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10 Most Expensive Boxing Gloves in 2024

One of the most important steps for every aspiring boxer is picking out a good pair of gloves. This essential accessory will shield your hands from harm while enabling you to deliver powerful blows. If you want to become a skilled fighter, don’t waste your time using poorly made, low-quality gloves. There’s a wide variety of gloves in the boxing industry, so you can choose one that suits your needs. 

So, what criteria will you use to choose wisely? While going with the most costly boxing gloves is one method to ensure quality and there are other factors too that you need to consider while looking for boxing gloves. In this article, we not only reviewed the most expensive boxing gloves, we also added a buying guide to make sure your money goes in the right pair. 

10 Most Expensive Boxing Gloves in 2024

1. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Boxing Training Gloves With laces and attached thumb

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 16 Ounce
  • Color: White (Lace)
  • Brand: CLETO REYES
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Lace Up

First, let’s take a look at the ever-popular Cleto Reyes brand gloves. These gloves, which come in a variety of colors and are made from goatskin leather, look the part and have some practical functions built right in. For example, the hands are padded with 2 inches of latex foam for further safety. The hook-and-loop fastener makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze. Produced by skilled artisans in Mexico, these replicas are more suited for use in simulated combat drills than genuine ones.

What do we like:

  • Outstanding wrist support
  • Perfectly fitting and waterproof
  • Those Cons are gorgeous

What we don’t like:

  • Until you break them in, they may seem overly snug the first time you wear them.

2. TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

Special Hand Compartment Lining Boxing Gloves

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves


  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Brand: Title Boxing
  • Glove Type: Bag

The Title Brand is among the sport’s most coveted brands. These gloves are of the highest quality and will make you feel like a superhero whenever you put them on. These leather boxing gloves weigh about 16 ounces. An adjustable wrist strap is included to keep your hands dry, comfortable, and secure. Gel Enforced LiningTM and many layers of foam cushioning work together to keep your hands safe. They are convenient because the hook-and-loop fastener allows quick donning and removal. The fashionable design is the icing on the cake, making them a delight to wear even during rigorous workouts.

What do we like:

  • Textures that are easy on the skin
  • Very simple to operate
  • Putting together a Classy Attire
  • Excellent defense for the hands and wrists Pros

What we don’t like

  • Some customers have complained that finding their ideal size has been challenging.

3. Elite Boxing Gloves by Venum

Premium Leather Boxing Gloves with Triple Density Foam

Elite Boxing Gloves by Venum


  • Size: 14oz
  • Color: Black/White
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Brand: Venum
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

These high-quality gloves are created by hand in Thailand by the well-known Venum brand. The gloves are built to last with a sturdy frame and sole made from quality Skintex leather. A layer of triple-density foam sits between you and potential harm for your hands. Stylish and available in a wide range of colors, the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are a must-have. The huge velcro enclosure and reinforced panel are the two most striking features. These features make this boxing glove a delight to use when put together.

What do we like:

  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Superior safeguards for your hands
  • Wearable convenience drawbacks

What we don’t like:

  • Some boxers believe their hands aren’t protected enough.

4. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Revolutionized Training Gloves for Comfortable and Tailored Fit

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 10oz
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Material: Leather
  • Brand: Hayabusa
  • Glove Type: Sparring

According to the manufacturer, you won’t have to wait around for these Hayabusa boxing gloves to break in. For use in sparring matches and bag drills. The maker claims that the lace-like fit you obtain with the DUAL-X closure mechanism and the 5-layer foam construction is real. The four splints in the palm of your hand will interlock to provide you with unrivaled wrist support. Although they are made by hand, PU leather construction makes these gloves durable enough to withstand several uses without cracking or ripping.

What do we like:

  • Sufficient protection for the wrists.
  • There’s no need to break it in
  • Close and safe confinement
  • Long-lasting durability and reliability

What we don’t like:

  • Getting these gloves on and off isn’t a breeze due to the closing mechanism.

5. Fairtex Boxing Training Gloves

Muay Thai Boxing Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Boxing Training Gloves


  • Size: Kids – 4 oz
  • Color: Australia
  • Material: Leather
  • Brand: Fairtex
  • Glove Type: Training

When you put on a pair of Fairtex gloves, you’ll immediately feel the quality and power that have earned them a reputation as all-purpose boxing gloves. When you throw a punch, you’ll feel safe and comfortable in their snug fit. Are these the priciest pair of gloves you can imagine? The leather used in these gloves is of the highest quality. Thanks to the Velcro straps, they are simple to put on even when there is no one to provide a hand. Their handmade nature in Thailand and reassuring sense of quality will win you over.

What do we like:

  • Incorporating a specially shaped and snugly fitted hand compartment, this bag was built with the user’s comfort and safety in mind.
  • The Fairtex foam system and high-quality leather construction work together to absorb impact and cushion your hands and knuckles.
  • Made of genuine leather with velcro fasteners.

