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10 Best Golf Gloves for Women in 2024

Being a woman golfer, there are chances that your requirements might be different than that of a man golfer. Hence, there is no way you can compromise the club’s grip, necessary speed, and control of the golf swing. To help you with these essential aspects, you have the best women’s golf gloves at your disposal. 

Golf gloves serve as a visual cue to ensure that you have the club in the proper hand position for each swing. In addition, when the grip is a little slick due to bad weather, a pair of gloves assures the club won’t move.

Undeniably, golfers and golf gloves are inseparable. Because of this, both golfers gain an advantage over their opponents and an excellent accessory in the process.

In this article, we will take you through the best women’s golf gloves to pick from. In the end, we also added our best pick for women with a buying guide. 

10 Best Women’s Golf Gloves in 2023

1. Callaway Golf Glove

Callaway Golf Glove

The Callaway Women’s Tour Authentic is an excellent choice because its high-quality Cabretta leather offers the fit and feel of a second skin and ensures the best grip performance. The Griptac compound in the Cabretta leather material gives the glove a light adhesive hold. This is a fantastic feature that can be used in conjunction with tacky grips to give female golfers even more self-assurance. A portion of moisture-wicking material in the grip is made possible by the Opti Dry Cuff. Thus, even on a hot day, your hands will remain cool and pleasant.


Dimensions in L x W x H8 x 4 x 6 inches
Weight0.11 Pounds


  • Griptac-infused premium Cabretta leather 
  • 20% more tactlessness
  • Secure and breathable fit with perforated adjustable closure from Opti Fit
  • Quick-drying technology and moisture-wicking qualities in the Opti Dry Cuff

Why Buy It?

  • Moisture reduction capability
  • Made of premium material
  • Has an adjustable closure
  • Offers a secure fit

Why Avoid?

  • Not comfortable for chubby hands

2. Zero Friction Ladies Golf Glove 

Zero Friction Ladies Golf Glove 

If you are looking for a balance of value, comfort and durability, Zero Friction Ladies Golf Glove would be a fine choice. You will have breathability and a tight fit, thanks to the white mesh lycra fabric. A second palm patch ensures that your glove remains in play for a number of games. We adore how the compression fit technology guarantees that the glove’s tightness will always be just right for you. The detachable tee and ball markers on these gloves make them an even more useful accessory on the course.


Material‎Synthetic, Mesh, Leather
Dimensions in L x W x H10.2 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches
Weight0.07 Kg


  • Gloves with a universal fit that conform to your hand in one size
  • Lycra with white mesh for improved fit and breathability
  • Removable tee and ball markers 
  • Palm patch for comfort and durability

Why Buy It?

  • Unique choice of colors
  • A better fit with used Lycra material
  • Includes tee and ball marker
  • The compression fit method employed

Why Avoid?

  • Made with thicker material

3. FootJoy Women’s Golf Glove

FootJoy Women's Golf Glove

Golf gloves made by FootJoy come in a variety of styles. This specific option is renowned for its affordability and toughness. If you are looking for durability, you can bet upon this glove. The thumb and palm patch have an additional fabric in this glove. In order to further ensure that the glove is breathable, a soft mesh is also present across the knuckles. The WeatherSof is easy for female golfers to find the perfect size, flexibility, and closure for their hands. Moreover, the comfort closure is simple to use and allows for a snug fit without being uncomfortable.


Material‎Synthetic, Mesh, Leather
Dimensions in L x W x H4 x 10 x 0.1 inches
Weight0.02 Kg


  • The durability, feel, and grip performance in critical stress regions is increased by the advanced capability of leather thumb and palm patches.
  • The most cutting-edge mix of a consistent fit, a soft feel, and a firm grip is offered by exclusive fibers of the material.
  • Comfortable closure that can be easily adjusted for a snug, trustworthy fit and feel
  • The knuckles’ soft power net mesh enhances comfort, breathability, and flexibility.

Why Buy It?

  • Has a longer lifespan
  • The fingers include breathable mesh
  • Enhanced fit 

Why Avoid?

  • Not wearable in all weathers and seasons

4. Wosofe Women Golf Glove

Wosofe Women Golf Glove

Although a golf glove is primarily worn to improve grip with the club; you can also wear one to complement your attire. You can stay coordinated on the golf course by having a couple of different styles of golf gloves. The most fashionable golf gloves for women are the WoSofe brand. This pair comes in a variety of sizes in addition to having amazing colors and comfort. They are also manufactured with premium components. You will feel like you have a stronger connection with the club when wearing these, despite the fact that they double as a fashion accessory.


SizeS, M, L, XL
Material60% Sheepskin + elastic fiber
Dimensions in L x W x H10.2 x 4.37 x 0.83 inches
Weight1.76 ounces


  • The palm’s ultra-thin leather is waterproof, non-slip, and protects the skin from harm
  • The back of the hand is covered with high-elastic lycra
  • Specifically developed holes for finger flexibility and ventilation.
  • Can be worn indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer

Why Buy It?

