Best golf gloves with better grip

10 Best Golf Gloves with Better Grip in 2024

Although it may be difficult to believe, there was a time in the history of golf when woods were composed of real wood, and the balls were made of feathers and leather. Some golfers went without gloves since they didn’t have the moisture-wicking technology, a strengthened palm, or a Velcro clasp.

While the first golf gloves were introduced around 1900, it wasn’t until the 1930s that pros began to utilize them. By the 1960s, practically every player on the golf field was wearing a pair.

A solid golf glove gives you a secure grip on the club while reducing calluses and blisters. It thus helps make the game much more enjoyable, particularly if you consistently hit the green. A well-made glove also provides a natural feel for the club while protecting the hand. 

There are various types of gloves on the market; some are made with a superlative feel, while others provide optimum grip in wet situations. It’s crucial to remember that the most delicate golf glove for you may alter depending on the weather or how often you play. 

Golf gloves are becoming as widespread as any other item of essential golf equipment. Gloves help you maintain a firm hold on all game elements, which are crucial for anyone trying to progress. 

Confused? Before you buy a golf glove, read this guide to learn everything you need to know. This article includes a list of the best golf gloves options from the leading brands to help figure out which one is suitable for you.

Do golf gloves make a difference, and do you need one?

Most golfers wear one glove on their non-dominant hands, and a correct golf grip is light and tension-free. Nonetheless, the human neurological system knows the need to maintain a firm grip on the club shaft to finish the athletic activity. However, the golf glove might provide an additional layer of dry stickiness for a confident swing. Thus, they actually make a difference and help you perform better as compared to when you play without a glove. 

Best 10 Golf Gloves in 2024

Here are the 10 best golf gloves available in the market that you might consider based on the extent of your needs:

1. Taylormade Tour Preferred Glove

Taylormade Tour Preferred Glove

TaylorMade’s top Tour players prefer this sleek and uncomplicated glove. It’s composed of AAA Cabretta Soft Tech leather that’s ultra-thin for optimal comfort. The leather has an excellent tackiness, ensuring superb grip on the club.

The curved wristband and Velcro closing tab ensure secure and comfortable wear. The wrist band also wicks away moisture, keeping your hand dry and sweat-free. This fine leather glove has a fantastic look.


SizeS to XL
MaterialPremium Leather
Dimension LxWxH in inches3 x 1 x 8 
Weight0.1 Pounds


  • Breathability ensured by strategically placed perforations
  • Wrist lining with a contoured fit
  • Adjustment of the stretch fit tab
  • Moisture-wicking wristband 

Why buy it?

  • Comes with a sleek design
  • Made up of a high-quality leather
  • Offers a fantastic fit and feel
  • Has a great snug grip

Why Avoid?

  • Lesser number of breathing holes
  • Can have a shorter life 

2. Titleist Players Glove

Titleist Players Flex Men's Golf Glove

 For many years, this Titleist Players design has been regarded as one of the most outstanding golf gloves on the market. It has a traditional, timeless style trusted by many world’s top players. The glove is made of ultra-thin Cabretta leather for the ultimate feel and touch. It also has satin reinforcements around the cuff and thumb.

The seams are engineered to not get in the way of your grip on the club. It is breathable, which will keep your hand from sweating in hot weather. It’s the best golf glove for sweaty hands too.


SizeS to XL
MaterialPremium Leather
Dimension LxWxH in inches8 x 4 x 6
Weight0.04 Kilograms


  • Precisely designed seams for a secure attachment to the club grip
  • Strength and durability enhanced by satin reinforcing at the cuff and thumb
  • Comfort and support provided with a breathable fabric

Why buy it?

  • Has a classic styling
  • Made up of premium quality leather
  • Offers a snug fit
  • Comfortable feel and touch

Why avoid?

  • Not waterproof
  • Not durable enough

3. Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Glove

This glove was created with input from Callaway’s professional players. It’s a premium Cabretta leather product at its core, but adding Callaway’s revolutionary Griptac improves the grip significantly.

This glove is not only comfortable, but it also provides an excellent grip feel and control. The glove’s cuff is made of moisture-wicking material, and the closure system is smartly designed to ensure a snug and secure fit. In hotter weather, perforations ensure that the glove remains breathable. Overall, this is a high-quality, high-performance golf glove.


SizeS to XL
MaterialPremium Leather
Dimension LxWxH in inches10.35 x 4.4 x 0.45
Weight0.05 Kilograms


  • Increased breathability with moisture reduction capability
  • Perforated and adjustable closure
  • Infused with quick-dry technology

Why buy it?

  • Has a sleek design
  • Offers an adhesive grip for the players
  • Made up of premium leather quality
  • Offers a secure fit

Why avoid?

  • Not ideal to be worn in wetter weather
  • Doesn’t have much durability

4. FootJoy StaSof Glove

FootJoy StaSof Glove

Since 1980, FootJoy has produced premium all-leather StaSof gloves, which are still the company’s most popular among tournament players. It’s made of TactionLT Advanced Performance leather, which feels great against your skin and has the natural clinginess that you’d expect from high-end leather, allowing you to have a firm hold on the club.