What we don’t like:

  • The weight is comparatively higher.

6. Winning Boxing Gloves

High Quality Boxing Training Gloves with Comfortable Wrist

Winning Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 8 Oz
  • Colour: Multi Colour
  • Brand: Winning Boxing Gloves
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Lace Up

A winning brand produces one of the most high-quality gloves available. Boxers will find it much simpler to strike a punch thanks to these gloves’ high-quality cushioning, exceptionally lightweight construction, and comfortable wrist support. It lessens the likelihood of sustaining a wrist injury to a far more significant degree. In comparison to other brands, winning gloves have a higher price point, but hey, if they can put your opponent to sleep for a few days, they must be well worth the investment.

What do we like:

  • Outstanding wrist supply
  • Incredible lightweight and comfortable
  • High-Quality Cushion

What we don’t like:

  • Hand Compartment is very skinny.

7. Everlast Boxing Gloves

A durable and Functional Boxing Glove

Everlast Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 12 Oz
  • Colour: Black & Red
  • Brand: Everlast Boxing Gloves
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

Everlast is a brand that is adored by everyone and is known for producing great products, including one of the boxing gloves that is most often worn by amateur fighters. Everlast is renowned for its durability, as the name of the company implies, and its gloves are known to remain functional for two to three years. When you take into account the amount of wear and tear that boxing gloves go through in one fight, it is an awful lot of time for one pair. These gloves, available in a wide variety of pricing points, are appropriate for everyone from novices to seasoned competitors. In addition, they include cushioning around the wrist as well as a technology called a thumb lock that helps avoid injuries.

What do we like:

  • Made of Faux Leather Material
  • Two layer foam
  • Value for Money

What we don’t like:

  • Few loose threads at the end of stitching.

8. Sanabul Boxing Gloves

Boxing Training Gloves with extra shock absorbers

Sanabul Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 8 to 16 Oz
  • Colour: Black and Multi-Colour
  • Brand: Sanabul Boxing Gloves
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

If you are just starting out, your best bet is to go with Sanabul, which is a beginner-friendly and reasonably priced brand. These gloves provide the boxer with extra shock absorbers thanks to the designed leather construction and the gel cushion that is located in the front. Sanabul is ideal for bag work, despite the fact that they are not the most advantageous item to have in the ring. Sanabul has ensured that it is the first choice for every rookie boxer by ensuring that it is both comfortable and readily available in all sizes.

What do we like:

  • Gel-infused for impeccable shock absorption
  • High-Intensity Punching
  • Excellent Protection

What we don’t like:

  • Quality control issues.

9. Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

Boxing Training Gloves with IMF Technology

Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 10 to 12 Oz
  • Colour: Black and Red Colour
  • Brand: Ringside Boxing Gloves
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

Ringside Apex gives you a variety of alternatives to pick from in order to get the finest pair for you by making its frames available in twelve various styles. The Injected Molded Foam (IMF) technology used in these gloves creates exceptionally comfortable padding. Ringside Apex’s premium gloves include a Stay-Dri liner, which not only wicks away moisture but also prevents you from perspiring as you practice and compete. In addition, the closure on these gloves is tapered, which helps to prevent them from sliding. Unfortunately, for the price that one is paying, they do not have the same level of durability that one would hope for. However, regardless of how long you want to keep using them, you will get your money’s worth out of purchasing them.

What do we like:

  • Ventilated palm and thumb keep the hands dry and comfortable during your workout.
  • Full wrap around closure provides secure wrist support.
  • Synthetic leather-like material is durable and easy to clean.

What we don’t like:

  • Tores the skin

10. Reebok Boxing Gloves

Excellent Fit Boxing Gloves with Ventilation

Reebok Boxing Gloves


  • Size: 12 Oz
  • Colour: Black/Gold Colour
  • Brand: Reebok Boxing Gloves
  • Glove Type: Training
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

Although it’s not the most popular brand in the world, Reebok is a fantastic option for those just starting out in the sport of boxing. The comfort and protection afforded by the 5mm gel shock absorption provided by the boxer are unmatched. Padding made of injection foam is also included to provide an excellent fit all the way around the hand. Even while practically all of Reebok’s gloves have ventilation for cooling purposes, this feature is certainly not as effective as those featured on some of the most reputable brands in the industry. The wrist is protected from harm and made more comfortable by the several wraps of Velcro that are wrapped around it.

What do we like:

  • Breathable mesh palm for ventilation.
  • Elastic Velcro strap for secure and comfortable fit.
  • Vinyl skin makes the gloves easy to clean and wipe down after use.

What we don’t like:

  • The sizing issues.

What to look for in the most expensive boxing Gloves?

1. Material Used

The quality of the materials used is usually the deciding factor in pricing athletic goods. These are the most often seen components of boxing gloves.