  • Non-slippery
  • Finger airways opening-up
  • Obtainable in a variety of styles
  • All size options available to pick from

Why Avoid?

  • Stitching might cause trouble sometimes

5. FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Golf Gloves 

FootJoy Women's StaCooler Golf Gloves

If you golf on hot days the most, the Women’s StaCooler from FootJoy is a fantastic option. You can benefit from an Aloe Vera leather technology that comes with these gloves and keeps the hand dry, cool, and comfortable during the entire round. This glove is renowned for its comfort in the hand, but it also has a decent grip on the golf club. 


MaterialSynthetic, mesh
Dimensions in L x W x H12 x 9 x 2 inches
Weight0.01 Kg


  • Exclusive Aloe Vera leather technology provides a supple, dry feel
  • Grip performance provided while giving your hands a fragrant Aloe Vera softness
  • Elasticized PowerNet mesh that breathes along the knuckles and fingers
  • Enhances fit and flexibility while providing cool comfort

Why Buy It?

  • Better regulation of moisture and breathability
  • Aloe vera technology
  • Solid ties to the club
  • Keeps your hands soft

Why Avoid?

  • Not be extremely durable

6. Cobra Pur Tech Glove

Cobra Golf Pur Tech Glove

This brand offers higher comfort as well as breathability with the pur tech gloves. These gloves feature a softer Cabretta leather of superior grade with smartly placed Lycra and perforations for assuring better comfort. These cobra pur tech gloves have a tailored cuff for optimal feel and fit. Furthermore, they are even available in a variety of color options and have a premium trim, assuring an upgrade.


SizeS, M, L
Material16% polyester, 80% sheep leather, 4% Elastane
Dimensions in L x W x H25.4 x 10.2 x 0.5 cm
Weight454 g


  • A contoured wristband and 4-way stretch mesh
  • Softer feel with premium leather
  • 360 thumb for a complete range of motion
  • Strategically placed micro-perforations
  • Knit insert for extreme breathability and controlling moisture

Why Buy It?

  • Breathable mesh material
  • Has a softer leather
  • Offers a consistent fit
  • Has premium trims for an upgraded look

Why Avoid?

  • Needs care to prevent from getting dirty due to lighter shades

7. Footjoy Contour FLX

FootJoy Contour FLX Women's Golf Glove

The FootJoy Contour FLX offers a consistent fit from glove to glove. During your swing, its silky, smooth leather continues to be robust. For a precise fit and stress-free comfort, a proprietary 3-directional comfortable closure is placed in the ideal location. An exceptional fit is provided by high-performance material fibers and a soft wrist elastic. Along the knuckles, a breathable power net mesh delivers cool comfort while enhancing fit and flexibility. Through the use of exclusive leather preparation procedures, soft, quality cabretta leather delivers a supple feel.


MaterialLeather, Synthetic
Dimensions in L x W x H10.2 x 1.3 x 25.4 cm
Weight40 g


  • Offers a 3-directional secure closure
  • Contoured easy fit
  • Adequate moisture control
  • Soft, premium Cabretta leather

Why Buy It?

  • Offers satisfactory performance
  • Amazing size consistency
  • Softer to feel
  • Flexible mesh, assuring a better hand movement

Why Avoid?

  • Could be a bit tighter around the fingers

8. Under Armour Tour Cool Golf Glove 

Under Armour Tour Cool Golf Glove

The Under Armour Cool Switch glove is the most flexible one available on the market. Apart from being the coziest option out there, it also offers a solid grip. This one is manufactured with UA CoolSwitch, which is an interior coating that uniquely draws heat away from your skin. Thus, even on the hottest days, your hands really feel cooler. Its premium grip system provides maximum control as well. 


SizeSmall to 2XL
Material for Palm, thumb100% leather
Material for back79% Polyester and 21% Elastane


  • Manufactured with 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane
  • Soft Cabretta leather
  • Micro perforation to increase ventilation
  • Material wick sweat and dries faster

Why Buy It?

  • Enhanced airflow with micro-perfs
  • The material quickly dries after wicking sweat
  • The built-in closing tab offers the ideal, personalized fit
  • Comfortable in every weather

9. Inesis 900 Rain Golf Gloves

Inesis 900 Rain Golf Gloves

Do you play golf year-round? If yes, in that case, go for the Inesis 900 Rain. Because of its microfiber technology, it has an overall ideal fit, ensuring you get the same grip each time you use it. During the swing, there is no slippage, and when it is wet, it becomes even more secure. It is made of a blend of polyesters and has a softer touch, making it an ideal choice for most women golf players.


