro perforations present that ensures a better ventilation
  • Has a closure tab for a customized fit

Why buy it?

  • Highly durable
  • Capable of wicking sweat and drying faster
  • Sleek look 
  • Smoother fit

Why Avoid?

  • May not be ideal for all seasons

10. FootJoy StaSof Glove


Last on this list but yet another fascinating glove, FootJoy StaSof offers a secure fit due to the leather quality used. It also has mesh which lines the knuckles while ensuring ample stretch even after extensive usage. The secure closure is tailored with flexible, soft elastics along with angled ComforTab closure. Its micro-perforated leather palm offers a comfortable, soft feel. 


ColorWhite, Blac
SizeS to XXXL
Suggested usersMen


  • The feel, durability, and flexibility of Taction2 advanced performance leather improved in regions that are subject to stress
  • Along the fingers and knuckles, breathable elasticized PowerNetTM Mesh improves fit and flexibility while providing cool comfort
  • The Pure Touch Limited golf glove raises the bar for fit and feel by utilizing the most advanced fabrication methods and painstaking construction
  • In every weather and playing situations offers the best feel, unrivaled grip, superior moisture control, and long-lasting softness

Why buy it?

  • Durable and longer-lasting
  • Detailed and attractive design
  • Great fit
  • Excellence performance

Why Avoid?

  • Wrist elastic is not present

Things to Look for When Buying Best Leather Golf Gloves in 2024

While considering leather gloves, softness and moisture resistance are some factors that already come inclusive with it. Yet here are some added factors you must consider for getting the most effective outcomes:

  1. Functionality

The ideal golf glove must have tight palm padding. Choose the hand you prefer to wear the glove while keeping an eye on practicality.  To avoid developing calluses and blisters, you might choose to wear your glove on both hands. A good golf glove should incorporate synthetic materials on various fingertips or knuckle areas to increase flexibility.

  1. Comfort

Wear gloves that fit snugly but not too snugly. It will be difficult to swing your club because of that. Leather golf gloves are available in various sizes to fit men’s and women’s demands. The cadet-size gloves should keep you comfy during your time on the course if you have a broader hand. In addition, there shouldn’t be much space between each finger’s ends. Make sure your glove fits comfortably on your palm and your hand’s back.

  1. Individual Needs

Meeting personal demands is a priority when buying leather golf gloves. Whether they are the styling needs or the color preferences, or anything else, you do not need to compromise when it comes to selecting a golf glove of your choice. You can search from the wide range of options available in the market and pick the best one that meets your needs. You can find all sorts of variants as per your needs.

What is the best leather golf glove?

The best golf gloves will fit perfectly, offer a firm grip, and continue to function after numerous swings. The quality and comfort of the Titleist Players Flex golf glove are top-notch. The Players Flex has satin reinforcements on the cuff and thumb, giving it the premium feel you’d expect.

The Callaway Dawn Patrol is the best budget golf glove if you want to save money or are new to the game. The leather does the job, even though it isn’t as robust or as touchably soft as the leather used in more expensive gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for golf gloves? 

Generally, golf gloves are available in various materials that suit diverse requirements. However, leather is the most prevalent material used by golfers across the world. 

What are the best Golf gloves brands?

Some of the best golf glove brands are FootJoy, TaylorMade, Srixon, Titleist, Kirkland, and Callaway.

What is the most comfortable golf glove? 

Since comfort is one of the crucial factors when buying a golf glove, you indeed cannot compromise on that level. And the most comfortable golf glove is Titleist Players Flexi Glove. Having said that, all the golf gloves mentioned above are comfortable and feel good on the skin. 


You need to think about your needs in order to get the best golf glove for you. The most crucial element is size. Golfers with more experience typically know their size, but beginners should begin by using a sizing chart that can obtain in n most pro shops.

Also, take into account your playing ability. Low handicappers typically enjoy the finer leather found in more expensive feel gloves, but those new to the game may benefit more from a glove that is more reasonably priced while still being robust. A golfer should also search for a glove that won’t degrade after a few hundred swings if they spend a lot of time on the driving range.

Finally, the type of weather you typically play in can influence your choice of golf glove. While hot and muggy conditions demand a high amount of tackiness, wet conditions require a high level of breathability. Even gloves made for outdoor activities in cold weather exist.

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