Artificial leather

The exterior material is one of the most visible distinctions between inexpensive and costly gloves. Basic boxing gloves often come in low-quality vinyl that doesn’t look fantastic and doesn’t last very long, while more expensive versions will utilize synthetic leather.

Genuine leather

The outside surfaces of the most costly boxing gloves are often constructed of genuine leather. Gloves constructed from genuine leather are likely to outlast those produced from synthetic materials.


It may be hard to believe, but this is indeed what the padding in boxing gloves was originally composed of. Even now, you may see this material being used by several prestigious labels. Padding made from horsehair is more eco-friendly and offers boxers additional striking power at the expense of some hand protection.

Pads made of foam

Padding for gloves has shifted to this sort of material. The price of the gloves will depend heavily on the quality of the foam used to make them. They provide more protection than traditional horsehair cushioned gloves but wear out much faster. As was noted before, this kind of padding is preferred by some, while others prefer the more conventional forms.

Injection Insulation is made of molded foam

It’s worth highlighting that this particular foam padding is superior to others in its ability to retain its original form after repeated use.

2. Measurements and Weight

Boxing gloves come in a wide range of sizes. This is because there is a need for each kind. When training and sparring, for instance, boxers will wear more extensive, more cushioned gloves. It’s likely that smaller ones will be used in bouts, with the precise size dependent on the competitors’ weights.

It’s easy to see that additional materials are required to make the larger gloves, especially for the padding. In any case, don’t count on a substantial price differential between the various weights. It’s not always cheaper to purchase 10 oz gloves than to buy 16 oz gloves.

The first and foremost problem is getting the proper gloves for each event. It’s not just a waste of money if you buy tools that aren’t right for the job, but they might also be harmful to your hands’ health.

Therefore, it is recommended that you determine the appropriate glove size. If you know what quality you want, you can start browsing the available models and figuring out how much money you’ll need to buy them.

3. Luxury Boxing Glove Manufacturers

When shopping for anything, choosing a name-brand item will almost always cost more. Look at what the professional boxers use to get an idea of the priciest brands available. You can also tell how highly thought of each model is by looking at how much it costs.

What are the most expensive boxing gloves? 

Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are the most expensive boxing gloves that we found as the best option for boxers. The finest quality cushioning and materials of these gloves provide the best defense. You may practice for long periods of time without experiencing any negative side effects. In addition, its ergonomic design allows for effortless handling and operation.


1. Do high-priced gloves provide more protection?

However, this is not always the case, and it is much more crucial to choose gloves that fit you well. However, if you spend more, you should get better quality.

2. Which brands of boxing gloves do you recommend to buy most expensive boxing gloves?

Cleto Reyes, Title, Venum, Hayabusa, and Fairtex are the best brands to look for buying most expensive boxing gloves. The boxing gloves manufactured by these brands are popular amongst pro boxers and celebrities. 

3. Compared to more expensive gloves, are inexpensive ones riskier to use?

The materials and their intended use are crucial factors to consider. Gloves, both inexpensive and costly, may vary greatly in terms of protection and force capacity.

4. Why are expensive boxing gloves more durable?

Whether or not this is true is dependent on the specific design. The best boxing gloves are made from long-lasting, high-quality materials. However, some models are optimized for punching power or comfort rather than longevity.

5. How many pairs of gloves should I purchase instead of one pricey pair?

Most boxers will go through many pairs of gloves throughout their careers. This leaves the issue of whether or not you can afford to acquire all of them at the quality you need. You might take your time and prioritize quality as you gradually expand your collection.

6. Are expensive boxing gloves better?

Expensive boxing gloves have characteristics that set them apart from the rest. They may be designed with comfort, protection, durability, or a mix of all three in mind. Therefore, if you plan to wear your boxing gloves frequently over an extended period of time, expensive gloves are preferable.

7. What is the difference between cheap and expensive boxing gloves?

There are several distinctions between expensive and inexpensive boxing gloves, including differences in their features, padding, inside and external materials, as well as in their manufacturing and build quality. Cheap boxing gloves are made with low quality leather and paddings whereas expensive boxing gloves are manufactured using quality materials.      


As we have seen, you may get some wonderful high-end boxing gloves that serve you well. It’s not as simple as picking the most expensive pair available. Instead, you should take into account your goals and boxing style when purchasing gloves. If you follow these steps, you’ll have a better chance of finding the ideal pair of boxing gloves for your needs. When discussing the finest boxing gloves on the market today, we advise you to save up and get Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves. 

However, Venum Elite gloves are a good option if you’re looking for something of the greatest quality without sacrificing price. That’s the optimal choice for pros and amateurs alike. The Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing gloves are a good option for professional boxers committed to regular training. We’re at your disposal if you need further advice about boxing gloves. If you want any assistance, just let us know, and we’ll be there for you. Have fun browsing for bargains!

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