The PowerNet mesh across the knuckles adds to the glove’s flexibility while breathing holes on the front and rear of the fingers keep your hand cool. The Velcro closing tab is slanted slightly to work with the form of the hand, and the glove is overall very pleasant to wear. Although leather doesn’t last as long as some synthetic textiles, we found the StaSof to be highly resilient and continued to perform after several rounds and practice sessions.


SizeS to 3XL
MaterialPremium Leather
Dimension LxWxH in inches5 x 10 x 0.1
Weight0.13 Pounds


  • Advanced leather to optimize and retain softness for a longer period
  • Securely positioned to assure a precise fit
  • Precisely positioned moisture-wicking elastic 
  • Power net mesh for extra flexibility and breathability

Why buy it?

  • Offers superb quality
  • Has a comfortable fit and feel
  • Provides an excellent grip 
  • Softer leather touch

Why avoid?

  • Not as durable as the other alternatives
  • Not much convenient for people with bigger hands

5. Wilson Staff Model Glove

Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Junior Fit All Camo Golf Glove

The Wilson Staff Model is a premium golf glove made of ultra-thin Cabretta leather that has been crafted to tour-player specifications for a precise fit and best feel.

A stretch-improved mesh fabric insert guarantees optimum fit and comfort, with a reversed thumb seam and pre-curved fingers. It is incredibly soft and provides excellent grip and feel, exactly what you would want from a glove.


SizeS to XL
MaterialPremium Leather
ColorsWhite, Black, Grey camo


  • A unique design offering a universal fit for all golfers
  • Microfiber synthetic delivers a comfortable feel and long-lasting wear
  • Exclusive camo mesh ensures a pleasant and conforming fit
  • Sturdy closure provided by an ergonomically designed tab

Why buy it?

  • Offers a softer and more luxurious feel
  • Has a cleaner and premium look
  • Offers a smoother feel over the skin
  • Beautiful color options available

Why avoid?

  • Has some excess material around the wrists
  • Looks untidy

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6. Payntr X Glove

Payntr X Glove

Payntr golf’s unique glove combines the best feel of leather with weather protection. It’s made of ultra-thin Cabretta leather for a delicate, buttery feel and a precise fit inspired by the Tour.

Thanks to the addition of a hydrophobic coating, it repels water and provides exceptional grip in inclement weather. 


SizeS to XL
MaterialPremium Leather
ColorsWhite, red, grey


  • Stretch elastic on the back of the hand for improved comfort and fit 
  • Microfiber synthetic provides a comfortable feel and long-lasting wear
  • Strategic x-shaped perforation pattern for maximizing the flexibility and moisture-wicking
  • Ergonomically designed closure tab

Why buy it?

  • Offers a softer feel
  • Provides a hydrophobic coating 
  • Perfect for protection in all weathers
  • Offers a precise fit

Why avoid?

  • Does not have any ball marker attachments
  • Leather is delicate 

7. Under Armour Medal Golf Glove

Under Armour Medal Golf Glove

This Under Armor Medal golf glove all-purpose glove is an excellent all-around, adaptable, durable, and cost-effective solution. The synthetic materials utilized are both comfortable and longer-lasting, and they can withstand various weather situations.

The textured palm provides exceptional grip and a pleasant sticky sensation on the club. It’s light and quick-drying, with a superb fit thanks to the stretch material across and between the knuckles, supported by the good, precise closure tab. It’s a good-looking, lightweight glove for regular use.


SizeS to XL
MaterialSynthetic Leather
ColorsBlack, White
Closure TypeNo closure


  • Comfort, durability, and grip assured by cabretta leather palm
  • Ventilation enhanced through microholes
  • Material wicks perspiration and dries quickly
  • The built-in closing tab ensures flawless and personalized fit
  • Seam taping ensures a smooth fit and a sleek appearance

Why buy it?

  • Has a textured palm design 
  • Offers more stability 
  • Has a better grip
  • Offers breathability and is lightweight

Why avoid?

  • Does not offer the softest feel 
  • Has lower durability

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8. G/Fore Golf Glove

G/Fore Golf Glove

The G/Fore quality leather glove worn by Bubba Watson will help you stand out on the fairways with a wide choice of colors. But it’s not simply the appearances that are worth noting; it’s made of AA Cabretta leather and is an extremely comfortable glove that offers a great fit.

It’s meticulously made and, as a result, considerably long-lasting. Moreover, the holes and seams of the glove are well-placed as well.


SizeS to 2XL
MaterialPremium Leather
ColorsMultiple available


  • 100% premium coretta leather 
  • Superior Convenience
  • Follows the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA)
  • Comes with a  hook closure

Why buy it?

  • Has a snug fit
  • Offers a long-lasting usage
  • Is super soft and comfortable to wear 
  • Made of good quality leather

Why avoid?

  • Not ideal to be used in wet weather 
  • The color may fade off sooner than expected 

9. Srixon Premium Cabretta Leather Glove

Srixon Men's Z Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

This Srixon Premium Cabretta Leather Glove is flexible, pleasant, soft and durable glove provides a  maximum degree of performance. The high-quality leather offers an excellent feel and superior performance in hot and humid circumstances.

