How To Wear Apple Watch On Boxing Gloves

How To Wear Apple Watch On Boxing Gloves?

Apple watch is the newest craze in technology; this smartwatch has changed the way we interact with our phones. One of its many features is that it can track your heart rate and workouts. This makes it perfect for boxing because you are able to track your performance during a workout. Although I love how much Apple Watch does, there are times when I don’t want to wear my beautiful $500 piece of jewelry to the gym or on runs outside, but still want to monitor my heart rate during workouts. Here’s what you do: put Apple Watch into airplane mode so it doesn’t receive any calls/texts/emails, which will also save battery life! Once airplane mode is turned on simply run the Workout app and go!

Also, if you are an avid fitness buff or even just someone who likes to stay fit in general, wearing apple watch can be ideal for tracking your workout progress and staying up-to-date on daily activities at all times

If you want to wear the watch with boxing gloves it can be tricky. In this blog post, we will go over how to put on your apple watch while wearing boxing gloves. We will also discuss why Apple watches are a good choice for boxers and other athletes. So without further ado let’s get started!

How to wear Apple watch with boxing gloves?

Here are some tips to wear Apple watch while boxing:

  1. Wear the apple watch on your right hand
  2. Make sure it’s tight enough so that it doesn’t move around too much but not too tight like a handcuff
  3. Put the boxing gloves on and then put on your other gloves
  4. If you’re wearing long sleeves, make sure they cover up your wrists to avoid any injuries from punching with the watch exposed 
  5. Keep an eye out for scratches and other damage to the screen
  6. Use an app like “workout” to track your progress during boxing training
  7. Make sure to set up notifications for when you get a call or text message (and make sure they’re audible)
  8. Clean off any sweat that gets on the watch with a dry cloth or towel
  9. Make sure not to strap it too tightly – this could cause irritation or worse, bruising! 
  10. Get used to having something strapped onto one of your wrists; don’t forget about it when you’re boxing!
  11. If you have an iPhone, use Siri to set up reminders and alarms from within Apple Watch while still wearing boxing gloves

These are all great ideas that will make sure apple watch stays put no matter what kind of intense activity you’re doing!

Benefits of wearing watch while Boxing 

Setting up a training plan is easy with the Workouts app, which offers nine different high-intensity interval workouts led by trainers. Here I have mentioned the benefits of wearing watch while boxing:

  1. Wearing an Apple Watch when boxing include the ability to fully track your progress and, with its built in accelerometer and it can measure your heart rate and reading all of your movements. 
  2. Anyone who needs to track his or her workout can use it as their wristwatch, timer, and fitness monitor.
  3. Health nuts will benefit from being able to map your workouts in detail via the Activity app, which uses the watch’s sensors to provide information about your movement, calorific intake and heart rate. Serious athletes can also interface with third-party GPS routes if they have an iPhone 5s or later model phone.
  4. It can count your steps and measure distance travelled which is perfect for any type of physical activity like punching or running around during a game of ultimate frisbee. 
  5.  Keep track of how many calories you burned each day using Activity app’s workout mode
  6. Set up reminders for workouts in Workout
  7. The watch also includes a water-resistant feature that is sweat and rain-proof. 
  8. You will be able to securely store all your workout information; this way you don’t always need to bring around a device or notebook since the Apple Watch comes with onboard storage for music so you can listen while working out. 
  9. With Connected GPS on board, Siri is here at your beck and call so no navigation needed

Comfortable Apple watch for boxing

Here are the best and comfortable Apple watches you can use while boxing:

1 . Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm)

apple watch for boxing

Apple Watch Series 6 is way more than just a smart watch. It’s also your personal fitness trainer, sleep monitor, voice assistant, take calls and reply to texts when you can’t get to your phone no matter where in the world you are. And with Series 6 (40mm) it’s so much faster than ever before! Track all daily activities like steps, active minutes and calories burned. Measure your blood oxygen saturation levels at night through the app during sleep hours all without disturbing anyone else thanks to its ground-breaking noise-cancelling microphones that use four layers of acoustic shielding protection against ambient noise. Get alerted if there’s something unusual like an unusually high or low heart rate while working out!

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Enhance your workout with GPS precision workout apps to hit your goal or open up maps and turn-by-turn directions in real time. You might be super busy but not too busy to take that call when you’re away from your iPhone — say hello without skipping a beat thanks to our built-in speaker and mic.

With a 20% faster processor than Series 5 watch models, it also includes a personalized Siri face. It measures your heart rate and blood oxygen levels during everyday activities which you can track in an Apple Activity app on your phone. This model is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about sweat while boxing – just rinse it off! 

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Enjoy staying totally informed about what’s going on with all aspects of health such as steps taken throughout the day.


  • Fitness Tracker
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Voice Assistant
  • Take calls and reply to texts 
  • Measure your blood oxygen 
  • Check your heart rate
  • 20% faster than Series 5
  • Waterproof
  • Track all daily activities
  • Alert you to unusually high or low heart-rate

2. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm)

best apple watch for boxing

The new Apple Watch 3 has all the features of a modern-day smartwatch. It’s sleek, shiny and it updates you on all your notifications. Never miss an ecstatic tweet or post from your race partner again with this great GPS running partner by your side.

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) lends to all the functions of its predecessor while offering better features like GPS and an interchangeable band. With built-in Siri functionality, you can command it even when wet or sweating so you don’t have to take your phone with you on a run! It also tracks your fitness level while concurrently tracking your sleep. For everyday use, this watch can do anything from showing alarms to displaying notes for quick reference.


  • Receive calls. Make calls.
  • Receive text messages. Facebook, Twitter, IG, and more.
  • Interchangeable bands. Fit the look you want, change on a dime.
  • You can give commands to Siri while sweating
  • Alarms, notes and all the other little apps.
  • Fitness tracking
  • Runs smooth and flawlessly compared to series 1
  • waterproof 
  • Sleep tracking
  • Has a water eject button
  • Comes with an extra band(S/M) and the magnetic USB

3. (Renewed) Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM)

renewed apple watch for boxing

The new Apple Watch Series 4 is perfect for those on the go for boxing. With a 44mm wide screen and a light weighted body, you can always stay connected with its ability to receive phone calls, talk or play music that has been synchronised onto your watch. The heart rate monitor watches your heart rate and activity levels which will be stored in history as well as sent along with ECG readings; this data can also be viewed on the iPhone app “activity sharing” with friends and family members. Great for exercise enthusiasts.

It’s great for working out, as it can track heart rate and steps based on your activity level. Plus, this luxurious device tracks biometrics such as future programmed brain activity, thanks to its ability to measure both electrical and photonic skin response data in real time – perfect for monitoring mental focus levels while you’re meditating.


  • Receive calls and talk
  • Show biometrics data such mind control and future inner programmed brain activity. 
  • Great battery life
  • Track heart rate and send result along with ECG and history
  • Easy to use
  • Water proof 
  • Connect with Apple health to track steps
  • Play music via Bluetooth

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Many people who train in boxing and other forms of martial arts find the Apple Watch to be a great workout accessory. By wearing the Apple watch while boxing, you can track your exercise and make sure you’re reaching your goals. If you want to track your workout routines, we recommend using a workout armband like this one for any intense activity.

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