SizeS to 2XL
MaterialA blend of polyester cationic, polyamide, polyurethane


  • Wet suede material for an excellent grip
  • Perfect to be worn even during rains
  • Resistant to wear against the grips of golf clubs
  • Tested regularly by experts to analyze the performance

Why Buy It?

  • Best ever rain glove
  • Fits perfectly to size
  • Ensures better comfort
  • Offers a substantial grip

Why Avoid?

  • Material is thicker

10. Bionic Stable Grip (Natural Fit)

Bionic Stable Grip (Natural Fit)

For the Bionic clan, performance is what matters most. The Stable Grip provides additional padding in the pressure zones to help golfers with arthritis. It has a second-skin-like feel, thanks to the soft leather. The glove also has 3D pads around the fingers for an evening out the surface between the fingers and palms. 


Dimensions in L x W x H10.23 x 4.33 x 0.44 inches
Weight0.13 Pounds


  • 3D pads wrapped around the fingers for a stable grip
  • Tapered design for fingers for a natural fit
  • Superior moisture control managed by mini towels inside
  • Easy grab tab available for making glove removals quicker and simpler

Why Buy It?

  • Padding reinforced as per the need
  • Flexible glove
  • Softer to touch

Why Avoid?

  • Internal padding not comfortable for everyone
  • Not be wearable during summers

What to Look for in Woman’s Golf Glove?

Now that you have a gamut of choices in front of you, confusion ought to happen. Thus, if you are unable to make the right choice, here are some factors that will help you purchase the best women’s golf gloves.

1. Material

The most prevalent option on the market is typically a ladies’ leather golf glove. Some synthetic materials, though, will hold up just as well. Here, the feeling becomes crucial. The leather material feels slightly more quality or thin, but it is more difficult to maintain. Although it is extremely durable and can last for a long time, the synthetic material won’t quite have the same second-skin sensation as leather. So, make sure that you choose the material that matches your requirements the best. 

2. Breathability

Breathability is important in a golf glove, especially at the fingertips. Because it is too warm to keep the glove on, most players don’t want to put it on and take it off between strokes. Except if you’re searching for the best women’s golf glove for rainy days, the mesh in the fingertips is a terrific feature.

3. Style and Color

The golf glove’s color and design will reflect a little more of your individuality and taste. A lot of female golfers with lesser handicaps prefer a high-end Cabretta leather glove. Women who are eager to have fun and laugh with their pals on the course could prefer a glove with a more quirky design.

4. One or Two Hands 

You may note that some of these are golf gloves for ladies’ right hands while you look for the best women’s golf gloves. Left-handed female golfers will use a right-handed glove. However, some female players discover that using two gloves gives them more stability and control over their game.

What are the Best Women’s Golf Gloves? 

All of the Women’s golf gloves mentioned in this guide are tackier than standard types, allowing you to have a confident and stable grip on the golf club. FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Women’s Golf Gloves are our top pick because they have been available for nearly three decades and are still one of the most popular gloves on the market. And there’s a reason for that: the breathable design makes it incredibly comfortable to wear all day in all kinds of weather. When shopping for golf gloves, make sure to buy in bulk to ensure that they remain in good condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are men’s and women’s golf gloves different in some way?

Yes, they are! Men’s gloves come in sizes ranging from 7 inches for a small glove to 8 inches for an extra-large and 10.5 inches for an xx-large. When measuring women’s gloves, the extra-small size is similar to 6 inches, small to 6.5 inches, medium to 7 inches, and extra-large to 8 inches.

How do you determine the size of a women’s golf glove?

To find out what size golf glove you need:

1. Measure your glove hand around the knuckles. If you write with your right hand, measure your left.
2. If you register with your left hand, count your right.
3. Use the size of your hand’s circumference to find the right golf glove in the chart.

Why Should You Trust Us? – Final Thoughts 

When it comes to buying golf gloves for girls, the choices are surely not easy to make. However, after thorough research and diving deeper into the options available out there, we have brought the best for you.

There are many good reasons why women golfers wear gloves. One reason could be to keep their hands and nails from breaking, or they might wear gloves as part of their outfit. However, the real reason is to have a good grip on the club. 

But buying a golf glove requires serious thought since many women tend to forget how important it is to find the suitable material, size, and fit.

Golf gloves for women come in a wide range of sizes, styles, colors, materials, and prices. Many men and women choose gloves based on type, and some choose gloves based on merit. If you want to buy golf gloves, it’s best to try them on first. Check to see if the gloves fit your hands well and give you a good grip on the club.

That’s a lot of information for something that should be pretty easy to answer. But there are many things to consider when putting on a golf glove.

Knowing which hand to put a golf glove on is not enough. You also need to learn more about it. Hopefully, we’ve provided you with enough information so that you can work it out for yourself.

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