While there are chances of the color withering off from the most affected parts (palm, thumb, and fingers), the glove will not get damaged in any way.  Thus, this one is a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for a high-performance, high-quality, essential leather glove.


SizeS to XL
MaterialPremium Leather
Dimension LxWxH in inches6 x 4 x 8
Weight0.1 Pounds


  • Uses the finest Cabretta leather to provide the best fit, feel, and performance
  • Perforations available for a better grip
  • Improved ventilation and moisture removal available
  • A soft feel and superb grip provided by the silicon tanning process

Why buy it?

  • Offers a softer Cabretta leather feel
  • Has excellent durability 
  • Offers a powerful grip

Why avoid?

  • Offers a limited stretch along the knuckles
  • Tighter at the bottom

10. Ping Tour Glove

Ping Tour Glove

This fantastic Ping Tour glove is supposed to provide the ultimate soft feel, which we believe it does. Ping’s Micro-Pur technology enhances Cabretta leather’s quality to provide excellent comfort and feel.

The fingers are pre-curved to increase the fit and grip on the club. Pin’s SensorCool technology is used in the glove to keep the hand cool and dry on hotter days.


SizeS to XL
MaterialPremium Leather
Dimension LxWxH in inches4 x 10 x 0.2


  • Micro-Pur technology from Solite
  • Fingers that are pre-curved for a more natural fit and feel
  • In terms of softness, feel, and performance, nothing compares
  • Breathability enhanced via finger vents and holes

Why buy it?

  • Offers a super soft feel
  • Has a more comfortable fit
  • Has pre-curved fingers and fits well
  • Made of higher quality leather

Why avoid?

  • Not waterproof
  • Not durable

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What to look for in a Golf Glove?

Your hands are the only body part that remains in contact with the club during the swing. So, what are the things you should consider when shopping for a new golf glove? Here are some things to look at:

1. Hand to wear golf gloves on 

For the uninitiated, a right-handed golfer will generally wear a golf glove on the left hand. This is because if the golfer uses a traditional grip, the left hand leads in the swing. Left-handed golfers generally wear it on the right hand.

2. Type of glove 

Determine the type of glove you want to buy. You can be looking for a quality leather model that performs differently than a synthetic even in wet weather conditions. These feel different, so consider how you want to feel when wearing a golf glove and choose accordingly.

3. Material of glove 

The quality of the material will be crucial. The most refined premium leather versions are made to feel soft while providing a good grip during the swing. They’re made to fit over your skin like a second skin. Some gloves feature synthetic sections designed to provide extra elasticity, particularly around the knuckles. These synthetic gloves may also last longer than leather gloves. Finally, the rainy weather gloves are designed for safety rather than comfort. Most all-weather models’ materials improve grip as they grow wetter, so if you play in a rainy environment, you should pick best golf gloves made for rainy season.

4. Fit 

We’re sure you’re wondering how a glove should fit. The golf glove must feel like a second skin, with no extra material across the palm or at the tips of the fingers. Check for a tight fit across the palm and no slack material at the fingers’ ends. However, a glove should not be so tight that it feels like cutting off the blood flow. Without the glove tugging or overstretching, you should be able to stretch your fingers and make a ball with your fist.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is Titleist Players golf gloves. For maximum feel and performance, Titleist Players golf gloves are comprised of leather with perfectly positioned seams. The Titleist Players Flex gloves are comparable to the ordinary Players gloves, but they include a silky net that is more technically advanced. The majority of Titleist pro golfers use this glove.

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Do any golfers use two pairs of gloves?

There are arguments for and against wearing the glove on both hands; it is not uncommon to see a golfer do so. Some golfers have grip concerns on both hands, such as calluses and blisters, and hence choose to wear gloves on both hands. Here’s a detailed article on Why Not To Wear Golf Gloves On Both Hands?

Are there any professional golfers who don’t use a glove?

Some professional players, such as Hall of Famer Fred Couples, do not use gloves. However, they are uncommon, and teaching professionals always advise using a glove.

When should you toss your golf glove in the trash?

If your golf glove has a hole in the palm or fingertips, has shrunk, or is too dirty, it’s time to replace it, regardless of how long you’ve had it. During the golf season, rain or perspiration may cause your gloves to become damp, and gloves that are washed and dried repeatedly might grow stiff and worn.

Is it necessary to wash golf gloves?

Golf gloves should only be washed when visibly filthy, as frequent cleaning can wear out the leather. If washing by hand, use a light detergent and gently scrub the glove until it is free of surface debris and perspiration. Set the machine to a delicate cycle if washing by hand.

Why do golf gloves become brittle?

After a round of golf, golfers can put their golf gloves in their bag; there are only two essential things to remember before doing so. Make sure the golf is dry; if it isn’t, it will get crusty and challenging the next time you go out to play, making it difficult to work with.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a golf glove intended for the game is always a good idea because it ensures stability, grip, and confidence. A typical golf glove can last up to 10 rounds. However, the quantity of balls you hit impacts how long they survive. Keep a new golf glove in your bag if you frequently go to the driving range.

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