where can you buy grant boxing gloves

Where Can You Buy Grant Boxing Gloves? 

Grants are exceptionally well-made boxing gloves and adapt well to your hand. These gloves are popular amongst many pro boxers like Mayweather, Andre Berto, Tim Bradley, Wladimir, and Vitali Klitschko, Bernard Hopkins, and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. With these, many fighters use Grant boxing gloves for extra hand protection. 

Curious to know more about Grant boxing gloves? Well, Grant or Grant Worldwide is always in trend in the boxing industry. Grant boxing gloves was firstly created in New York City in 1995. After that, they started manufacturing plants in Mexico. So now Grant boxing gloves are made in Mexico in limited quantities; hence they are the world’s most unique premium brand. 

You must wait 3-5 months for them to create and ship them to you. As you may expect, they are expensive, but the quality and craftsmanship are excellent. Let’s talk about their availability, where can you buy grant boxing gloves? Are grant boxing available on Amazon? And the best grant boxing gloves of all time you can purchase with purchase links.

Where can you buy Grant boxing gloves?

If you have ever tried to buy a pair of Grant gloves, you’ve probably noticed that they’re not precisely simple to come by. Many fakes are available on eBay. However, fresh and genuine Grant gloves may only be brought through their official Facebook page or e-mail order service.

Grant Worldwide doesn’t have its website, which many people consider unprofessional. However, you can mail them to sales@grantworldwide.com to place your order. If you want Official Grant boxing gloves, you must be prepared to pay at least $400, wait a few months for them to be created, and then wait another week or two for shipping.

Their official boxing gloves include a two-label authentication logo with a “made in Mexico” stamp, and the difference between official and fake ones is significant. You can securely shop from Amazon. If you don’t like the order, simply ask for a replacement. Make sure to read the reviews before ordering. Check out our original Grand boxing gloves list to buy them from Amazon.

Are Grant boxing gloves good? 

Grant Boxing Gloves are the hot thing in the market. They are featured in movies and ads, and their name is known throughout the boxing world. But are they suitable as professional fighters claim them to be? 

Grant gloves, as previously stated, have been around for a long time and unquestionably earn a seat among the world’s greatest boxing glove brands, offering various kinds of high-quality gloves.

Some experts adore them and utilize them regularly. The gloves are small enough to wrap around the hand while still providing a solid grip and protecting the wearer from strong punches to cause injury.

Grant gloves are designed to fit your hands perfectly in terms of fit, style, and craftsmanship. Grant gloves are specially tailored to match your style to your hands. They are well-fitting and feature superb wrist support.

Furthermore, Grant gloves are an excellent value. The benefits exceed the high price because:

  1. With appropriate cushioning and padding, it keeps your hands pleasant and safe.
  2. Ventilated gloves that are both comfortable and allow for some air circulation.
  3. Grant is an excellent fit for an enjoyable boxing experience, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Because they are appropriately proportioned, the gloves give enough protection against strikes. The padding on these gloves is thicker than on others, but it is used in a smaller amount to not interfere with the hitting effect. 

Grant boxing gloves are made of durable material with tough leather coating, which assures that they will outlast other options. Genuine leather is used to construct these gloves. In addition, synthetic material is used to line the interiors.

Grant boxing gloves feature the ideal blend of cushioning and comfort without feeling too spongy. A closer examination of the stitching on the gloves reveals that they were meticulously constructed. This gives them a gorgeous appearance and a plethora of customizing options. 

How much do Winning gloves cost?

Winning Boxing Gloves are top-tier boxing gloves. They typically cost between $200 and $500. These gloves are essentially worn by professional and semi-professional boxers and MMA fighters. 

These top-tier gloves are utilized by professionals such as Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez because they are the highest quality boxing gloves. They have a hefty price tag, but they are worth the price as Winning Boxing Gloves last long and are made of premium quality materials. 

Best Grant boxing gloves in 2022

1. Grant Boxing Gloves 

Grant Boxing Gloves 

These grant boxing gloves are ideal for training sessions. Furthermore, because Grant focuses on personalized gloves, they may be manufactured in nearly any color combination, resulting in some quite stunning pairs. You can print your name, a bespoke design, or a brand on the gloves.

They are made from cowhide skin. They come in typically three weights. Ten ounces, 12 ounces, and 14 ounces. If you want a different weight than what is listed, you can contact the manufacturer and request a different ounce glove. You can also match your helmet and groin guards with the color of your gloves. 

2. MMA Grant Boxing Gloves 

These gloves are reliable and are made in Brazil. They are made of long-lasting synthetic leather material with a breathable net for efficient heat dissipation.

Each color has four weight levels: 10 ounces, 12 ounces, 14 ounces, and 16 ounces.

This product has received good ratings from satisfied customers. In addition, the quality is fantastic; some buyers even reported that their gloves arrived ahead of schedule.

Final Thoughts 

Grant Worldwide is a premium brand that has been manufacturing boxing gloves for decades. Grant Boxing Gloves are easily the best in the business. They offer everything a professional fighter could require. Genuine leather, a synthetic lining, a wrist fastening, decent padding, but a hefty price tag! Grant Boxing gloves are the showstopper and are definitely worth the hefty price. 

Grant doesn’t have its official website, so there are only two ways to buy Grant boxing gloves. You can mail them at sales@grantworldwide.com and place your order. Or you can check out the best grant boxing gloves at Amazon, a secure site for shopping for Grant gloves.     

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